Saturday, January 24, 2015

Texas to release "Texas 25" in celebration of the band's 25th Anniversary

TEXAS celebrate their 25th Anniversary in style with the release of their latest album 'Texas 25' which celebrates the very best of the multi-million selling (over 30 million album sales so far), multi-platinum, Ivor Novello Award winning band.
'Texas 25' contains four brand new songs and highlights from the bands greatest hits completely re-recorded and re-worked for 2015 with acclaimed NYC soul outfit Truth & Soul (Amy Winehouse, Adele).
Recorded in the Queens studio of Truth & Soul and mixed at The Black Key's Dan Auerbach's Nashville studios, working on 'Texas 25' was a chance for Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri and band mate Johnny McElhone to hear Black Eyed Boy, Halo, I Don't Want a Lover, Say What You Want, Summer Son, The Conversation with new ears. 'It's almost like we've got who we are, 25 years later,' says Sharleen.
In 2015, Texas will present the findings of their 25 years in pop in a new, intimate arrangement, 'An Evening With…' in which Sharleen will talk through her amazing career and the band will play as a four piece skiffle ensemble as punctuation points.

1. Start A Family
2. Black Eyed Boy
3. Say What You Want
4. Supafly Boy
5. Halo
6. Inner Smile
7. The Conversation
8. Say Goodbye
9. When We Are Together
10. Are You Ready
11. I Don't Want A Lover
12. Summer Son

Listen to "Inner Smile (Truth & Soul Session)" from the forthcoming album on You Tube or Soundcloud
Pre-order "Texas 25" at the official website.

A Pictorial Report on NAMM 2015

Old School, one of the most trusted scribes for The Ripple Effect, has taken it upon himself to document the NAMM 2015 conference.  What follows are some fancy photos.  Be jealous.

Friday, January 23, 2015

GEEZER release info for GAGE (EP) | Listen and share 'Ghost Rider Solar Plexus' via Ripple Music

Download and share 'Ghost Rider Solar Plexus', taken from Geezer's Gage EP via

"There’s an authenticity about Geezer that instantly puts them above their peers; the whiskey-soaked growl of Pat Harrington will take you down the Midwestern delta once more, while their heartfelt, gut-level grooves are reminiscent of ZZ Top circa 1973."
--Chybucca Sounds

"Believe me folks when I say Geezer's debut EP is a work of genius. Stoner Rock of the highest order with great psychedelic riffs to match. Brilliant and highly recommended.”
--The Sludgelord

Initially released as a run of extremely limited edition vinyl via STB Records in 2014, it’s little wonder that Geezer’s Gage EP sold out in practically no time at all. Yet such an unruly and original sonic meltdown of metal, psychedelia and blues-rock was never destined to stay gone for long.

This February, thanks to the California-based label Ripple Music it will receive an official worldwide release across Europe and North America.

"We're extremely excited to be working with Geezer to help spread their distorted heavy blues around the world,” explains label boss Todd Severin. “These cats are the real deal. They live it, they breathe it. It all comes through in Gage, which is a masterwork of heavy psychedelic blues. A real pace-setter for the scene.”

Recorded as a follow to their 2013 debut album Electrically Recorded Handmade Heavy Blues by the Kingston, New York trio – made up of Pat Harrington (Guitar, Vocals), Freddy Villano (Bass) and Chris Turco (Drums) – Gage now stands as the most complete release in Geezer’s canon. “The bass is a leviathan of low end rumble, the blues guitar forging molten riffs of iron and steel, and the drum work massive and purposeful.” (Heavy Planet)

Offering listeners an aural appreciation of the American outsider, it drops peyote grooves on opener ‘Ancient Song’, visits the Delta (‘Thorny’) and unleashes a number of fuzz-driven subterranean jams of the highest order. The best of which can be heard on EP highlight ‘Ghost Ride Solar Plexus’, a riotous trip into the hard-edged and heavy acid blues sounds of ’70s groups like Josefus and Blue Cheer. The loose and live feel of Harrington’s raw and unruly guitar and vocal work providing the perfect foil to Villano and Turco’s tight rhythm section.

Already hailed as one of 2014’s best in end of year polls by The Obelisk, The Ripple Effect and Heavy Planet, expect to hear a lot more from Geezer both onstage and on record. Known for their mind-bending live performances, they have shared bills with the likes of High On Fire, Wo Fat, The Midnight Ghost Train, Lo-Pan, Gozu and Borracho, as well as Volume IV, Order Of The Owl and Kings Destroy.

Geezer’s Gage EP will receive an official worldwide release via Ripple Music on 9th February 2015 (Europe) and 10th February 2015 (USA).

Listen to Gage EP in full at

Pat Harrington – Guitar, Vocals
Freddy Villano – Bass
Chris Turco – Drums
More praise for Geezer:

"Handmade Heavy Blues is a deep and heavy blues based rock. Imagine The Black Keys with a bit more evil in them. Geezer even sounds a bit like Larmon Clamor mixed with a little Five Horse Johnson. Either way you look at it, you’re getting a heavy blues album that covers it all."
The Soda Shop

“It's a powerful and soothing expression of nearly a hundred years of music placed upon an altar that a thousand giants built and cherished, and this one may stand the test of time in ways that will continue to define the genre for a long time to come. Yes, it's that damn good.”
The Ripple Effect

“The whole thing sounds like a peyote trip in the desert. Languid guitar passages swirl visibly like heat rising from a long stretch of highway asphalt. You can taste the sand in your teeth, smell the chopper fumes, feel the urge to finally find solace in a dusty saloon. This shit works.”
Vinyl Junkies

“Smoke-tinged vocals, orange amped guitars and hard rhythms combine to form a sound like Charley Patton getting into a fist fight with Junior Kimbrough over who gets the last bottle of hooch in an old liquor store.”
Stoner Hive

Penfold's Quick Hits: N.A.S.A. - The Spirit Of Apollo

Hello waveriders!  Take a trip with me back to February, 2009.  There I was leafing through the newly released music one Tuesday morning when I came across something unexpected and unknown.  I held a CD in my hand with cover art depicting two enormous rockets lifting off in front of a massive disco ball.  What really drew my attention however was the large triangular sticker affixed to the plastic wrapper.  It informed me that this album I'd never heard of featured M.I.A., Tom Waits, Santogold, David Byrne, Karen O / Chuck D, and over 40 guest performances.

Wait, what?!?!  What album is this?  The Spirit Of Apollo by some group called N.A.S.A..  Who the heck is N.A.S.A., and who in the world are the other guest performers?  I flipped the CD over in my hands and ran through the track list.  The first song featured Chali 2na, Gift of Gab, Z-Trip and the aforementioned David Byrne.  The second track has Chuck D, Seu Jorge, and Ras Congo.  Next up is a track with Method Man, E-40, and DJ Swamp.  At this point my eyes began skipping around.  I saw the names George Clinton, Kool Keith, John Frusciante, KRS- One, Fatlip, Kanye West, RZA, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Ghostface Killah, Scarface, and Ol' Dirty Bastard.  That's insane!  And that's not even the entire guest list!

If you couldn't guess TSOA is a hip-hop album.  N.A.S.A. stands for North America/South America, a fitting name for a group made up of Los Angeles based producer Squeak E. Clean and Brazilian producer DJ Zegon.  I have discovered that the idea behind this music was to bring together artists and musicians from different genres, countries, races, etc. in order to show how easily the boundaries between people can be eliminated.  Unity of the human race.  That's very admirable, but I wouldn't find it as interesting if the music were not to my liking.  Good thing this album delivers such a great listen!

Waveriders, if you're looking for something musically interesting to dig your teeth into I strongly recommend The Spirit Of Apollo.  Beware of excessive head bobbing however.  The grooves can be mighty strong!

- Penfold

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bhleg - Draumr Ast

Here's a bunch of guys from Gothenburg, Sweden.  If you think, though, that you're going to get a blast of melodic death metal, you are in for a very big surprise.  There is a lot of contrast on this album, and you will hear some straight up black metal, some atmospheric electronic stuff, and songs that I would call folk metal, sometimes in the same track but mostly separate.  Their band name means “to shine” in proto-Indo-European, and I don't have a clue what that is, so I guess you can also add them to the very long list of motherfuckers who are smarter than I am.

The album opens with “Solkronan”, a straight up blast of black metal.  One of the guitar tracks is so scathing and scalding that I swear it was peeling my flesh just listening to it.  All of the song titles and lyrics are in Swedish so I have no idea what they are going on about, but they don't sound happy.  Then the next track comes along, “Kosmos pulsadra”, which is a very simple, repeating phrase and done mostly electronically, and thus a big contrast from the first track.  “Nyckeln till livskraftens ursprung” is up next and it is a beautiful, folky sounding acoustic number.  So right away in the first 3 tracks you're kind of left wondering what exactly this beast is.

The rest of the album sets things pretty straight.  What they are is a very diverse black metal band, who doesn't really worry if they are sticking to the traditional black metal playbook or forging something new.  The music is grim and melancholic, yet with enough peace and light at its core that the listener can retain some hope.  Life can be brutal, the brutality can seem never ending, but there is still a core of light straining to shine through.  Which it does from time to time on this album.

My two favorite tracks on this album are “Brunnens hjarta” and “Skymningsdrommar”, which lead one right into the other and really show all the sides of this band.  There is driving, grim blackness leading into peaceful sounds from nature, then flowing into a repeating piano riff, only to fall back into blackness.  Which is a lot like life can be.  You have the highs and lows, the moments of peace and despair, happiness and sorrow, dark and light.  In the end each of us has to prove how we react to what life throws at us.  We have to embrace the light or be swallowed by the darkness.

This is music that depicts all of that.  It is a fantastic debut album and this is a band well worth watching.  That they have so much to say on their first release bodes well for them.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Father Sky-1.jpg

Photo by Trent Lee Maxwell
                                                                            (L to R: Jonah Holt, “Arkansas” Dave Pennington, Chris Ortiz, Jim Ortiz)

Musical movements are often referred to as cyclical. Every few moons, a band surfaces who borrows just enough from the past to infuse a new vitality into the musical present. FATHER SKY's sound makes listeners recall a time when guitar-driven blues-rock was in its proverbial prime. A four-piece from Austin, Texas, FATHER SKY have spent the last year perfecting both their songwriting and stage show. Guitarist/Vocalist "Arkansas" Dave Pennington and Jim Ortiz deliver a virtuosic twin guitar attack with a maturity older than they look; bassist Jonah Holt and drummer Chris Ortiz are the guardians of the band’s thunderous rhythm section. Pennington fronts the soul-driven blues rock militia with a passion & voice reminiscent of the early eras of Led Zeppelin and Muddy Waters.

Pennington explains “FATHER SKY is the culmination of everything I've ever wanted to accomplish musically- a creative outlet for me to see the world through music. I handpicked some of the finest musicians in Austin that I admire for their dedication to their instrument, and the desire to do something bigger than ourselves. It is a sound influenced by the roots of rock and metal, blended with the sounds of the South, that our personal influences- Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, & Muddy Waters (just to name a few...)- set in motion for us to continue the tradition of Rock N Roll.”

This March, FATHER SKY will release their debut EP “TOWER HEIST” via their DIY label Ouachita Music. The EP was produced and arranged by the band’s frontman David Pennington, the record uses analog recording technology to organically capture a hybrid of five, groove-laden chapters of heavy blues rock.  

Gargantuan guitar riffs, roaring bass lines, and pistonic percussion kissed with soulful rock vocals displays the renegade stride of FATHER SKY and will prepare you for the live experience awaiting you when the band tours the U.S. throughout 2015.

To stream their first song released to the public “Silver Spoon”, visit FATHER SKY at

Tower Heist track listing is:
      1.  Rain Will Fall
      2.  Silver Spoon                     
      3.  Withered
      4.  Tower Heist
      5.  Mongoose Blitz
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