Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Double Dose of Headshot; Featuring Death Hawks and Germ

Death Hawks - Death Hawks

So, the promo for this album talks about the band's "intense psychedlia" throwing out phrases like "in your face" etc. I don't hear that here. Not at all. That's a good thing. We live in a world inundated by bands who don't know how to chill out. Death Hawks do, it's wonderful.
This is a longish album for 7 tracks, but it's a good album to get a buzz going to. Trippy, yes. Intense, maybe. Heavy, in your face? Nah.
The sounds are actually pretty folksy, it's like Tool meets Iron and Wine, in a sense. By Tool, I'm of course talking about the long tribal compositions and chants that permeate the fabric of this journey. That's what this album is, a journey. Get it, drop out.

Germ - Grief

Oh, boy. Black metal. I hate black metal, it's cheesy and usually borin...say, this is, woah, this is good music.
This album may have actually changed my opinion on black metal (though the jury is still out, thanks to Fadades [embed this link plz in fadades])
Ok, so it's not "technically" black metal, but it relies heavily on the style.
The compositions are AMAZING. I can't even really explain how this made me feel. Still, the wispy BM cliche vocals that happen on this album come off as corny to me at times, but really I think they fit. I almost think the cheesiness is intended too, but that might be my bias toward this amazing record.
I've only given it a couple listens, this album deserves a more thorough review, but this gets my point across, which is this: if you have any sense of self worth, you will listen to this album.


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