Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New YEAR OF THE COBRA is here! And so is... Bill Ward?!?!

"It's the best stuff we've written so far," says bassist/vocalist Amy Tung of the material on Year of the Cobra's adventurous new Billy Anderson-produced EP, Burn Your Dead.

"We had just gotten back from tour and had some ideas floating around, and they all came together really quickly and easily. Magnetic Eye Records had asked us to contribute to their upcoming Pink Floyd Redux project, so we thought that since we'd be in the studio, we'd record the new songs and put them out.  With two Floyd songs and the five songs for the EP, we essentially recorded an album of work in six days, and we think it's our best stuff to date."

Hitting stores (online and regular) as of today, the new record gets the premier treatment via uber-selective heavy music outlet Noisey, who offer this assessment of Burn Your Dead:

"As it scales through guttural riffs, industrial-strength beats, and mysterious lyrics, things only gets more compelling along the way.  The band's core still lies in a hybrid of doom, desert rock, and punk, but here it steps up its game with new twists and experimentation."

Having just completed a multi-week tour to bring the new tunes to their fans, the band arrived home to learn that their Seattle EP release party gig was juxtaposed with a show featuring none other than the new band of Bill Ward.  Yeah.  That Bill Ward.

It's complicated, but the simple explanation is that Portland's Witch Mountain had agreed to play Year of the Cobra's EP release show, but then a tour between Witch Mountain and Ward's band Day of Errors came together.  Witch Mountain and Day of Errors share a booking agent, who wisely saw no need to re-route anything when Year of the Cobra's infectious, sultry power was a perfect match for both bands.

And just like that, only a couple years into a fast-accelerating career, the rising young duo from Seattle will be sharing an evening and a stage with one of metal's founding fathers.  Not a bad way to commemorate the release of your new record.

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