Teenage China - Forth

Teenage China, a post-hardcore band out of the Scottish central belt, debuts its first EP called Forth.  It opens strongly, with guitar riffs that shred like any metal band.  However, it  is also joined by some of the most gorgeous clean vocals I’ve ever heard.   Ged Cartwright’s vocals send these songs into soaring anthems that are infectious and beautiful. 

The guitar work is a brilliant tapestry.  They have combined elements of noise, shred, lead, and punk to weave an incredible and unpredictable musical easel for Cartwright to paint his beautiful vocals on.  The rhythm section is tight.  They mostly stay in the background and provide a nice, clean rhythmical back drop.
These songs are structured and controlled.  They’re intelligently thought out.  I get a hint of Protest the Hero with these guys.  They’re younger, and not as complex, but it’s there.  With continued work, they could reach that level.  My biggest complaint is that it’s only three songs.  But that’s hardly a complaint… that’s just me wanting more. 

As the album ends, they break out a choir.  It’s beautiful and stunning.  You can tell they’ve worked hard on this.  I can’t wait to hear more from this amazing band. 

--The Professor