A Fistful Of Questions With Rob Martin From RRRags

     Vocalist.  Drummer. Pianist.  This edition of Fistful of Questions goes out to Rob Martin from sonic explorers RRRags. 


What is your full name?


Rob Martin


Do you have any aliases?


Not that I know of!


If you had an alias what might it be?


Kirk Van Diggelstein


What bands are you actively involved with?


Apart from Rrrags, I’m also in blackened speed metal ensemble Bütcher, since recently. Also working on a black metal project, but we haven’t named it yet.


What was the first instrument that you played?




Tell me about one of your first musical memories?


I pretty much grew up in my grandfather’s music store, there were guitars and pianos and music all around. I remember playing Silent Night with my two index fingers, when I was about five, after which my granddad decided it was time for piano lessons - which I hated at the time.


What was the name of the first band you were in?

TOFU - and only one of us was a vegetarian.


Tell me about the genesis of RRRAGS.


Ron and I had been talking about starting a three-piece band, and so had he and Rob Zim. We all knew each other through our common friend and manager Bidi, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Anyhow, we all got together for a jam, and decided to record as soon as possible. Four months later we recorded our self-titled album and we were invited to play at Roadburn - only eight months after our first jam session.


What inspired the name RRRAGS?


Well, we were just brainstorming for names, since we were about to be announced for Roadburn. It was hard to ignore the fact that our names are Rob, Rob and Ron and so one thing led to another.


How long did it take you to write and record Mundi?


We first started experimenting with new ideas in, I guess, the end of the year 2020. This was mid-lockdown so there was no pressure or hurry. We finished the final mixes one year ago, so I guess the whole process took little over two years.


If you could insert yourself into any one band what band would it be and why?


It would be a band with only cool people, who only like cool music.


Have you ever heard a song and immediately wished you had written it? If so... What was the song and artist?


Back in the day, whenever I’d complain about some popular song I didn’t like, my drum teacher would always respond with the words: “I wish I wrote it”. So whenever I hear a very popular song that I hate, his words immediately resound in my head.


Do you have any non-metal/rock musical inspirations?


Absolutely. I’ve been listening to Miles Davis a lot lately. Nefertiti is my favourite. My drum teacher back in the day was a jazz drummer, so the influence was always there. Another favorite of recent times is British psychedelic jazz/funk/trip hop ensemble the Heliocentrics. And Stravinsky!


What’s a pop song that you'd like to do a cover of?

Sorry, I thought about this for a while but I’m not finding anything. If I did, maybe I’d keep it to myself.


What band have you played with that has really impressed you with their live show?

We played with Ecstatic Vision just a few months ago and really loved their energy!


Do you have a favorite venue to play at?


Vera in Groningen is definitely a winner, and it’s been too long since I was there.


Do you have a pre-show ritual?


Not really. Just avoiding people so I won’t chatter too much. Saving my voice, basically.


What is your favorite thing about touring?


Playing every night.


What is your least favorite thing about touring?


It can be hard to get enough sleep.


Is there a city that you love to hit while on tour?


I always got great vibes in Berlin.


What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had on the road?


There’s been a few shenanigans, of course, but I can’t recall anything particularly weird as such.


The year is 1996. Where are you at and what are you listening to?


I’d been obsessed by Queen since 1992, so that was still a go-to band. I was also having a bit of a blues phase: I’d record a weekly radio show called “Blues Town” on cassette tapes, and listen to Clapton’s album “From The Cradle” (I still know every word and guitar solo by heart). This must also have been the year I discovered Pink Floyd’s “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”, coinciding with my first weed experiences. And I must have been on the verge of discovering My Dying Bride, which was the first metal band I got into.


What advice would you give young musicians that are just starting out in the music business?


No idea man, I don’t really believe in any fit-for-all advice.


What is an absolute band killer?

Bad social dynamics. Same goes for any kind of social activity, from friendships to professional environments.


Have you ever recorded a song that you really didn’t like, but somebody else in the band really did?




If you were to start your own music festival what would be the name of that festival and who would be the three headlining bands?


Let’s see...it would have to be psychedelic and fun, so maybe somewhat space rock oriented...I’m going with bands that are still active, or at least alive. So how about this:

Slift, Circle (Finland) and Uran GBG. I’ll call it: The Great Gig In The Sky, if it’s not already taken.


What’s the longest time you’ve gone without bathing?


Could be months, I much prefer showers!


What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?


Most people don’t know what I’ll be thinking about in five seconds!


Is the Fistful of DOOM show in the top 10 of your favorite music podcasts?


Listening for the first time right now and yeah, this is definitely top 10 material!


Do unicorns sleep standing up?


Of course not!


Give me three albums that I should listen to immediately, if not sooner.


Dual Myths (Mainliner)

Noč Na Krayu Sveta (夢遊病者)

VVorldVVithoutEnd (Katharsis)


You’re driving cross-country and you can only listen to one album the whole time. What album will it be?


Hm, it would have to be a fairly long album, preferably no catchy vocals or anything...Tab by Monster Magnet would be a good one!

You are writing a book about your life thus far. What is the title of that book?


“Note To Self”


What is your favorite song by Taylor Swift?


No idea, I don’t even know enough about her to give you a funny answer.


Slipknot or Rammstein (if you had to choose)?




Doobies or Boobies (if you had to pick one)?


Rather one doobie than one boobie.


Waffles or Pancakes (if you had to pick one)?


Rather one waffle than one pancake.


Star Wars or Star Trek (if you had to choose)?


Star Trek, original series! I already know Star Wars way too well.


Favorite band t-shirt you own?


I love shirts with just one cool logo, so it would either be Aluk Todolo or Magma. Both French, go figure!


Favorite meal?


Tough one. I’ll go with brownies!


Favorite book?


Probably “House Of Suns” by Alastair Reynolds.


Favorite movie?


Eraserhead is the first one that comes to mind.


Favorite album?

That’s the forbidden question! You’re lucky I won’t report you.


Favorite video game?


I used to game a lot when I was a kid, and the last game I ever finished was the original Resident Evil, on Playstation. I loved that game, but it took so much time and energy that I actually decided to retire after that. I must have been fifteen or sixteen. After that, I’d still play a few rounds of Mortal Kombat Trilogy with friends, but that was it.  So I’ll go with Resident Evil for playing solo, and Mortal Kombat Trilogy for playing socially!


Favorite Professional Wrestler?


Absolutely no idea!


     Huge thanks to Rob for taking the time to answer my questions.  I appreciate you doing so.  The rest of you should click on the link so generously provided below and enthusiastically wrap your ears around the delightful sonic listening experience that is RRRags latest release Mundi.  You can thank me later!


~El Pedo Caliente (aka Uncle Jameson from the Fistful of DOOM show)