Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; IV by Sasquatch

"A decade is a significant length of time by any measure, whether you’re talking about accelerating divorce rates or playing in a rock and roll band. Add to that the fast-paced changes initiated by technology and a decade can feel like a lifetime – or, in the case of Los Angeles rockers Sasquatch, a turbulent yet accomplished career.

More importantly though, this career-establishing trilogy managed to seduce consumers and critics: beginning with the debut’s roaring-down-the-highway riffs, hypnotic grooves and occasional forays into southern rock; continuing with the sophomore LP’s increasingly focused, hook-laden hard rock classicism (standout “Barrel of a Gun” lacked only payola to become a massive radio hit); and culminating in the third album’s heightened states of fuzz-distortion and earth-rumbling power chords, capable of reducing Marshall stacks to so much plastic pudding."

Well it's here. Today is the day the Small Stone Records officially releases IV by Sasquatch to the rock hungry public. Well worth the wait from 2010's III. II has been my favorite album by this band for a long time but the more I listen to IV, I think I'm finally beginning to forget about II. IV has it all for me. Big sounding songs, great written lyrics, riffs that get stuck in your head (listen to "Sweet Lady") and overall, a great album from the opening note, to the last. It is the complete package. There's isn't anything I could find wrong with it. It is flawless. 2013 has turned out to be a monster year for new and great music. Ever since Clutch released Earth Rocker, I was sure that would be my top album of the year. Not so much now. I'm as addicted and mesmerized by IV. If you like heavy classic rock, stoner rock or just like good music (not radio crap), this is the album you need. Vinyl freaks will be glad to know that early next year this will drop on wax.

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