Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza – March Madness

As the music addiction persists, the hunt thrives on; the camp becomes more enthralled with bad ass bands and the bounty piles high. To cut right to the chase, here are just a few more of those bands I have been listening to and strongly recommend:

Atlas – Atlas
These guys just have that something special I really love. Elements of Black Cowgirl and Stubb linger within the fold. Here’s what I said on bandcamp, again keeping it short and to the point. “It sounds like the cover art looks! Mysteriously dark and psychedelic with an infectious color palette!” And what cover art it is. This band shows great potential with this release coming hot off the tail of their superb demo from 2013.

Lo! – The Tongueless
Lo! came onto my radar with the release of their previous full length album Monstrorum Historia back in 2013 which was a mammoth of a sludge metal album. The latest EP has a new lead singer, but the music carries on the same precision accuracy as before. Check out all their outputs if you are the slight bit into progressively catchy riffs with the power to annihilate. I’m the first to admit I’m not at all into death metal, and as there are elements of deathly growls injected into Lo!’s vocabulary, the riffs power on, and take the lead in what makes these guys wonderful.  Look at that double 7” disc!?! I don’t know why I haven’t bought it yet, but I sense I will at some point, probably after it sells out, I will be punching myself.

Al The Yeti Bones – Audiobiography
Why I’m the only face representing this magnificient album on bandcamp boggles my mind. Maybe it’s the name of the band? The “Yeti” is involved with numerous other projects including the southern dirty sludge metal band Gypsy Chief Goliath which you may have heard of. “What isn't there to like about this bad ass piece of history. Al the Yeti's Audiobiography will smother you with proto metal dirge coupled with stonerized riffs, and grimy vocals that scream class! This is a super fun album for fans of rock, metal, sludge, and southern comfort. Get on this, I'm lonely up here!”

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors – Medicine
I was blown away by this guy’s last album “Good Light” released back in 2013 that I just discovered late in 2014. His new album may be the medicine needed to soothe your tattered soul from listening to too much heavy music. This is not heavy at all. This is Americana/Singer-Songwriter gold. Just let it play and sing along. Great stuff! I bought the vinyl which came with the bandcamp download.

Whitewater – Small Time Violence
“Fantastic stuff combining bits and pieces of your favorite 90's rock bands, current stoner blues which should capture a WIDE range of fans. Small Town Violence is good for the whole family, even cranky old uncle Buck.”

Kayleth – Space Muffin
Just listen a couple times, and you will realize how amazing this album is. Combining classic desert/stoner rock riffs with a psych/space vibe, it sounds like muffins taste in space? I don’t know about that, but between the cover art, the album name you get the picture, and should be satisfied with the price.

Boris Randall – Shadows Rise Again
“Molten punk rock flowing with sinister ripples of electric riffage and muscular chops! Giving me that same feeling I got upon hearing Danzig I for the first time. Except its 2015, it’s not Danzig and it’s still totally relevant. Boris can do no wrong. This is superb!”

Stonerbringer – Those Winds
“Absolutely fantastic blend of progressive metal and melodic rock. A nice break from the grind of repetitive Sabbath riffs. Hints of Mastodon progression with a highly more tolerable vocal and some super slick guitar shredding throughout! My kind of metal!”
Seriously that first track when the female vocals come in gives me the shivers everytime…..

The Woog – Sister
“Infectious blend of 90's grunge and modern alternative rock n roll. Sister is a breath of fresh air with softly whispy vocals, poppy hooks and grungy fuzz all constructed together to form a hell of an EP.”

Hard Rock Revolution – Vol. 1
Last but not least, created by THE INTERNET’s finest underground music forum, The Hard Rock Revolution has put out a great compilation ranging from uber heavy doom to high and mighty stoner fuzz. The group’s core members provide a wealth of knowledge in today’s underground music scene. Grab this album which only scratches the surface on what the revolutionaries are capable of. No drama on this forum, all great folks with similar great tastes.

….Just scratching the surface on recommendable material here. I try and keep it to some of the bands I haven’t seen already plastered over the underground air waves. Stay tuned for more to come.

-The Huntsman

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