The Xroadie Files

WILLIAM SHATNER - Where Will The Animals Sleep? – Songs For Kids And Other Living Things!

William Shatner- Vocals, Dan Miller- Guitars, Robert Sharenow -Novelist


Elephants And Termites just clap sing and groove. Oh My Honeyguide is a very catchy tune. 7000 Miles On A Non-Stop Flight a countrified tune that envelops your senses. Barnacle Bill The Sailor close your eyes and dream. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp drifting on a sea of melodies. Mushrooms Talk To Trees just let the emotions pull you in. Where Would The Animals Sleep? Just take a trip back in time. Aphids And Ants clap and just flow with the music and vocals. I’m A Coral See In The Coral Sea catchy tune that takes you away. The Rhino’s Guard clap tap your feet and d groove away. Why Do We Bug You one interesting tune. Secret Agent Whale snapping your fingers and letting the imaginations pull you in. Birdsong Symphony just keeping the kids happy with many imaginations.



Femme Fatale- Demos + Live

Lorraine Lewis- Vocals, Bill D’Angelo- Guitar, Mazzy Rawd- Guitar/Keyboard, Rick Rael- Bass, Bobby Murray- Drums


(Live In Normal, IL, 1988) Fortune and Fame will have the crowd n its feet rocking from the very fist note fist pump head bang and chant along. My Baby's Gun is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Touch and Go powerful vocals pounding drums thumping bass and screaming leads that pull you in. Back In Your Arms Again get out the air guitars and rock till you drop. Rebel the emotions will send shivers down your spine. Cradles Rockin' thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs powerful vocals and scorching leads. Falling In And Out Of Love is a very catchy rune that will take you back in time when things were much simpler. Waiting For The Big One will have you rocking and leave a smile on your face as you sing shout and just let loose. Also Lorraine is great at getting the crowd involved and shouting and singing back and forth with her one amazing show Demos - Chains thundering drums thumping bass amazing vocals ans screaming guitars. Heat The Fire powerful emotions just envelop your very senses. Falling In And Out Of Love slowly pulls you into your imaginations and memories. Rebel close your eyes and let the emotions send shivers down your spine. Fortune and Fame fist pump head bang play air guitar and just rock all night long. Its A Long Way To The Top one excellent rocking version of the AC/DC classic.



Aussichtslos - Schicksalstotschlag

Norsk – Vocals/Guitar, Garst – Guitar/Bass, Kartharziss - Drums/Keys


Am hohen Ross scream shout and just get hammered with aggression. Verwoben hit the pit slam sweat and get pulled into dementia. Im Schützengraben lost in despair and madness. Brachland the pits of hell open and demons devour all. Schicksalstotschlag darkness envelops the earth as it pulls you into darkness. Infektion shred you into small pieces. Ein Stück the depths of hell open and pull you in kicking and screaming. Gotteswahn fist pump head band and just let loose. Hochverrat the depths of dark imaginations envelops your very being.



THE GHOST NEXT DOOR – Classic Songs of Death And Dismemberment

Gary Wendt – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/Programming, Aaron Asghari – Guitar, Noah Whitfield – Bass, Naiya Cominos- Bass


Asleep At The Wheel clap sway groove and just let the emotions envelop your senses. It Takes a Village lost in the depths of strange dreams. Diatribe fist pump head bang and rock all night long. DK take one strange musical mind trip. Nothing Then Nothing Again slow slithering doom metal magic The Hit That Hits Back just let the emotions pull you in as it drifts away. Atlas close your eyes and let imaginations pull you into darkness. Static sway groove and chant. First Person Shooter lost in dreams and memories. I Am The Monster crunchy riffs solid rhythms with strong vocals. Epitaph just flow with the emotions. The Dividing Line pounding drums thumping bass with crunchy riffs and emotional vocals. Wax and Wane darkness envelops your dreams.



Gnarwhal - Altered States

Mark Kilbride – Vocals Benji Straker – Guitar / Vocals, Jeremy Straker – Bass / Vocals, Layne Rybchinski – Drums / Vocals


Tides crunchy riffs thundering bass pounding drums and powerful vocals that pull you into dark dreams, The War / Nothing More lost in the depths of madness and dark imaginations. From Her Hands crunchy guitars pounding drums thumping bass and interesting vocals. Altered States one strange musical mind trip thru the depths of your imagination.