Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ripple Library - "Honestly My Life And Stryper revealed" Michael Sweet

With Dave Rose and Doug Van Pelt
Big3 Records

    You get a strong sense that Michael Sweets new book is written from the heart. His relationship with God, family, and Stryper are revealed in surprisingly honest and candid ways. Michael has ADHD, suffered serious financial problems, and has seen the popularity of the once arena selling Stryper wane. But through it all he has found a renewed faith in God, even after his late wife’s passing. It is a life that you thought you knew. From the glossy highly produced albums to the incredible stage and arena performances, you would have thought that Stryper was on top of the world. They were. Then they were not.

   Michael reveals his life in the band and his family in stunning and spectacular detail.  No stone, however painful, is left unturned. He is a professional through and through. His music is a reflection of the man who values faith and love. You cannot help but hear his soul in all he has produced. Even during the dark times. And there were many dark times. The loss of his wife is especially sad, and he shares with the reader, one of the hardest and personal things anyone should ever face. We are there with him as she takes her last breath. There is a beauty in his emotions, as they spill across the pages like tears. Yet we sense something else.

Strength. His strength, through God to overcome adversity and heartbreak.

    Overall the book is a fantastic fun ride, on the roller coaster of memories, from the front man of two of rocks greatest bands. Both his time in Stryper and more recently Boston, reveal a man obsessed with perfecting his ideal of musical creation. You can feel the love he shares for his family, the music, and his fans. You feel the pride he has in what Stryper created and his renewed and sometimes painful attempt at the reunion. The book paints a picture of a man who can make mistakes and learn from them. The format of the writing fits perfectly with Michael’s brand of storytelling. Revealing behind the rock star curtain, a man of faith, family and love.

10/10horns up


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