Monday, May 4, 2015

Domovoyd premiere new track at

Today, inter-dimensional warlords Domovoyd  premiere the new track "Mystagogue" at slow 'n' low authority Already onto their sixth year of existence in this dimension,and having taken many acid heads by surprise with their Svart debut album, Oh Sensibility (2013), these young psychonauts are ready to deliver a second transmission from worlds beyond and within. Scheduled to appear on the planet on May 8th, once again via Svart Records, the album is self-titled and it will be available on CD, double-vinyl, and digital. "Mystagogue" hails from this second full-length transmission, and can be heard exclusively HERE, courtesy of

Domovoyd's eponymous 60-minute behemoth pays tribute to progressive rock masterpieces of yesteryear in the sense that it is, for lack of a better word, a concept album: storytelling and mythmaking in the works, if you will, but distilled through an overdriven stack of amplifiers. The album's six tracks deal with inner discovery of the psychedelic kind and, ultimately, with the loss and destruction of all conceptions of self and the world; old ego is a too-much thing, as Charlie Manson once said. For those who are looking for a quick fix while waiting for the album to hit, Domovoyd have prepared a shorter version of the album's opening track "Domovoyage" HERE. Ease on out of your mind with Domovoyd! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Kesä's Kesä
1. Domovoyage
2. Ambrosian Perfume
3. Caustic Afterglow
4. Mystagogue
5. Amor Fati
6. Vivid Insanity


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Seremonia premiere first track off new Svart album

Today, Finnish heavy psych rockers Seremonia premiere the new track "Vapauden polku" at slow 'n' low authority Diving deeper than ever into the dark psychedelic abyss, the track hails from Seremonia's forthcoming third album Kristalliarkki, set for international release on May 8th via Svart Records. With lyrics (still all in their native tongue) revolving around the spiritual cult practices and teachings of a mysterious doomsday cult, Kristalliarkki (English: "The Crystal Ark") also explores the cultist mindset musically. The heavy riffing, the psychedelic solos, the out-of-control drum fills, the blood-chilling vocal delivery, and the collective free rock freak-outs all go way beyond just playing good ol' heavy rock: Seremonia is a band on a sacred mission, possessed by the black flame of rock 'n' roll. Kristalliarkki bears their trademark garage doom sound and catchy riffage, and adds an abundance of acid rock experimentalism, proto-punk anger, sacred music bliss, and even some cosmic jazz flavors in the 15-minute title track of the album. It's a hard-rocking hard rock record, but a wonderfully weird one - even by Seremonia's weirdo standards. Hear the first psychedelic fruit exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Seremonia's Kristalliarkki
1. Vihkimys
2. Alfa ja Omega
3. Tee mitä tahdot
4. Musta liekki
5. Lusiferin lapset
6. Vapauden polku
7. Kuolema voittaa
8. Jokainen askel
9. Kristalliarkki I
10. Kristalliarkki II

Seremonia is a five-piece band from Finland, playing heavy psychedelic rock and singing in their native language, Finnish. Their eponymous debut album was released by Svart Records in 2012 and received critical acclaim across the world. Since then, the band has played their creepy brand of psych rock in very different venues, be it small punk rock dives or bigger festivals like Finland's Tuska, Denmark's Heavy Days in Doomtown, Sweden's Muskelrock, or Holland's Roadburn. Both on acclaimed albums and ferocious live shows, Seremonia's original take on the genre has earned them a good name amongst the global community of psych rock lovers.

Seremonia discography:
Rock'n'rollin maailma / Nämä kesäiset päivät 7" (2012 Svart)
Seremonia LP/CD (2012 Svart)
Ovi / Vastaus rukouksiisi 7" (2013 Svart)
Ihminen LP/CD (2013 Svart)
Hasiskultti / Hulluus 7” (2015 Svart)
Kristalliarkki LP/CD (2015 Svart)

KING PARROT premiere new video "Home Is Where The Gutter Is"

Australian thrash/grind/punk rockers, KING PARROT, are premiering a brand new video to the track "Home Is Where The Gutter Is", taken from their highly anticipated new album "Dead Set"! Watch the video via the following magazines, in accordance with your location:

Metal Hammer (Germany)

Metal Hammer (Greece)

Magazyn Gitarzysta (Poland)

Crank It Up (Sweden)

VS Webzine (France)

Metal Italia (Italy)

Marast Music (Czech Republic)

Ashladan (Belgium)

Lords Of Metal (Netherlands)

Eternal Terror (Norway)

Andfari (Iceland)

Metal Wani (India)

"Dead Set" will be released on May 15th in Europe via Agonia Records (May 19th in North America via Housecore Records and May 15th in Australia via Rocket/EVP).

2015 is already starting to take shape for KING PARROT. The band has been nominated for a Metal Hammer (UK) Golden God Award in the Best New Band category, while the upcoming new album "Dead Set" has been featured amongst Loudwire's list of most anticipated May releases. Moreover, a new European tour will be announced soon!

"Dead Set" was produced by Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down) in his Nodferatu’s Lair Studio (Down, Eyehategod, Superjoint Ritual). Anselmo also stars in the video for "Like A Rat", the first track released from the new album (which can be watched here) and firmly gives them the seal of approval, saying: "King Parrot are a fine body of fellows, and it is our absolute pleasure to be working with these assaulting-yet-charming devils. Their best years are ahead of them!"

"Dead Set" will be available in Europe in:
- slipcase CD,
- 12" black vinyl with insert and poster,
- 12" clear vinyl  with insert and poster (limited to 100 hand-numbered copies),
- 12" picture disc with insert nad poster (limited to 200 hand-numbered copies),
- digital formats.

Physical pre-orders are available via the following links:

Digital pre-orders:

Mr. White - Guitars
Squiz - Guitars
Slatts - Bass
Toddy - Drums
Youngy - Vocals

"Like A Rat" video:

KING PARROT on-line:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

MONSTERWORKS Tracking New Album at Rockfield Studios in Wales

Hot the heels of recently released The Existential Codex, London's MONSTERWORKS hit the studio this week to record the follow-up. The band is tracking at Rockfield Studios in Wales. Guitarist/vocalist Jon offered this studio update:

"Here we are in Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire.  This is exciting for the band and me personally because some of the greatest acts in rock and metal have recorded here, like my all-time favourite album, Judas Priest's Sad Wings of Destiny; not to mention Queen (various parts off Sheer Heart Attack and A Night at the Opera) and Black Sabbath with Dio (including swan song The Devil You Know).  More recently Opeth recorded Pale Communion here which is hailed as a sonic masterpiece ....and although we can't quite afford their full production team, we'll do our best to come up with a dynamic album that sounds amazing by channelling some of the Rockfield magic!

It is day three and all drums, bass and half the rhythm guitars are down.  Vocals will be later today and tomorrow...where I will stand in the same room as Halford when he belted out 'The Ripper' nearly 40 years ago.  Thanks to our engineer Tim Lewis for a really smooth ride so far."

The Existential Codex was released February 27 on Eat Lead & Die Music.  The six-track digital version is available as a free download . The 73-minute CD comes with bonus tracks, as well as Blu-Ray of 5.1 Surround and HD stereo mixes on the UK group's Bandcamp page. Another in a long line of super metal masterpieces, The Existential Codex is also available for purchase at

Track List:
Higgs Field
Ripple Effect
Hallowed Script *
The Uncertainty Principle *
Moment of Death *
Vision by the Inward Eye *
Noble Lie *
Temple of Distortion
Tapping the Void
The Ride
...of Existence *

* bonus tracks on CD/5.1 Surround Disc

"The Existential Codex has album of the Year-esque potential" 

"The Existential Codex is the perfect musical journey for lovers of experimentation within extreme metal." 8.5/10 - Queens of Steel

"Few bands push metal's boundaries quite as far as the prolific Monsterworks.
 - Rush on Rock

DEATHBLOW's 'The Other Side of Darkness' Out Now and Streaming

The Other Side of Darkness from Salt Lake City Thrashers DEATHBLOW 
is out today! Stream the EP in its entirety at this location.

.The sophomore release continues the scorched earth campaign launched with 2014 debut full-length Prognosis Negative, upping the intensity level, sharpening the songwriting, and leaving any fan of true blue Thrash Metal in a state of pure bliss.

The Other Side of Darkness was recorded by Andy Peterson and DEATHBLOW. Peterson also handled mixing and mastering duties. Cover art comes courtesy of Andreas Marschall. The Other Side of Darkness is without question recommended for fans of KREATOR, SODOM, VOIVOD, and DESTRUCTION. 

1. Beyond Obsession
2. Means To An End
3. The Other Side Of Darkness
4. Headless Throne
5. Death Wish

"This isn't cookie-cutter thrash. This is a creative band with the technical flash to match their brain-twisting compositional skill." 
- No Clean Singing

"Totally raw, gritty, nasty, thrash that hits you right in the gut."
 - That Metal Station

 "Here's a band that unapologetically writes thrash songs that play to the rawness of the early years of the style ."
- Sea of Tranquility
Photo by: Brock Grossl

Friday, May 1, 2015

Aelter stream new Pesanta Urfolk album at

Today, cinematic doom/Western-noir troupe Aelter stream the entirety of their highly anticipated fourth albumAelter IV: Love Eternal - out now on via Pesanta Urfolk - at heavily trafficked web-portal HammerSmashedSound.comAelter is one of several side-projects to emerge from the Wolvserpent camp, and uniquely known for a cinematically dreary dreamscape of doom-inspired darkness. Over the course of three albums, Aelter has steadily evolved from the minimal, wide-open expanses of sound -  found on 2009's debut Dusk Dawn and 2010's Aelter II: Follow You Beloved (collected together by Crucial Blast in 2011) - to the strange ambient-influenced slowcore first suggested by 2011's critically acclaimed Aelter III and now reaching its fullest fruition on Aelter IV. With bewitching ease, Aelter IV has fully embraced a shadow-cast landscape of gothic Western folk music and hypnotic darkwave pop - but "gothic" in the literary sense, and "pop" stripped of any chart aspirations. It's a sublime and slowly unfolding experience, moving further away from fuzzed-out guitars and into the melancholic melodies of songwriter noir. References to be made number later Swans, Red House Painters, Lycia, Crime and the City Solution, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' more reined-in work, but Aelter's acute attention to texture and tension place this current incarnation into a league of its own. By the album's cathartic end, Aelter IV: Love Eternal emerges as a hauntingly atmospheric and crushing piece of dark romantic Americana. Hear all of Aelter's intoxicating spells exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows: 

Tracklisting for Aelter's Aelter IV: Love Eternal
1. Intro
2. Death Eternal
3. Love Eternal
4. Life Eternal
5. Hope Eternal
Order info for Aelter's IV: Love Eternal can be found HERE.

NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS' 'The Child Must Die' Out Now and Streaming

U.S. Black Metallers NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS have released The Child Must Die on Infernal Kommando Records. Stream the album in its entirety, courtesy of Gunshy Assassin, at this location.

The band has also released a video for the title track, which can be viewed here.

The music and art of The Child Must Die are based on the Finnish national epic The Kalevala (poetic Book with a Collection of Myths and Legends that occupies a prominent Place in the Finnish Identity), with most songs adapted directly from passages from the text. Stylistically, this is Finnish/U.S. atmospheric Black Metal with a concept based on the Kalevala. It is epic, melodic, aggressive and personal at once! 

The album comes as a six-panel digipack, limited to 500 copies. Purchase The Child Must Die on Bandcamp or through Infernal Kommando

1. Wondrous Sampo
2. The Child Must Die
3. Let Them Perish
4. Feast of the North Farm
5. Amidst the Waves
6. Vainamoinen
7. The Night She Died

Forged out of the icy wilderness of the north, this beast of Helsinki/Philadelphia composes odes of cold subsonics and frigid atmospheres. Inspired by founder Mika Mage's Finnish heritage, the band showcases Ambient Black Metal visuals and atmospheres. Cold, grim, and strangely uplifting, Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus are masters of melancholy.

Mika Mage (Lawrence's Creation) - guitar, bass, composer
Joel Robert Thompson (Omelas) - vocals

Guest Members:
Lawrence Wallace (Shadows in the Crypt, Lawrence's Creation, Serpent ov Old) - keys
Kol Slavv (ex-Black Crown Initiate, ex-Single Bullet Theory, ex-Aborted Existence) - drums

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