Saturday, November 17, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 083

Bonanza is back after a bit of a hiatus due to mostly just laziness. Can’t make any excuses. The good thing is the listening itself did not really slow down so we have some catching up to do. Check out another round of 10 blistering records.

Lady Lizard – Lady Lizard
I don't always go ape shit over sludge metal, but the groove Lady Lizard carves with its serrated vocals, crushing riffs, and mind bending psych, holds a commanding edge and wins my album of the day award. 10-11-18

Lady Killer – Champaigne & Cocaine
Lady Killer kill it with a balls-to-the-wall output of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The Sleaze-driven hooks flash like backstage titties at a KISS concert polished with inebriated love ballads flowing like your Friday night fantasies of Champaign and cocaine.

White Coven – Overseas
This album will grow on you as it has for me. The songwriting is impeccable. Flawless elements of Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock and an overall orchestration of groovy chops. This is meant for vinyl, and someday it will be mine. That closing track is crammed with lustful prog and epic harmony. Oh my.Favorite track: Overseas.

Grand Reunion – In The Station
The rock and roll flavors are immersed in psychedelic fuzz, drenched in southern comfort and hopped up with heavy hitting hooks. In The Station gets better with each listen and one to keep your ears on. Countless influences including Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, Graveyard, Blues Pills, and Grand Funk Railroad combine to create a uniquely heavy album with modern underground appeal.

Bitter Roots – JiLO
Allman Brothers riffage in the spirit of Skynyrd laid on thick with soulful backing vox and just the right amount of keys. This is special folks. Gimme this on vinyl please. Favorite track: Easy Wind.

Dirty Streets – Distractions
I love when I’m distracted by heavy blues infused southern sounds. Nobody does it better than the Dirty Streets and the new one carries on their psychedelic brand of smooth, groove-lit southern blues with traces of garagy punk, precision riffage, dynamite rhythm topped off with infectiously gusty vocals. Favorite track: Death's Creep.

Gods & Punks – Ceremony of Damnation Pt. 2
Part 2 sees the Brazilian power house 5-piece grinding out 3 more epic tracks of South American Doom. The Sabbath of the South strike again with another trippy excursion of riff mastery.

BEiTTHEMEANS – Alabama Calling
I don't know why there isn't more support for this one on here? Beitthemeans has toured with the mighty ASG across the south, where they're obviously rooted. The down home rocking grooves deliver with precision twang and harmonious glee. Great guitar skills and catchy licks through and through. Dig it.

Winchester – Alligator
Winchester come cocked and loaded with of magnum riffs and buck shot blues. The sweet southern twang warms the double barreled garage-tinged groove and raspy vocals serenade with a soft Spanish swagger.

Manthrass – Mapa Estelar
Hector nailed it. This album is a journey through a broad range of heavy musical elements including heavy blues, stoner/psychedelia, metal and jam-based rock n roll. Overall this is a beast of an album.

Jamestown Pagans – Grimoire Volume I
This is quite good indeed. Megan is known for her high intensity drumming, which is on display to no surprise. What sets this apart is the creepy, and obscure combination of keys and vocals in the duo’s mix that works to its advantage. Not something you hear every day but something you will be fantasizing about in future days. Kind of a modern spin of The Doors meets Queens of the Stone Age.

-The Huntsman

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