The Xroadie Files

Never Elected- Turbulent

Sujit Kumar - Vocals, Wesley Meyer - Drums, Dr. T – Bass, Altan Aydin - Guitar


All Rise sway groove chant and just let loose. Hate Breeds Hate is a very catchy tune that envelps your very being. It’s Over soft melodies sends shivers down your spine. So Damn Easy crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass and great vocals. Time lost in emotional memories. Stab Me thundering bas spounding drums crushing riffs and strong vocals. Voice Inside lost in emotional imaginations. Tolerence Broken fist pumping head banging grunge music. All My Life slam sweat and mosh till you drop. Death Complaint takes you on ons trange musicla mind trip. One Of These Days dark melodies envelps your senses.



Void Moon- Dreams Inside The Sun

Marcus Rosenkvist – Vocals/Drums, Peter Svensson – Bass/Guitar, Guest guitar solos- Martin Jepsen/ Andersen Kjetil Lynghaug


Rays Of Vindication crunchy riffs screaming leads pounding drums thumping bass and powerful vocals. Dreams Inside the Sun slow grooves scorching leads with solid rhythms and great vocals. Season Out Of Season is a very catchy tune that pulls you in. The Dreaming Spire takes you away into your imagination. Nadir close your eyes and dream. Broken Skies heavy grooves that just flows thu and around you with many emotions. East Of the Sun one strange musical mind trip. Still Dark dreams and emotions send shivers down your spine. The Wolf (At The End Of The World) doom metal magic that just has your imagination running wild.



Post Death Soundtrack- Veil Lifter

Stephen Moore- Vocals/Guitar, Jon Ireson- Bass/Guitar, Casey Lewis- Drums


On The Edge Of It All (Intro) lost in strange dreams. The Die Is Cast darkness and dementia envelops your senses. Killer of The Doubt fist pumping foot stomping metal music. Icy Underground lost in the depths of dark imaginations. Arjuna’s Hunting Hand is a crunchy catchy tune that pulls you in as you rock. Lowdown Animal slow grinding riffs thumping bass pounding drums and strong vocals. Tide Turns Red fist pump head n bang and just let loose. Burrowing Down the Spine thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and emotional vocals. Pin Prick fist pump foot stomp and mosh. Immovable lost in the depths of dark dreams. Hammer Come Down is a heavy groove that envelops your senses.



POOBAH - Burning In The Rain: An Anthology

Jim Gustafson - Vocals/Guitar, Lori Powers - Percussion, Mike Lewis – Bass, Mike Fortino – Drums


Burning In The Rain just sway groove and flow with the musical memories. C'mon Let It Go slow riffs thundering rhythms with great vocals and scorching leads. Maximum Pleasure grab you air guitar fist pump and sing along. My Name is Mud lost in the depths of imaginations. Try It is a catchy tune that sticks in your head. It Out psychedelic hard rock that takes you back to the 70s just enjoy. Fear slow grinding emotional doom music. Underground sway groove fit st pump and just let loose. Jump Through the Golden Ring bluesy doom metal magic. 2 Faced Liar grab your air guitars play scream shout and just let loose. Keep on Rollin' will have the crowd on its feet rocking all night long. You Give Me Such Pleasure scorching leads pounding drums thumping bass soaring vocals and catchy rhythms. Mr. Destroyer flow with the rhythms and just dance the night away. I Want Peace catchy riffs screaming guitars pounding drums thumping bass and strong vocals. Dirty is a catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Destination Or Debris slow bluesy metal with tons of emotion.



KING BASTARD – From Whence They Came

Mike Verni -Guitar, Arthur Erb -Bass/Vocals, Matt Ryan – Drums/Percussion


Knuckle Dragger lost in dark dreams and despair. The Invisible Landscape pulls you into madness. Astral Psyche thundering bass crushing riffs with eerie tones and textures. The Dawn of Man the dpths of hell open and demons devour all.