Monday, October 16, 2017

The Xroadie Files

A Devils Den – One Hallucination Under God
David Lines – Guitar/Keyboards, Thomas Chollet – Bass, Dom Salameh – Drums

Eternal Now takes you on a trip back to the psychedelic 60’s of Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues just sit back close your eyes and trip along.  Brave New World is more late 60s hippy rock with lots of fuss and reverb.  Nearly Normal has a very Beatles meets the Amboy Dukes feel to the music.  Home continues the trippy hippy festival of sounds.  Who You Are starts with a very David Bowie Ziggy Stardust era sound slow and melodic then builds slowly very psychedelic at the end.  Where Do We Go has excellent acoustic guitar with bass that moves in and then the drums it has the feel of some of the early Uriah Heep progressive stuff.  One Hallucination Under God mixes King Crimson ELP and the Beatles in a strange and excellent sound.  Sea Of Time builds slowly with acoustic guitar and very psychedelic vocals then some very excellent guitar work.  Evolution ends the album with a Yes meets the Beatles song.

Archons -  Lords of Light And Thunder
Scott Driscoll – Drums, Chad Hartgrave – Bass/Vocals, Jeff Haynes – Guitar/ Vocals

Galaxians lots of feedback then a bass that grabs you by the throat and an excellent guitar riff with a very strange sound is what this song is all about with lots of tempo changes.  Red Lotus sci fi sounds shift into a heavy fast riff and rough vocals.  Red Shift Demons more feedback then a slow plodding Sabbath sound that slowly grows and punches you in the face.  Transmission lost in space and time then a riff from hell that plays till the end.  Dr Pain is just in your face gruff metal that continues to just kick you in the teeth and never let up.  Mysterians strange and trippy sounds slowly build with gruff vocals and heavy guitar riffs.  Kid Nitro kicks in from the very start with a punk meets metal feel.  Creature ends the album with a Sabbath style of riff and more rough stoner rock vocals.

Billy Boy In Poison – Invoker
Hjalte- Vocals, Alex – Guitar, Mikkel – Guitar, Niclas – Drums,  Troels – Bass

Absolution is just straight ahead in your face death metal that pounds you into the ground.  Iron Grip continues the onslaught of fierce death metal that just continues to pummel you.  Divided State Of Mind is a moshing fans favorite I bet the pit gets crazy.  Morcar has a slower Sabbath style of bass intro and solid beat that continues thru the song.  A Walk On Broken Bones is more of a mid-tempo crushing sound that kicks in and runs you over with its violence.  Exodus starts with acoustic guitar then a wall of sound hits you like a tidal wave.  Glaciers punches you in the face from the very first note.  Mara grabs you by the lower regions and just annihilates you.  Black Gold ends this sound festival of violence with another in your face shove down your throat musical journey.

Black Gremlin – The Fun Is Over
Cobra ChristoFory – Vocals/ Guitar, Narco Mainard – Bass, Mek Spazio – Guitar, Simple Matt – Drums

Refusing to Die is punk meets metal with some interesting sound.  Cobra Kai is sort of a 70s Hendrix sound with some excellent lead guitar that then kids back into a punk feel.  Vertical lips is a strange song with an interesting riff and vocals.  The Flame has a 60s feel that melds with punk and metal strange but good.  Parma Rock City continues the sounds of punk meets hard rock metal this song would be great for a pit.  Lone Wolf has a nwobhm feel to it with some interesting twists.  On The Steel Wings of Douchiness is a mix of Motorhead and punk.  Magnetic eyes is more of a Motorhead with punk vocals.  Not Like You has a great bass riff guitar intro that goes back and forth from metal to punk.  Party Crashers straight ahead riffs and punk like vocals with some excellent lead guitar.  Hangover Boy is fist in the air metal meets punk rock strange but it works.  Class of Nukem is more melodic at the start with duel lead guitars and an excellent bass along with some excellent drums and lead guitar work.


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