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Ripple Recommends – with Craneium

In November we started a new monthly feature, Ripple Recommends, on our Spotify channel. We’re letting a Ripple artist take over and put together a playlist with songs near and dear to them personally. Whether they are go-to songs for inspiration or classic tracks that give them a sense of nostalgia or new songs that they can’t get enough of, these are hand selected by the featured artist each month.

The first edition of Ripple Recommends featured the mighty Kent from Wo Fat, who’s archived playlist can be found @

December 2016’s edition of Ripple Recommends features a playlist put together by Craneium, from Turku, Finland, to coincide with their Ripple Music debut. “Explore the Void” was released digitally by the band in late 2015 and was immediately noticed by Ripple Music, putting into motion plans for production of CD and Vinyl for a proper worldwide release. The CD and Vinyl options (limited colored vinyl w/ a bonus 7” and standard black vinyl) as well as the digital re-release will go up for public consumption on Saturday December 10th, 2016. Pick up a copy @ or

About their playlist, the band says, “These are some tracks and artists that have inspired and keep inspiring us. Some favorite bands and tracks, a couple of friends bands and a little bit of everything from mellow and haunted old blues to the chugga chugga death n' roll of Entombed. Instead of listing classics, (we could include Sleep, Electric Wizard, Kyuss), we’d rather show you some really great music from the people we've met and played with. Below you can read our description of each track regarding why it was included on the playlist. We hope you'll find a couple of new tunes and bands while listening to this!
All the Best,
-          Andreas, Joel, Martin & Axel of Craneium”

Find their playlist on Spotify @ and read below for the bands thoughts on their picks.

We used to share a rehearsal room with these guys here in Turku. I think "Datzun" is a favorite song for all of us in the band. Local bands & friends inspire us, just goes to show what you can accomplice on your own without being a super big or famous band.

Skip James - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
I love old 30s blues, that eerie and haunting feel it has is inspiring. One of my favorite bluesmen is Skip James and I've always loved this song. Robert Johnson and Son House are also favorites, they got me into slide guitar. (Andreas)

Pink FloydDogs
Gilmour is one of my all time guitarheroes and Comfortably Numb is the best guitar solo ever. Period. Recently I've listened to the album Animals a lot and the solos on Dogs is just up there with Comfortably Numb. (Andreas)

Kingston Wall - For All Mankind
The best band from Finland ever (cult band over here)and a huge inspiration to me. They existed between the late 80s and early 90s. Sadly singer/guitarist/leader of the group, Petri Walli, killed himself in 1995. They put out 3 albums and I really, really recommend this band!!

MC5 - I Want You Right Now
They need no introduction. Kick Out The Jams is one of the most powerful songs ever written, but too obvious choice here though. Most of the guys in the band are into garage rock, The Hellacopters are housegods. I discovered MC5 through 'Copters.

Shrinebuilder - Pyramid Of The Moon
Been listening to this album a whole lotta times this year. This track is a favorite from it. (Andreas)

The Devil And The Almighty BluesDistance
Amongst the top 5 albums for me last year. Love the really heavy and bluesy feel going on at the same time. (Andreas)

Goatsnake - A Killing Blues
Top 5 album in 2015

Greenleaf - Trails & Passes
Greenleaf really found their sound with Arvid Jonsson on vocals and Tomi Holappa is a great guitarist. We saw them live in Turku not long ago and I've been listening to them non stop since.

Mother Kasabian - Strike Of The Emperor
These Swedes has got one of the most intense frontmen ever. We've played with them a couple of times and it's always a pleasure. Whenever we play Witchcoven and vocalist Gidon is around he's on stage with us screaming along from the top of his lungs.
Snowy Dunes - Tranquil Mountain Lake
All around great fellas to hang with, and watching them play is just pure joy. Love this track and looking forward to the next release. Also check out their 20min song Atlantis, psychelicious stuff!

Ordos - The Witch
When you hear this live it blows you off our feet! Great record, gloomy tracks and gorgeous riffery.

When you have a good riff and a good sound, you just need to play it for at least 8 minutes.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Over And Over Again
Just getting into stoner/fuzzrock when this album came out, had to listen to this track over and over and over again. (Andreas)

Budgie is a band i understood had a lot of influence on the old heavy scene, but didn't love them before i found this song by accident (Martin)

Baroness - Chlorine & Wine
John Baizley is the best songwriter since queen (Martin)

Silver Devil - Cactus Kicker
Great Swedish band we met at Kröckbacken Festival 2016. I want us to sound like this (Joel)

Crazy proud to call them friends. With utopian Swedish lyrics and tunes so heavy you almost throw up they are one of the best (Joel)

Gong - Magick Mother Invocation
I think this is the sound most freak-out/psych bands are going for today. Still remember the first time i heard the track, sent shivers down my spine. (Axel V.)

The perfect blend between my teenage crust/grind period and a sound that really hits you hard. (Axel V.)

Demonic Death Judge - Green Totem
An amazing track. Being a longtime fan of the band, it was awesome to be able to share the stage with them in Helsinki. (Axel V.)

Monolord - We will Burn
This is an awesome album with super riffs and mind bendingly heavy sound (Joel)

Clutch - Escape From the Prison Planet
The riff all bands wanna play. Super cool vox by Neil. (Axel V.)

Om - Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead
Cannot overstate the influence Al Cisneros has on my playing style and vox. (Axel V.)

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