Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Alcatrazz – Parole Denied
Graham Bonnet – Vocals, Jimmy Waldo – Keyboards, Gary Shea – Bass, Mark Benquechea – Drums, ConradoPesinato – Guitar

Disc 1 - Night Of The Shooting Star starts the show with more of a 50s do wop sound to get the crowd warmed up. Ohayo Tokyo great vocals and emotional keyboards with a solid beat and catchy rhythm. Too Young To Die Too Drunk To Live powerful keyboards heavy rhythms powerful excellent sing along vocals that will have this song stuck in your head for days. Suffer Me emotional music that just flows thru you and vocals that grab your very soul with some scorching leads. God Blessed Video a classic Alcatrazz song just rocked out live get ready and hold on. Will You Be Home tonight keyboards build slowly then a catchy beat that just grabs you and makes you get up and groove away. Jet To Jet fist in the air hard rock song to just speed down the road while driving your car. Witchwood guitars that just pierce your very essence and vocals that grab your soul close your eyes and drift along. Skyfire get up hand in the air and sway and sing along to one catchy song. Hiroshima Mon Amour searing leads ethereal keyboards slow bass and pounding drums with a very catchy riff and emotional vocals. Island In The Sun just get up and join the crowd as you sing along to this feel good song.

Disc 2 (Studio Demo 1985) – Emotion a slow song full of emotional playing. Imagination will have you up bouncing and dancing to a memorable beat. Losing You Is Winning is amore of a hard rock get up and sing along as you move to the groove. Please Call Me jut kick back and float along with a soulful song. Blue Boar has a very catchy rhythm that will have you up dancing and singing along. Ohayo Tokyo take a trip back to the great melodic hard rock music of the mid 80s and just rock out (Rehearsal Studio Demo) – Set Me Free just kick back close your eyes and flow with the emotions being sung and played. Rider is a very catchy song to just enjoy.

Bloody Times – On A Mission
John Greely – Vocals, Ross  The Boss – Guitar, Raphael Saini – Drums, Simon Pfundstein – Bass, Rudiger Weib – Keyboards, Judas – Guitar, Kikidakis S Nickolas – Guitar, Balasz Fleischhaur – Guitar, Marco Cossu – Guitar, Rainer Pfundstein – Guitar

Alliance the music grows then a power metal riff that takes you over with some excellent bass drum work and soaring vocals. Fort Sumter rumbling bass pounding drums chugging guitars screaming leads and soaring vocals. Die In A Hole grab your air guitar and just jam along as you fist pump and head bang. Curse of Genevieve (Reworked) spoken words rumbling bass crunchy guitars searing leads and a fist in the air sing along vocals. Future Secret swirling keyboards a solid riff scorching lead then just stand and shout as you sing along. Operation Focus pounding beats a thumping bass a riff that just catches your attention just hang on for the ride with some searing leads and sing along vocals. The Warning (Until Blood Boils Pt1) a slow steady riff that just pull you along with leads that just pierce thru you. The Revenge (Until Blood Boils Pt2) power metal mayhem that just rocks your day with some awesome musicianship. Day Of Collapse a galloping bass and drum beat pulls you down the heavy metal music highway fist in the air sing along vocals and scorching leads.

Flotsam And Jetsam – The End Of Chaos
Eric Knutson – Vocals, Steve Conley -  Guitar, Micheal Gilbert- Guitar, Michael Spencer – Bass, Ken Mary – Drums

Prisoner Of Time thundering bass screaming guitars a riff that just grabs you and make you get up fist pump and head bang till the last note with some amazing vocals. Control face paced thrashing and slamming style metal to just get your aggressions out. Recover has that stand up fist pump head banging sing along metal attitude just enjoy. Prepare For Chaos take a trip back to the rime when thrash metal was king kit the floor stomp your feet and pump your fist. Slowly Insane amazing drum work thundering bass chainsaw chugging guitars powerful soaring vocals and shredding leads of metal magic. Architects Of Hate hit the pit and mosh away till you are covered in sweat. Demolition Man head banging foot stomping sing along fist pumping metal. Unwelcome Surprise starts slow and heavy then builds speed with some of the best musicianship out there in the field of thrash today. Snake Eye grab your air guitars or hop in your car crank the tunes and just cruise on down the road rocking out. Survive hit the pit stomp your feet and circle the crowd with lots of emotions. Good or Bad fast heavy punch you right in the throat thrash speed metal just hang on for the ride. The End fast speeding down the road metal mayhem.

Johnny Gioeli – One Voice
Johnny Gioeli – Vocals, Eric Gadrix – Guitar, Nik Mazzucconi – Bass, Marco Di Salvia – Drums, Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, Deen Castronovo (Guest Drums)

Drive hop in your car crank up the tunes and just sing along as you cruise on down the road to a very catchy song. It melodic guitars emotional vocals and a great rhythm that just sticks with you for days. One Voice bluesy guitars soulful vocals and a smooth groove rhythm that just slides along and piercing leads. Mind Melt is a very feel good stand up bounce and clap as you sing along tune. Running just get up sway and groove as you totally enjoy this great tune. Deeper emotional guitars soulful vocals solid as a rock drums and bass just kick back and tap your foot as you enjoy the ride. Let Me Know will have the entire crowd up and grooving as they sing along and just enjoy the musical ride. Hit Me Once, Hit Yah Twice is a heavier fist pumping riff with loads of great musicianship. Price We Pay melodic guitars flow with some searing leads and very emotional vocals and a great rhythm section to hold it all down. Out Of Here just a excellent catchy sing along tune. Oh Fathers lots of emotional playing that will just fill you with many different feelings.

Paralandra – All Fall Down
Casandra Carson – Vocals/Guitar, Paul Carson – Guitar, Nick Gray – Drums, Sawyer Rikard – Bass

Alive a great catchy riff powerful vocals and foot stomping beat to just totally get into. Heroes is one of those excellent sing along get chills down your spine songs. Gravity close your eyes and just drift along with the emotions that flow thru the music. All Fall Down has a very slinky groove that just takes you over. Fortunate Ones grab your air guitar and get ready to rock powerful soulful vocals that just grabs ahold of you

Paralandra – Ascension
Casandra Carson – Vocals/Guitar, Paul Carson – Guitar, Nick Gray – Drums, Sawyer Rikard – Bass

Back To Life get up bounce and groove to the catchy rhythm and catchy riffs with some soulful vocals just sing along and enjoy. Pretty Little Liar just grab ahold for one wild musical ride. Killer Queen has a slow bluesy metal groove that will have you rockin on down the road as you cruise along. Never Without Me foot stomping head banging fist pumping metal screaming guitars soaring vocals and pounding rhythms. Need To Feed heavy grinding melodic music that just pulls you in many emotional directions.


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