Saturday, February 16, 2019

Bob Balch (Fu Manchu) and Gary Arce (Yawning Man) to debut heavy riff-psych project BIG SCENIC NOWHERE as part of the anticipated POSTWAX subscription series.

Duo gears up for two Big Scenic Nowhere releases, starting with an exclusive PostWax release in June, then a full album later in 2019.
Bob Balch and Gary Arce

Blues Funeral Recordings has confirmed that BIG SCENIC NOWHERE is the last band to land a spot on the inaugural year of PostWax, its ambitious series of exclusive stoner/doom/heavy psych records that launched with a massively successful Kickstarter last November.

The brainchild of Fu Manchu guitarist Bob Balch and Yawning Man guitarist Gary Arce, BIG SCENIC NOWHERE is a project built around massive riff-power and singular guitar atmospherics, like a soundtrack to vast canyons and endless highways that explodes with stratospheric fuzz and ambient delay.

Together, the two guitar gods are creating a heavy transmutation that's certain to deliver for fans of both of their primary bands, and certainly to those who signed up for PostWax early on without knowing what was to come until now.

Talking about how Big Scenic Nowhere came together, Balch says:

"Gary posted a pic of Del Taco on his Facebook page, saying “it’s good to be back home” after a two month Yawning Man tour.  I commented with my usual order, regular red with sour cream. I think that triggered something, because be called me minutes later saying he wanted to start a heavy rock band and wanted me involved.  We jammed a few days later and it was gnarly.  So many ideas.  We started taking about other musicians and the list grew.  I don’t want to jinx it, but this record will blow people’s minds.  The riffs are super creative and the musicians involved are at the top of the genre."

Adding to that enthusiasm, Arce says:

"Bob and I just had a mutual respect for each other's playing.  We spoke a few times about jamming together and it finally happened, two completely different approaches to the guitar but a common ground was found... a musical sweet spot of heaviness and ambient, experimental power riffs!"

The pair promise several more incredible additions to the project that it's too early to mention, but whatever they turn out to be, PostWax subscribers will be the first to hear it when Big Scenic Nowhere is unveiled as part of the series this summer.

PostWax year one will include exclusive new releases from psych-metal boundary-breakers ELDER, Brooklyn metalgaze trio SPOTLIGHTS, apocalyptic doomsters DOMKRAFT with a guest appearance from MARK LANEGAN, and desert rock progenitors LOWRIDER, among others, with 7 records total set to land during 2019.

More info on PostWax can be found via the label at, with additional details on the project and Big Scenic Nowhere coming soon.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Stalker - Vertebre EP

Italy’s Stalker are back after an extended “pause” and have offered up the “Vertebre” E.P. as a sacrifice to appease the sonic gods.  “Vertebre” is the follow-up to their self-titled, full-length album released in 2008 and is available on the band’s bandcamp page as a free digital download or through Taxi Driver Records on vinyl.

While their self-titled release is more than worthy of praise the seismic shift that has occurred between the two releases is profound.  The gods shall be pleased as “Vertebre” represents a quantum leap in the band’s composition and execution.  Opening track “Tornado” lays down the foundation for what the listener can expect throughout this four tracker.  Spitfire vocals that spew venom and scorn are soundly complimented by a murderous twin guitar attack that leaves scorch marks across the aural plane.  Rounding out the big end of this dynamic audio stew is a rhythm section that is both thunderous and savage.  Put simply, what we have here is a small slice of sonic delight.            
Whether or not the aforementioned shift happened intentionally or organically I do not know.  Only the band does.  However, what I do know is Stalker is back and they are ready to insert themselves into your ear holes with all the subtlety of a rail spike. 

Please enjoy responsibly.

~El Pedo Caliente (aka Uncle Jameson from the Fistful of DOOM show)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Your Ripple Music Newsletter: The Ghost Next Door, Witchers Creed, Black Lung and More!

We had a feeling that lots of folks were just waiting for something a little different.  Based on the explosive reaction to our latest release of A Feast for the Sixty Sense by The Ghost Next Door, it would appear we were right.  The Angry Metal Guy raves, "Fans of progressively-tinged stoner doom will find much to love, as will those of us craving sweet guitar tones and outstanding solos." and Indy Metal Vault declares that A Feast for the Sixth Sense is "Strongly recommended to those who crave doom, looking for something that stands out with a little extra spice."   And now it's here for you to check out.  Limited Edition vinyl, black vinyl and a few test presses remain at the Ripple Webstore, as do CD's and of course digital on our bandcamp and all digital platforms.  Check out something eerie, progressive, and a touch different next time you need a fix of doom.
While we're talking about doom, this album is really bubbling in the underground. Witchers Creed are a young band from Sweden who bring a fresh eye to their doom, bringing in raw production and more than a taste of the NWOBHM to their pulverizing riffs.  Mastered by Tony Reed (Mos Generator/Stone Axe) and due for release Feb 22, the album brims with confidence and malice. " Witchers Creed are a band who truly understand doom metal in a world with a ton of pretenders. It's rare for a young band to have this level of clarity of vision and deliver with such professionalism. Yet here we are with a record that is Tony Reed mastered and recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studio, the cradle of Swedish Death Metal. Unbelievably heavy and a testament to all that doom has been and what it can be, it's hard not to get goosebumps when you dig through the mountain of sound that is Awakened From The Tomb..." Two Guys Metal Reviews  Pre-orders up now in the Ripple Webstore
Next up is this magna opus of raw doom from ex-members of The Flying Eyes.  Black Lung bristles with the aspects that made The Flying Eyes so amazing, killer melodies, playing and hooks, but added in is an extra darkness of heavy doom with thunderous riffs that have a feral urgency to them and Impassioned vocals and soaring solos.  Stoner HiVe is already preparing for the album to figure into their best of the year end lists.  Pre-orders are open now for all versions of vinyl, cd, and pre-order the digital at the Ripple Music bandcamp  "Black Lung had become my drug of choice and their album Ancients a contender for my end of year list." Stoner HiVe  
And finally, just a reminder.  You never have to worry about missing out on a Ripple releases.  Over at the bandcamp, the Ripple Music subscription is only $5 a month and has averaged more than two releases each month for the past several years.  On top of that you get a 15% discount on all vinyl and CD's you purchase via bandcamp and of course instant downloads.  Hundreds of waveriders are subscribers right now, each month having their collection stuffed with some of the best heavy psych, stoner, doom and heavy rock out there.   Maybe you should too?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Keith Reid Project – In My Head
Keith Reid – Song Writer  (Vocalist) – Maya Saxel, Anthony Krizan, Steve Booker, Jeff Young, Chris Merola, John Waite 

This Space Is Vacant strange jazz stuyle piano flowing in the air and interesting vocals. In My Head is a slow folky song with lots of emotions. Thieves Road strummig guitars and melodic voclas with a country feel. Ten More Shows just kick back relax and drist along with the soft melodies and vocals. The Bank Of Worry slow bluesy jazzy with tons of emotions. The Trial Of The Century melodic piano soft but slightly gruff vocals that just grab your soul. Back From The Brink floating tones and vocals. All I Need To Know just sitting in a smoky bar with your drink watching the musician on stage sing and play. Dance With Me just soft melodies and flowing vocals. House Of Cards just close your eyes and drift along from note to note.

Pavlov’s Dog – Prodigal Dreamer
David Surkamp – Vocals/Guitar, Sara Surkamp – Vocals/Guitar, Abbie Steiling – Violin, Rick Steiling – Bass, Mark Maher – Piano,/Hammond B3/Synthesizer, David Malachowski – Guitar, Manfred Ploetz – Drums

Paris just kick back and get ready to take one magical musical journey thru your mind.   Hard Times excellent prog rock melodies that just grab ahold of you and pull you thru time and space. Winterblues sitting in a cabin playing a stringed instrument and singing just to while way the time with friends and family as they join in on their instruments. Thrill Of It All is a slow jazz blues groove that just slides along as it makes you move with it. Easter Day a country flavored song with folk overtones.  Hurting Kind flowing piano emotional guitars that just pierce thru you and  have you get you emotional. Aria just close your eyes and imagine many things. Waterlow is slightly up tempo and will have you up and dancing with your partner. Suzanne strumming guitars and melodic vocals just sing along and enjoy. Crying Forever will have you up grooving and dancing as you bop and sing along. Being In Love sitting around singing and playing with friends. Shaking Me Down has an old school church organ sound that just envelopes you with some solid bass and pounding drums with melodic vocals. The Winds Wild Early searing leads slow rhythms that just flow thru you as they fill you with emotions.

Angel Morgue – ST
Colin – Bass, Drew – Drums, Ian – Guitar, Jostiff – Vocals, Leonard – Guitar

Forcible Expulsion Of Entrails grinding thrashing pounding tearing mental madness. Psychosomatic Mastication low slow evil eerie sounds that just envelope you before the aggression takes over and just rips you to shreds. Holocaust Perversions grabs you and grins you into small pieces as it slices and dices.

Bamboo Star – No Hard Feelings
Australian Wolf Red – Vocals, Terence NG – Guitar, Jasmine Wong - Bass, Lawrence Wong – Drums

It’s Just Business a stand up and fist pump guitar riff that grabs ahold with some great bass drum work and powerful vocals. Movie Star just get up and rock out as you enjoy this catchy song. Wait For You has a blues based rhythm that will just has you swaying along close your eyes and drift. Take Another Swing get up move and groove to the riff that just takes you over with some amazing rhythm work soulful vocals and searing leads. Ivory Tower fist pumping head banging foot stomping metal magic. Ivory Tower (Cantonese) same song sung in different language.

Ritualizer – Blood Oaths
P.J. – Vocals, Judson – Guitar, Devin – Bass, Weege – Drums

Blood Oaths fast heavy thrashing metal music with screaming leads powerful vocals and pounding drums with added thundering bass just get ready to bang your head. Haunted fist in the air head banging hair fling foot stomping pit thrashing metal. Night Terrors a song that will have the entire crowd up and fist pumping as they sing along.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Plainride and The Trikes Announce German Spring Tour Supporting Latest Ripple release, Life on Ares

German heavy rockers, and Ripple Music labelmates, Plainride and The Trikes, join forces to hit the European Road this March for the High on Tires Spring Tour!  The tour comes directly on the heels of Ripple Music release of Plainride's annihilating second LP, Life on Ares.

Kicking off in the Plainride's hometown on March 22th , the High on Tires tour then rampages through Germany. Plainrides's Ripple Music cohorts Fire Down Below will provide additional hellfire to the tour for the first three dates.

The Trikes meanwhile, hit the road following their breakout performance on Chapter 8 of Ripple's long-running split LP series, the Second Coming of Heavy.  Back in the studio, the band has new songs to unleash upon the congregated audiences.


22.03. Gießen, AK44

23.03. RippleFest Cologne, Club Volta

24.03. Hertogenbosch, Willem Twee

26.03. Hamburg, Pooca Bar

27.03. Berlin, Toast Hawaii

28.03. TBA

29.03. TBA

30.03. Dresden, Veränderbar

Stream Plainride's "Life on Ares" here, and The Trikes side of Second Coming of Heavy Chapter 8 here.
Following up on the success of last year’s “Extremely compelling debut,” (Metal Hammer)  the German quartet, Plainride, are back to help contain the menace of many a sleepless night for scientists across the globe. With jetpacks on backs and the discovery of alien worlds in their sights, Plainride continue to explore worlds hitherto unknown, break new ground and assert themselves as the rising stars of Germany’s growing Stoner Rock scene.

“Every now and then, Cologne’s dusty streets bear something amazing. Plainride for example. These four guys shred out some heavy groovin’, fuzzy Stoner Rock that doesn’t fall the least bit short to their American colleagues.”

"Ripple Music continue their superb Second Coming of Heavy series with yet another two excellent hard rock/stoner blues bands worthy of your attention. Butt-kicking and gnarly-assed are two phrases that come to mind here " -- Desert Psych List

Monday, February 11, 2019

Chout - Dogwater

I was an enormous fan of a tortured artist from the 90’s. This man's voice was the catalyst for tears, joy, and a lifelong fascination with his persona. That man is Layne Staley, and he's been dead for too long; a shining example of why heroin destroys lives, and takes legendary performers from us much too early.

Fast forward from that tragic death all the way to February 2019. I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, and happened upon a Metal Injection article; touting the emergence of a band whose singer could be the reincarnation of Layne. That bands name is Chout, and their stellar release from last August, called Dogwater, is the subject of this review.

The first track we hear on Dogwater is a grunge inspired riff fest, and it is called “Seasons”. The most striking aspect of this song is how much vocalist Brendan Maier puts into his performance. It is very apparent to me, and most who hear him, that he has studied Layne Staley. As a matter of fact he was in an excellent AIC tribute band at one point, so his chops are well honed in this style. Musically,  this is straight 90s inspired riffing, and it brings me back to 1995; back when I was almost 20 years old, and jamming in my own bands.

“Restless Heart” gets my vote for best song on the record. It gives me chills as I listen to it. The music is slower, the riffs seem to crush everything in their path, and the vocals are god damned amazing. While continuing to conjure the spirit of Layne, they also show a side that is all Brendan.

Another fantastic number, “All Has Been Done”, will bring to mind the Jar of Flies ep. The very cool thing is that, while influenced by that great ep, Chout also injects their own personality into the tune. It's fresh, yet familiar, and my second favorite track on this album.

One of the heaviest tunes in the record is called “Thin Ice”, and the guitar tones are raw and aggressive. This is the track where this Chicago based groups own sound is most felt. This is another solid effort on an album full of killer music!!

Chout may get some hate for sounding like Alice in Chains,  but it's unwarranted hate. Just listen to this incredible album with an open mind, and realize that the voice of a generation has sprung from death's icy grasp; bringing back an iconic sound while remaining fresh and original. Dogwater is a fantastic fucking record, so head on over to their Bandcamp at, Chout, and give it the attention it deserves!!

-T.C. Mayhem

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Bandcamp Bonanza – 090

This week we feature mostly heavy stuff but like always I threw in some kickers that make you scratch your head and wonder how they fit into the fold with a bunch of doom and punk rock albums. That’s just how I roll. Oh, and I finally finished my new record shelf project where I built some storage to sit on top of my old refurbished coffee table and figured it would make a decent cover photo on today’s Bandcamp Bonanza. An album featured on last round is pictured on vinyl that has since arrived since that article went live.

Ghost Moths – Burn The Barn
Ghost Moth’s music will not only burn down your barn with it’s hot take on punky southern blues, but it’ll also sweep up the ashes with the catchy groove and gritty vocal assault. I couldn’t not add this to my collection. Pretty blown away to be honest.

Tomorrow - Fragments
I always love recommendations of albums from members of bands you already love informing you of a different project they are working on. This was the case of Tomorrow’s latest output called Fragments. Nick Shallcross, who also plays guitar and bass in the band Simon Magus, sent me the link to this stuff and I was pleasantly surprised. Quite the accessible take on progressive doom metal. Traditional in a sense of vocal tone, but also incorporates a slow, brooding atmospheric element into the mix which keeps it interesting.

The Ossuary – Southern Funeral
The Ossuary is back with another round of funeral doom. Just kidding, this is not even close to funeral doom, thank goodness, but they seem to lay us to waste, nonetheless. Southern Funeral buries a swaggering output of riffage glazed with metallic vocals preached from the books of both proto and doom. Sick solos too!!

The Lunar Effect – Calm Before the Calm
This is 100% authentic modern heavy blues with slight traces of influence from the classic rockers of yesteryear. Not since Lord Vapour gave us ‘Semuta’ have I heard an album this paralyzingly shocking and righteously heavy as Calm Before the Calm and that was just a couple months ago. How bout that bass!!!! Tone for daze!!! The vocals? Astonishing! I’m in love!

Screaming dEAD Balloons – L ‘UN AR ID
This had my attention from the get-go with a pipe gleaming groove and garage rock sensibility. At times it feels like you’re listening to a psych rock version of Type-O Negative and others it’s sort of a new-wavy sort of punk rock all while maintaining a electrifying rhythm.

Out Demons Out – Restless Blues EP
Oh my, Out Demons Out really brings a heavy restless blues, combining mind numbing rhythm, infectious groove, and gangbuster vocals. Solid EP.

Poste 942 – Long Replay
Post 942 brings us a high energy grunge type sound highlighted by funky rhythm, catchy vocals, and an overall infectious hook throughout. Great riffs, fun atmosphere and highly enjoyable. Its not revolutionary by any means but it sounds good and its straight to the point.

Under The Mountain – II
'II' finally comes out from Under the Mountain and shows the bandcamp world what some of us have been raving about since last November. The album ranges from straight up heavy rock, to 80's metal, shades of hardcore and back to pulsating doom all in 10 solid tracks. One of those albums you can play on repeat and never burn out. The vocals are straight fire. Favorite track: Ash and Dust.

Lynne Hanson – Uneven Ground
This artist had been buried in my wishlist for a while and finally after seeing some high praise from some trusted sources I decided to give it a go. What I wasn’t ready for was how extremely into this I was almost automatically. I instantly and regularly listen to her entire discography which is jammed with a Canadian Americana rock off the charts. The songwriting is powerful, and the melodies are dark and heroic in a sense. I found myself thinking about one of my favorite bands The Drive-By Truckers on and off while listening, not necessarily because it sounds like that same kind of music, but more to do with the approach to the song craft and delivery of the vocals tones and atmosphere absorbed while listening. This is amazing stuff and one that I will likely be scooping up on vinyl. The only thing holding me back right now is some self-controlon trying to stick to a budget…. God help me.

Brother Hawk – The Clear Lake
I was reminded about this band after talking to some friends who had seen them playing a gig with another recent band I found myself raving about called Grandpa Jack late last year. So of course, as it so happens you go check out other bands who share the stage with other bands you know you already dig and chances are they are going to rock. I am sharing this one as it is lingering in my wishlist to double as a reminder that I need to add this stuff to my collection at some point. The $10 digital price tag doesn’t help matters. But then again, I’d drop $25 on vinyl in a heartbeat. Such a sucker. This is some classy southern rock with bluesy origins and a penchant for pop. Kind of a Black Crowes type vibe which is never a bad thing.

-The Huntsman

Friday, February 8, 2019

Thousand Vision Mist - Journey To Ascension And The Loss Of Tomorrow

Prior to moving to America and my first stop, Maryland, I was already immersed by Maryland doom. Well, doom period but especially the kind emanating from one of the original 13 states. This state has surely created something unique, something representative of the place, and with all three members hailing from this area and sound, Thousand Vision Mist has reshaped Maryland doom. A fresh new take has breathed life into the old beast and it sounds amazing. It’s such a pleasure to hear a band keeping the flame alive, not by rehashing, but by reinventing a treasure and honing it.

This Maryland trio formed out of the ashes of Life Beyond, amongst others, and shaped their sound and ideas with one demo and two singles before the debut 'Journey To Ascension And The Loss Of Tomorrow' saw the light of day in 2017. And man, the beauty emanating from the speakers is something else, let me tell you. Blending their history and influences with a full, rich sound and you have the perfect evolution of the Maryland doom sound.

Picking favourites from such a complete recording is difficult, very difficult but there are five tracks that stand out a touch more than the rest. ‘Headstone’s Throw’ is fast-paced groovy and riff-laden doom metal with hooks and melody in abundance. It is a very cathartic tune whichever way you look at it, absolutely love it! ‘Tides Of Tomorrow’ takes a hold of you with its dreamy, ethereal and mesmerizing tones until the band cranks it up a few notches. A very nice and cool thing towards the end during Danny’s beautiful solo is Tony Comulada’s bass work. Not delivering a regular rhythm-style playing it’s almost like he plays a solo parallel with the guitar…so nice! ‘River Bed Grave’ is a stomping rocker if there ever was one. The band holds nothing back as they twist and turn while unleashing total annihilation. Also, Chris Sebastian is going absolutely bonkers behind the drums and I love it!

‘Final Flight Of Fall’ is kind of melancholic and soaring in approach while building up gradually. About halfway through a fantastic solo throws the song into overdrive. Sharp riffs and bludgeoning rhythms leads it on to whole different level with even more amazing solos. ‘Holy Ground’ is a crushing instrumental neck-breaker, and then some. This is dark and brooding structuralized chaos and I absolutely love it! I mean, Thousand Vision Mist throws down the gauntlet and spare no punches, so how can’t you love it? Fantastic stuff!

These Marylanders are the real deal, people and 'Journey To Ascension And The Loss Of Tomorrow' definitely showcase that. The guys play with such ease which helps to elevate these already 10 amazing songs even further. To me they come across as the type of band who just plugs in their instruments and magic immediately pours out of the speakers, that’s how damned great they are.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Prog-doom purveyors THE GHOST NEXT DOOR premier A Feast For the Sixth Sense via Heavy Blog is Heavy

Bay Area prog-doom metallers THE GHOST NEXT DOOR will release their new album, A Feast for the Sixth Sense, this Friday (February 8) on Ripple Music.

In anticipation of the release, Heavy Blog is Heavy is premiering the record in its entirety at this location.

The band will also take its intense live show on the road in March, bringing the record to club stages on the following dates:

    Friday, 3/8 Petie’s, Tarzana, California
    Saturday, 3/9, Bancroft, Spring Valley, California
    Sunday, 3/10, The Quarry, Bisbee, Arizona
    Monday, 3/11, RCBG @ Thunderbird, El Paso, Texas
    Tuesday, 3/12, Deadhorse, San Angelo, Texas
    Wednesday, 3/13, The Guillotine, San Antonio, Texas
    Thursday, 3/14, Swan Dive, Austin, Texas
    Friday, 3/15, Ridglea Theater, Ft. Worth, Texas
    Saturday, 3/16, Kickbutt Coffee, Austin, Texas
    Sunday, 3/17, Growlers, Memphis, Tennessee
    Tuesday, 3/19, Your Mom’s House, Denver, Colorado
    Wednesday, 3/20, Loading Dock, Salt Lake City, Utah
    Thursday, 3/21, Jub Jub’s, Reno, Nevada
    Friday, 3/22, Winters Tavern, Sonora, California
    Saturday, 3/23, Caravan, San Jose, California

The Ghost Next Door was formed in Berkeley, California by singer/guitarist Gary Wendt, a former student of guitar legend Joe Satriani.

Gary grew up in the infamous bay area music scene as a founding member of crossover legends Sacrilege BC and alt-metal champions Release.  He spent a year recording and touring with Skinlab before embarking on the development of his own musical vehicle.

Emerging from the desire to marry the dark melancholy of 80s/90s alternative with the aggression and drive of Bay Area metal, The Ghost Next Door blends
styles and influences from punk to jazz, progressive to sadcore, and modern rock to thrash into meter-bending, riff-driven heaviness fueled by abrasively honest lyrics.

The Ghost Next Door gigs tirelessly out of a compulsion to create and perform their expressive take on modern metal.

Of the band and new record, Gary says, "We're not interested in trends. A song is born from a single idea, but always mixed with some alternative sensibilities. Fusion, extreme, shoegaze, thrash - we write the unexpected.”

A Feast for the Sixth Sense is available on deluxe vinyl, CD and digital from Ripple Music and from the band on the road.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Alcatrazz – Parole Denied
Graham Bonnet – Vocals, Jimmy Waldo – Keyboards, Gary Shea – Bass, Mark Benquechea – Drums, ConradoPesinato – Guitar

Disc 1 - Night Of The Shooting Star starts the show with more of a 50s do wop sound to get the crowd warmed up. Ohayo Tokyo great vocals and emotional keyboards with a solid beat and catchy rhythm. Too Young To Die Too Drunk To Live powerful keyboards heavy rhythms powerful excellent sing along vocals that will have this song stuck in your head for days. Suffer Me emotional music that just flows thru you and vocals that grab your very soul with some scorching leads. God Blessed Video a classic Alcatrazz song just rocked out live get ready and hold on. Will You Be Home tonight keyboards build slowly then a catchy beat that just grabs you and makes you get up and groove away. Jet To Jet fist in the air hard rock song to just speed down the road while driving your car. Witchwood guitars that just pierce your very essence and vocals that grab your soul close your eyes and drift along. Skyfire get up hand in the air and sway and sing along to one catchy song. Hiroshima Mon Amour searing leads ethereal keyboards slow bass and pounding drums with a very catchy riff and emotional vocals. Island In The Sun just get up and join the crowd as you sing along to this feel good song.

Disc 2 (Studio Demo 1985) – Emotion a slow song full of emotional playing. Imagination will have you up bouncing and dancing to a memorable beat. Losing You Is Winning is amore of a hard rock get up and sing along as you move to the groove. Please Call Me jut kick back and float along with a soulful song. Blue Boar has a very catchy rhythm that will have you up dancing and singing along. Ohayo Tokyo take a trip back to the great melodic hard rock music of the mid 80s and just rock out (Rehearsal Studio Demo) – Set Me Free just kick back close your eyes and flow with the emotions being sung and played. Rider is a very catchy song to just enjoy.

Bloody Times – On A Mission
John Greely – Vocals, Ross  The Boss – Guitar, Raphael Saini – Drums, Simon Pfundstein – Bass, Rudiger Weib – Keyboards, Judas – Guitar, Kikidakis S Nickolas – Guitar, Balasz Fleischhaur – Guitar, Marco Cossu – Guitar, Rainer Pfundstein – Guitar

Alliance the music grows then a power metal riff that takes you over with some excellent bass drum work and soaring vocals. Fort Sumter rumbling bass pounding drums chugging guitars screaming leads and soaring vocals. Die In A Hole grab your air guitar and just jam along as you fist pump and head bang. Curse of Genevieve (Reworked) spoken words rumbling bass crunchy guitars searing leads and a fist in the air sing along vocals. Future Secret swirling keyboards a solid riff scorching lead then just stand and shout as you sing along. Operation Focus pounding beats a thumping bass a riff that just catches your attention just hang on for the ride with some searing leads and sing along vocals. The Warning (Until Blood Boils Pt1) a slow steady riff that just pull you along with leads that just pierce thru you. The Revenge (Until Blood Boils Pt2) power metal mayhem that just rocks your day with some awesome musicianship. Day Of Collapse a galloping bass and drum beat pulls you down the heavy metal music highway fist in the air sing along vocals and scorching leads.

Flotsam And Jetsam – The End Of Chaos
Eric Knutson – Vocals, Steve Conley -  Guitar, Micheal Gilbert- Guitar, Michael Spencer – Bass, Ken Mary – Drums

Prisoner Of Time thundering bass screaming guitars a riff that just grabs you and make you get up fist pump and head bang till the last note with some amazing vocals. Control face paced thrashing and slamming style metal to just get your aggressions out. Recover has that stand up fist pump head banging sing along metal attitude just enjoy. Prepare For Chaos take a trip back to the rime when thrash metal was king kit the floor stomp your feet and pump your fist. Slowly Insane amazing drum work thundering bass chainsaw chugging guitars powerful soaring vocals and shredding leads of metal magic. Architects Of Hate hit the pit and mosh away till you are covered in sweat. Demolition Man head banging foot stomping sing along fist pumping metal. Unwelcome Surprise starts slow and heavy then builds speed with some of the best musicianship out there in the field of thrash today. Snake Eye grab your air guitars or hop in your car crank the tunes and just cruise on down the road rocking out. Survive hit the pit stomp your feet and circle the crowd with lots of emotions. Good or Bad fast heavy punch you right in the throat thrash speed metal just hang on for the ride. The End fast speeding down the road metal mayhem.

Johnny Gioeli – One Voice
Johnny Gioeli – Vocals, Eric Gadrix – Guitar, Nik Mazzucconi – Bass, Marco Di Salvia – Drums, Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, Deen Castronovo (Guest Drums)

Drive hop in your car crank up the tunes and just sing along as you cruise on down the road to a very catchy song. It melodic guitars emotional vocals and a great rhythm that just sticks with you for days. One Voice bluesy guitars soulful vocals and a smooth groove rhythm that just slides along and piercing leads. Mind Melt is a very feel good stand up bounce and clap as you sing along tune. Running just get up sway and groove as you totally enjoy this great tune. Deeper emotional guitars soulful vocals solid as a rock drums and bass just kick back and tap your foot as you enjoy the ride. Let Me Know will have the entire crowd up and grooving as they sing along and just enjoy the musical ride. Hit Me Once, Hit Yah Twice is a heavier fist pumping riff with loads of great musicianship. Price We Pay melodic guitars flow with some searing leads and very emotional vocals and a great rhythm section to hold it all down. Out Of Here just a excellent catchy sing along tune. Oh Fathers lots of emotional playing that will just fill you with many different feelings.

Paralandra – All Fall Down
Casandra Carson – Vocals/Guitar, Paul Carson – Guitar, Nick Gray – Drums, Sawyer Rikard – Bass

Alive a great catchy riff powerful vocals and foot stomping beat to just totally get into. Heroes is one of those excellent sing along get chills down your spine songs. Gravity close your eyes and just drift along with the emotions that flow thru the music. All Fall Down has a very slinky groove that just takes you over. Fortunate Ones grab your air guitar and get ready to rock powerful soulful vocals that just grabs ahold of you

Paralandra – Ascension
Casandra Carson – Vocals/Guitar, Paul Carson – Guitar, Nick Gray – Drums, Sawyer Rikard – Bass

Back To Life get up bounce and groove to the catchy rhythm and catchy riffs with some soulful vocals just sing along and enjoy. Pretty Little Liar just grab ahold for one wild musical ride. Killer Queen has a slow bluesy metal groove that will have you rockin on down the road as you cruise along. Never Without Me foot stomping head banging fist pumping metal screaming guitars soaring vocals and pounding rhythms. Need To Feed heavy grinding melodic music that just pulls you in many emotional directions.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

French Heavy-Psych Trio BRIGHT CURSE Joins Ripple Music, New Album Coming May 2019.

Preparing to deliver on the promise of their 2016 album Before the Shore, heavy psychedelic trio BRIGHT CURSE has signed with US purveyors of riff-heaviness Ripple Music to bring the band's latest mesmerizing slab to the world.

Bright Curse formed in 2012 with an ear toward weaving heavy rock (in its most classic form) together with tendrils of bluesy doom and trance-like psychedelics.

They quickly released their debut EP and embarked on a series of tours and festival appearances, including a slot at Up in Smoke in 2013 and a co-headline tour with brothers-in-riffs Elephant Tree through Europe in 2015.

With the release of the stunning Before the Shore album in 2016, Bright Curse earned massive recognition on a global scale.

The band established themselves on the road with intense touring and hit festival stages at Hellfest, DesertFest Berlin and Keep it Low, and the likes of Metal Hammer called Before the Shore, "a refreshingly uplifting blast of gutsy, 70s-inspired stoner rock, played with passion and high energy that puts the power back into the classic power-trio formula."

Following the dissolution of their former label, Bright Curse found new enthusiasm for their take on riffage at the US bastions of all things fuzz-fueled, blues-laden and guitar forward, Ripple Music.

"Working with Ripple is just gonna be rad, having a label that really cares for its bands, that motivation will make the difference," says frontman/guitarist Romain Daut.  "We've got loads of friends working with them, and I can already see all the crazy parties we're gonna have on tour."

Of the upcoming new album, he adds, "It's a come-back to a doomier version of Bright Curse, more like the first EP.  The songs are a bit longer and more developed, each relates a story, and all of them work together to create some kind of tale. I didn’t want to just have another heavy album, so we added some “exotic" instruments and I think it serves the story really well.  But I don’t want to say too much about it yet."

Be on the lookout for spring tour dates and an official release date for the new Bright Curse full-length in the coming weeks!  (And get an advance peek at the cover art below:)

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