Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unmothered - U M B R A EP

Attention waveriders!  Unmothered is here to break down the door to your metal-loving mind and wreck all of your stuff!  Some of you might remember that I reviewed their incredible self-titled EP back in December of 2014.  Here is a link for those of you that missed out and need to catch up.  Now where was I?  Oh yes, the new EP from the band entitled U M B R A.  The three songs on this release incorporate every righteous quality of Unmothered's haunt rock while expanding the group's musical boundaries beyond the event horizon.

We begin with the rather stately "Magnetar".  If I could describe this song in a manner which gave it a human quality, and I can, I would say that there is an air of pomposity about the track.  The massive riffs cascade down on the listener's ears while the excellent rhythm section holds the tempo in check.  "Magnetar" knows how much it rocks, and it's not going to be rushed!  Also, if you are familiar with Unmothered this is the song that most closely resembles their other material.  Outstanding!

"Huntress" is just flat out ridiculous!  The first twenty six seconds follow a fairly straightforward death metal template, but then the band floors the accelerator and kicks the engine into high gear.  What follows is an incredible, hard charging stoner metal section that is dripping with menace.  This song sounds like an irate Songs For The Deaf-era Queens Of The Stone Age exorcising multiple demons.  Brilliant!

"Scarp", the third and final track, has enough atmosphere to make an asteroid burn up upon penetrating its outermost layer.  The song begins in a rather pensive manner, building for the first forty five seconds to a bleak, black metal inspired soundscape.  Two minutes later the distortion and aggression abruptly fall away to reveal a lovely, melodic guitar/bass passage complemented by tastefully restrained drumming.  Not content with two unique passages in a single song, the band then channels their inner Mastodon and utilizes the last minute of the track to take one final crack at the listener's eardrums.  Phenomenal!

This EP is flat-out superb waveriders!  Unmothered for the win!  Grab your copy today!

- Penfold

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