Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Slow Season premiere first single from forthcoming album via Consequence of Sound, announce May-June tour

Central California quartet Slow Season premiere the first track from their forthcoming new album, Westing today via Consequence of Sound. The explosive single, "Y'Wanna" is available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud). 

Slow Season hits the road yet again in May - June leading up to the album release. Please see current dates below. 

Contrary to the band's name, downtime is a rarity for Slow Season. Sandwiched between summer 2015's extensive tour with their RidingEasy labelmates Mondo Drag and Electric Citizen, plus several short west coast jaunts, the hard-working quartet also found time to hammer out its most powerful and ambitious album yet. Written, engineered, produced and mixed themselves on their own equipment, entirely on analog tape, Westing is a hard-hitting and powerful reminder of how at one time a rock 'n' roll band could be a transcendent experience.

While Slow Season's sound continues to effortlessly nod to the great bands of the 60s-70s, Westing is truly the sound of a band coming into their own. The songwriting is tight, howling and hypnotic. The sound is classic, yet refreshingly new. 

"It's a different album," says drummer and primary recording engineer Cody Tarbell. "But we never have wanted to find a particular sound or any one thing and be attached to it permanently. A big part of our records is experimenting." The Visalia, CA band -- Daniel Rice (vocals, guitar), David Kent (guitar), Hayden Doyel (bass), and Cody Tarbell (drums) --  has recorded all of their albums on reel-to-reel at Tarbell's home studio in a cornfield. This affords them the time to experiment getting sounds, while maintaining focus on the most important notion that performance is key. As with previous albums, recording was pretty immediate, tracked between January 15th and the beginning of February 2016 to 16-track tape and mixed to 2-track tape. 

Equally as ambitious as the band's self-sufficient production is the sprawling lyrical theme to the album.  Thematically picking up where the Slow Season's previous full length Mountains left off, Westing tackles some heady issues.

"Westing follows a loose narrative about our nation's loss of innocence as it explores its frontiers," vocalist Daniel Rice explains. "Re-contextualized in a story about an unnamed protagonist faced with choosing between different ideological allegiances and his own social identity." From song to song, the album follows what Rice explains as, "the unholy trinity of greed+power+violence, the injustice wrought from this, persisting in willful ignorance, and reaping what is sown." A deep conceptual arc, for sure, and one that adds further weight to the Slow Season's intensity. 

Album opener "Y'Wanna" erupts from the speakers as if the band couldn't even wait for the tape to start recording. it's a full-throttle rocker reminiscent of Zep's "Immigrant Song" with sly reference to "Four Sticks", all groove and pummel. "Flag" keeps things rolling along with its bouncing, stop-n-go guitar riff. The 6/8-time blues sway of "The Jackal" echoes early Sabbath malefic boogie, while "Saurekonig" is a cavernous and volcanic mass driven by huge drums, ringing slide guitar and ominous drone. "Damascus" is a rollicking anthem driven by Tarbell's syncopated hi-hat/snare interplay and Rice's explosive wail proving just how much of a dynamic powerhouse Slow Season has become. Throughout, Westing is a smart and snarling rocker that sounds like rock 'n' roll records should: massive, infectious and inviting repeat listens.

Westing will be available on LP, CD and download via RidingEasy Records on July 8th, 2016. Pre-orders include a free immediate download of the first single and are available HERE

05/18 Santa Cruz, CA @ Blue Lagoon
05/19 San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
05/20 Oakland, CA @ The Golden Bull Bar
05/21 Grants Pass, OR @ G Street Bar & Grill
05/24 Portland, OR @ The Liquor Store Bar
05/25 Seattle, WA @ Funhouse
05/27 Boise, ID @ The Shredder
05/28 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
05/29 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive
05/30 Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge
05/31 Chicago, IL @ Double Door
06/01 Indianapolis, IN @ Bent Rail Brewing
06/02 Kent, OH @ Stone Tavern
06/03 Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski's
06/04 Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
06/06 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
06/07 Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe
06/08 Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club
06/09 Nashville, TN @ FooBAR
06/10 Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone *
06/11 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia *
06/12 Hattiesburg, MS @ The Tavern *
06/13 Shreveport, LA @ Bears *
06/14 Texarkana, TX @ Arrow Bar *
06/16 Oklahoma City, OK @ Blue Note *
06/17 Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves 
06/18 Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
06/19 San Antonio, TX @ The Mix
06/22 Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Taproom
06/23 San Diego, CA @ The Merrow
*w/ Dirty Streets

Roadburn Festival: The Aftermath. 2017 festival dates announced

Another edition of Roadburn Festival is in the books - and what an incredible one it was!

Roadburn would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all the artists, crew, production team, volunteers, staff, and of course every single attendee who spent the weekend with us. We never take the support and appreciation for granted and are sincerely grateful to every individual that helps to make Roadburn what it is.

The festival played host to incredible sets including:
Neurosis - celebrating their thirtieth anniversary by playing two special, career spanning sets
Converge - playing two sets; one with their expanded Blood Moon line up including Chelsea Wolfe, Stephen Brodsky, Ben Chisholm, and Steve Von Till; and one never-to-be-repeated Jane Doe in full.
Paradise Lost - performing Gothic in its entirety
Diamanda Galás - a rare and unique performance, plus a screening of Schrei 27 and live interview session
With The Dead - as well as being our 2016 curator, Lee Dorrian also performed with his own band for the first time outside the UK
G.I.S.M - this legendary band played for the first time in 14 years, and for the first time ever outside of Japan
Cult of Luna - opening the festival, playing Somewhere Along The Highway in full, to a packed out main stage
Misþyrming - Roadburn's Artist in Residence, these young Icelandic black metal torchbearers played three times over the weekend.

Among these bigger names were many more special moments and incredible collaborations. This year, musicians from Finland made their presence felt with incredible sets from Hexvessel, Dark Buddha Rising, Oranssi Pazuzu, Arktau Eos, Abyssion and Atomikylä. Roadburn continues to push the bar ever higher, always aiming to create something unique, artistic and always very special.

The full list of artists that performed at Roadburn 2016 is as follows:

Abysmal Grief, Abyssion, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Alkerdeel ft. Gnaw Their Tongues, Amenra, Arktau Eos, Astrosoniq, Atomikylä, Bang, Beastmaker, Behold! The Monolith, Black Moon Circle (ft. Dr. Space), Black Mountain, Bliksem, Blind Idiot God, Blood Ceremony, Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Buried at Sea, Carousel, Chaos Echoes, CHRCH, CHVE, Cocaine Piss, Concatenatus, Converge, Crumbling Ghost, Cult of Luna (Somewhere Along The Highway in its entirety), Cult of Occult, Daniel Payne, Dark Buddha Rising, Dead Neanderthals, Dead To A Dying World, Death Alley (& Friends), Diamanda Galás, DOOL, Ecstatic Vision, Epitaph (Ita), Full of Hell, Galley Beggar, Gentlemans Pistols, G.I.S.M., Gomer Pyle, Grafir, Green Carnation, Grimmsons, Hair of the Dog, Hangman’s Chair, Hell (USA), Hemelbestormer, Herder, Hexvessel, Hills, Inverloch, Jakob, John Haughm, Jucifer, Kenn Nardi (of Anacrusis), Klone, Kontinuum, La Muerte, Lugubrum Trio, Lychgate, Mantra Machine, Mirrors For Psychic Warfare (Scott Kelly & Sanford Parker), Misþyrming (Artist in Residence), Moloken, Mondo Drag, MPH (Formerly known as Mr. Peter Hayden), Naðra, Neurosis, New Keepers of the Water Towers, Nibiru, NYIÞ, Night Viper, Noctum, Obese, Of The Wand And The Moon, Oranssi Pazuzu, Paradise Lost (Gothic in its entirety), Partisan, Pentagram, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Progerians, Repulsion, Russell Haswell, Scott Kelly, Sinistro, Skepticism (Fan-picked set list), Steve Von Till, Syndrome, Tau Cross, Terzij de Horde, The Poisoned Glass (ft. G. Stuart Dahlquist and Edgy 59 of Burning Witch), The Body, The Skull, Usnea, The Vintage Caravan, We’rewolves, Witch Trail, With The Dead, VVOVNDS, Yodok III.

Alongside the acts that performed, we also had a side programme featuring listening sessions of new albums from Nothing, Alkerdeel, and Virus, live interviews with Neurosis, Converge, Paradise Lost and Cult of Luna, panel discussions, talks and much more. Roadburn's 2016 poster artist, Becky Cloonan curated an exhibition of artwork throughout the 013 venue.

We welcomed more visitors than ever to Roadburn this year; approximately 4,300 attendees each day descended on the 013 venue and it's surroundings to celebrate all things psychedelic, heavy, and obscure! The Roadburn family continues to spread all over the world with people joining us from as far afield as Australia Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and India - as well as our friends from all over Europe.

Breakdown of foreign visitors to Roadburn 2016
Roadburn 2017 will take place at the 013 venue, between April 20-23, 2017. Announcements for the 2017 edition will start in the coming months.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Animal Noise - Sink Or Swim EP

Well hello beautiful!  Those were the exact words that passed through my mind the first time I listened to Animal Noise.  I cannot recall if I actually heard an audible click inside the combination lock that is my brain but regardless, my mental vault doors have been opened and this band's music has rapidly taken up residence.  Honestly, considering how I feel about the songs on the Sink Or Swim EP, I don't foresee eviction notices ever being posted requiring their removal.

Now how can I best describe the wonderful sound collage Animal Noise creates?  Let's start with the instrumentation.  This trio is comprised of acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but the music produced is exceptional.  Elements of folk music, progressive rock, punk, and psychedelic rock interact perfectly with each other to form a unique sonic signature I find captivating!  And that's saying nothing of the vocals.  Goodness gracious the vocals!  They're rife with passion and conviction and the harmonies are superb.

The four tracks that make up the SOS EP are uniformly strong and memorable.  One key feature they all share is that each song begins relatively quietly.  The band adds layers of musical gusto on top of the muted foundations until each song positively crackles with energy.  Even the pseudo-ballad "Alright" qualifies as a high-voltage generator once it fully develops!  Picking a favorite is impossible.  Not borderline impossible.  Straight up, hung jury, case dismissed impossible.

Waveriders if you are looking for some incredible new tunes that will go a long way towards making your day extraordinary the Sink Or Swim EP from Animal Noise is your golden ticket!  There are two ways to obtain this brilliant item.  The EP is available digitally from a variety of different sources, but it was also released on Record Store Day 2016 as a limited edition 7" vinyl.  Physical copies can be purchased directly from the band's website. 

However you go about obtaining this EP make sure to share your discovery with others.  Remember friends, sharing is caring!


Sunday, May 22, 2016

JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR confirmed to support Clutch on tour in Europe this summer!

Jesus Chrüsler Supercar | Clutch | Tour 2016The infernal Swedish Death n Roll machine JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR confirmed to support Clutch on tour in Europe this summer!
JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCARs new album 35 Supersonic was recently released through Rodeostar Records and the three guys from Stockholm clearly leaved their traces on the asphalt on their tour through Germany and the Netherlands together with Spiritual Beggars and Warrior Soul in March. This summer their journey through Germany continues, when they will bring their snotty Death n Roll to festivals like Wacken Open Air or Dong Open Air. Right after W:O:A their tour through Europe with Stoner Rock sensation Clutch will kick off. Those who want to experience their massive and forceful sound consisting of down-tuned guitars, powerful rumply and of course the striking vocals of frontier Robban Bergeskans live, should definitely check out at least one of the shows of the Psychic Warfare World Tour:
15.07.2016 DE-Neukirchen-Vluyn, Dong Open Air
04.-06.08.2016 DE-Wacken, Wacken Open Air
07.08.2016 DE-Bremen, Modernes
09.08.2016 SWE-Malmö, Kulturbolaget
10.08.2016 FIN-Helsinki, Circus
16.08.2016 DE-Bochum, Zeche
17.08.2016 LUX-Luxembourg, Den Atelier
If you want to follow the Swedish supercar on its journey over the local graveyards order 35 Supersonic here: EMP | Amazon | MetalMailorder.com | Flight13.com | Media Markt | Saturn JPC | Weltbild | Exlibris.ch | PlasticHead.com | SeasonOfMist.com | EMP-Shop.se | Ginza.se | CDON.com | HardMusic.cz | iTunes | Amazon MP3 | Spotify | Google Play | Deezer | Tidal
Jesus Chrüsler SupercarDont forget to watch the music video for the current single From Hell as a special treat. For the stroll through Stockholm of the harder kind featuring illustrious metal giants like 35 Supersonic producer Tomas Skogsberg and The Hellacopters bass player Kenny Håkansson go this way: https://youtu.be/1g3sKkhR7y0
Have a nice ride on the Death n Roll Supercars back seat and get more information about the Scandinavians on JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCARs band profile as well as on www.jesuschruslersupercar.com or www.facebook.com/jesuschruslersupercar.


Under The Influence
Foghat comes full circle with their new album “UNDER THE INFLUENCE" [http://tinyurl.com/UnderTheInfluence-Teaser], released Friday, June 24th. Drawing from their collective musical influences, the band not only brought in some special guests from their past who helped launch and inspire the Foghat story, but also invited some new friends into the mix to continue the journey of this never idle band.  
They started recording at their Florida studio, Boogie Motel South in 2013. In addition to Foghat members Roger Earl, Craig MacGregor, Charlie Huhn and Bryan Bassett,  two additional figures helped shape the sessions - Buddy Guy alumni, Scott Holt, who lent a hand in the writing, and added fantastic guitar and vocals to several tracks, and Grammy winning producer/songwriter, Tom Hambridge.  
With their resident genius, guitarist Bryan Bassett at the helm, the project was going slow since Bryan was doing triple duty, playing, writing and recording the tracks, while in the midst of a Foghat tour. So Tom Hambridge came aboard. According to Roger Earl "I met Tom when presenting 3 awards to Buddy Guy and Tom (his producer) at the Memphis Blues Awards.  Tom said that he was a fan, and would love to produce a Foghat record. Putting that in the back of my mind, this was the perfect opportunity. Tom came down to Boogie Motel South to meet the band and we clicked and started writing together immediately. Working with him was inspirational!
During this time, an opportunity arose for some ‘other’ recording at Dark Horse Institute in Nashville for a friend's graduation project. Scott, Bryan and Roger recorded 6 tracks and a new ‘band’, ‘Earl and the Agitators’, with Scott Holt as lead guitar/vocals was born.  They are now playing some dates opening for Foghat with Roger and Bryan doing double-duty.  This great experience prompted Foghat to move the recording of “Under the Influence” to Dark Horse Studios where they brought in two of their major influences.
Foghat was ‘spawned’ from the British Blues band ‘Savoy Brown’ in 1971, so it was fitting to ask Savoy founder and guitarist Kim Simmonds to join in.  
As Roger Earl puts it “Kim gave me my shot!”  As soon as Kim started playing, everyone was mesmerized!
Included on this release is a new recording of ‘Slow Ride” to celebrate the 40th anniversary. They invited Nick Jameson, (original bass player and producer of ‘Slow Ride’ on the 1975’ Fool for the City’ album) to play along with Foghat bassist Craig MacGregor who played bass on Foghat ‘LIVE’ (1977). They had a blast, and Foghat lead singer, Charlie Huhn, was as usual at the top of his game with his incredible vocals and guitar work!
And to round out the project the amazing Dana Fuchs added some of her bluesy/sultry vocals to a couple of tracks!
Three years in the making, Foghat had fun with this record and the result is an eclectic blend of rock and blues with a little funk and R&B on the side for good measure. 
It showcases the combined talent of all of the members both in the writing and the playing. This band never stops!
Pre-order links:
Track listing:
Under The Influence 
Knock It Off 
She’s Got A Ring In His Nose 
Upside Of Lonely 
Heard It Through The Grapevine 
Made Up My Mind 
Hot Mama 
Heart Gone Cold 
Honey Do List 
All Because Of You 
Slow Ride 

Foghat Tour Dates (including Record Release Party at B.B. Kings, NYC – September 21st, 2016) here: www.foghat.net/tour/


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Beelzefuzz - The Righteous Bloom

Aaah, Beelzefuzz are back with their sophomore release, and I couldn’t be more stoked. Obviously, I was concerned what it would sound like, which I always am when a favourite band are about to unleash a new recording. I think that’s only normal since you, as a supporter, want your main squeezes to emulate their previous work, at the very least. Any inkling shadow of a doubt I had, however, was firmly squashed. Instead, Beelzefuzz took me, and still takes me, on one of the most amazing music journeys I’ve ever had a chance to partake in. The band has gone through some changes since last time which has played a huge factor in the creation of this amazing wax. Greg Diener from Pale Divine has been brought in on lead guitar and vocals and Bert Hall from Mangog, Revelation and Against Nature is the new bass player. And their presence has allowed Dana Ortt(vocals, guitar, effects) and Darin McCloskey(drums) to create something truly celestial, yet dark and spaced out. This is music, never heard by man before.

Before playing ‘The Righteous Bloom’ for the first time, I was told it might take a few spins to grasp it since it apparently is a “difficult” album. After that first listen I shot that sentiment down right away because I loved what I heard immediately, thinking there’s nothing difficult about it at all. However, once I began writing this review I started to pull my hair in frustration. Why, you ask? Well, simply because this album is a chameleon. What I mean is that with every spin all the songs have changed character somewhat, bringing something new to the table. And I love that because it shows the beauty and the magic the band creates in full. But from a reviewing standpoint? Don’t know how many times I’ve rewritten many parts after reading them flabbergasted that my words didn’t represent the music at all. Eventually the songs fell into place and I think I found a silver lining. So here it goes, waveriders. Read on and marvel at the amazing world of Beelzefuzz and the journey of the mind and life they are about to take you on!

As we take off, ‘Nazzriff’ and ‘The Soulless’ are the catalyst and the ignition that guides us into the realm and other-worldly state of mind that Beelzefuzz wants us to experience, a journey of life, if you like. Fat riffs, thunderous bass lines, groovy and heavy-hitting drums make the entrance smooth and quick. No sooner has this new dimension closed its doors on us, when the journey really begins. Acting as a bridge between the initiation and the descent into the soul cleansing stage of this expedition, ‘Hardluck Melody’ digs deep into our souls and sits perfectly between these first two steps. ‘Rat Poison Parfait’ slowly, yet swiftly starts the process of pulling our psyche apart piece by piece. Burrowing deep within, nasty dark matters are unearthed that have been left lurking in the shadows for too long. Now the task falls on us listeners to deal with it. Hitting the bottom of the abyss – our minds – with ‘Eternal Waltz’, Beelzefuzz shines a guiding light by allowing us to mellow out, as well as giving glimmers of hope. Leveling the tempo also stops the decent and this continues in ‘Within Trance’. The only difference is that now you can feel yourself getting stronger, your resistance is not only pushing the dark matters aside. It annihilates it.

Having conquered the inner struggle, ‘Nebulous’ catapults us back into life. Soaring, floating, pushing, the song leads us on as stronger, new individuals. The title track, ‘The Righteous Bloom’ explodes in a cascade of millions emotions as the reborn – us – reenters life with clear, conscious minds. We’re in full bloom – no pun intended – and have a calmness of unknown qualities about us which heightens the sensations this new world brings. As the title implies, ‘Sanctum And Solace’ is about contentment. After absorbing the wonders of ‘The Righteous Bloom’, we are now at ease with who we are, who we’ve become. After rebirth, the end of life is drawing near but fear is gone and we embrace whatever the cycle of life throws our way. It’s time for another journey. All the preparations made during the first trip comes in full use in ‘Dying On The Vine’. A tumultuous, yet serene second adventure brings a lot of comfort as we die in the world as we know it. But despite all the preparations, uncertainty lingers since we really don’t know what lies ahead…if anything does. There is no need to worry though as the final step, ‘Peace Mind’ eases us into a new, brilliant kind of existence. It’s a place of sheer peacefulness where those of us who made it through, can forever relax and take in the peace of mind ‘The Righteous Bloom’ represents.

The band’s progressive and psychedelic leanings goes into full bloom on this, their second release. Since Greg is now taking care of the lead guitar parts as well as most of the “regular” rhythm playing, this is where Dana’s experimental side blossoms. Playing keyboards and organs with his guitar through pedals and effects, his partnership with Mr. Diener gives so many dimensions to the music that wasn’t possible before. Also, Dana’s vocal performance is beyond words. At the same time, Darin McCloskey and Bert Hall feed off their partners’ newfound freedom by holding everything together with a tight, yet relaxed and joyful rhythmical foundation that oozes class and total freedom. Oh, almost forgot…listen to Greg’s solos. They are outer-worldly and probably the best I’ve ever heard him play. Truly amazing!

To me, Beelzefuzz is a deity of unrivaled proportions in the world of music. Their brand new album, ‘The Righteous Bloom’, is an omnipresence and clearly shows that timeless, eternal music, free of any shackles or restraints, is still alive, well and very prosperous. Don’t ignore one of the best albums that has been released…ever. It’s that damned good!


Friday, May 20, 2016

King Buffalo Orion Release available for pre-order

Orion Test Presses available 5/20 12pm EST

King Buffalo is proud to announce that our Test Presses of Orion will be available this Friday, May 20th at noon eastern time! They are limited to 15, hand numbered, and ship immediately. They include a download code, poly bag, and a signed "thank you" from the band.
Vinyl Preorders will also be available! Vinyl is limited to 500, hand numbered and include an immediate download code via email. They will shipped to you as soon as they are received, which could be as early as mid June, but is likely to be mid July/early August.

CD Preorders will also be available! CD's are limited to 300, and will be shipped immediately. That's right, you'll receive it in days, not months! We have to maintain that they are Preorders for now, to receive maximum press from the outlets. So please, keep this to yourself. At least until our official release date of Friday, August 5th. 
Visit our Store
Tour Dates
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