HEBI KATANA: Tokyo Based DOOM/STONER Band Releases New Album "III" on Vinyl August 28th via THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS.

Listen to the Album in its Entirety RIGHT HERE. Preordes Posted HERE.


Doom Charts #7  / "Whether “III” is the album that propels HEBI KATANA from being just an interesting Japanese band to one reaping the same levels of international acceptance that their fellow countrymen Boris and Church of Misery currently enjoy remains to be seen but given the depth of diversity and musicianship shown on this album it would be a real shame if it didn’t." Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist)


"Hebi Katana are a band who have true CULT APPEAL within the Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene and will no doubt grow their fanbase even further with a great album such as this. III is the real deal and Hebi Katana should be proud of themselves." Steve Howe (Outlaws Of The Sun)

The classic doom riff and mellow and dark melody reminiscent of THE OBSESSED and TROUBLE have become a hot topic mainly overseas. Both works have been released on CD/LP/cassette by domestic and international labels. Their dark yet melodious doom sound attracted attention, especially among doom/stoner enthusiasts around the world.


This work, which is the third album, maintains the classic doom/hard rock sound that has been created up to now, but it also has a strong jam feeling honed through expeditions including overseas tours, and the band ensemble is truly impressive. It is a work of art. Coupled with member changes, the content gives a sense of significant growth and progress. In addition, the songs created through collaboration with seasoned live acts have a more vivid finish. Through songwriting that involves everyone’s participation, each band’s colors and characters are strongly reflected, and it can be said that the band is exploring a unique sound based on the doom/stoner sound.


“Hallelujah Anyway” is a straightforward attack with a classic heavy riff and mellow chorus, “Depressed Blues” is a combination of a mid-tempo heavy riff and dark vocals In the second half, “Darkest Priest” develops into a more doomy shuffle boogie, and “Lost” drifts from a dark arpeggio-driven melody to a heavy and sinking development, and the songs included are rich and fulfilling. The yellowtail is something to behold. The rapid advance of “Tokyo Samurai Doom” begins now!


Pressing Info: 300 copies (100 purple/black dot – 200 crystal clear wax)


Hebi Katana 3rd full-album “iii”


1.Hallelujah Anyway

2.The Debtor

3.Depressed Blues

4.No Sorrow

5.Pennsylvania Blood

6.The Hole

7.Darkest Priest




Nobu:Guitras, Vocals

Laven:Bass, Vocals

Goblin:Drums, Keyboard



Music by Hebi Katana

Lyrics by Nobu and Laven

Produced by Hebi Katana

Recorded & Mixed by Ryuhi Inari at Void)))Lab

Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura at PEACE MUSIC

Artwork by Doomolith