Sun Crow ★ Quest for Oblivion

A Blast From the Past...


This ripper was self-released via Bandcamp in the late 2020s, went straight to number one on Doom Charts  and received tons of praise and recognition in all reviews.


I have absolutely no idea how this happened back then, but I missed this stunning black and white swirl version released by Ripple Music in 2021.


Since then, this version has been high on my want list and now it's finally in my collection. Once again, a big thank you to Matthias Helmer


Stoner Doom with a heavy bluesy slant, epic riffs and outstanding vocals. 8 songs with a playing time of 70 minutes, which is a real rarity these days.


Above all, these 70 minutes don't have a single weakness, but rather every second is used to create an incredibly dense, dark and captivating doomy atmosphere.


For me it is already a modern classic that belongs in every collection!


👉🏻 Sun Crow 💀🤘🏻


-Helge Neumann