The Xroadie Files

Femme Fatale- Demos + Live

Lorraine Lewis- Vocals, Bill D’Angelo- Guitar, Mazzy Rawd- Guitar/Keyboard, Rick Rael- Bass, Bobby Murray- Drums


(Live In Normal, IL, 1988) Fortune and Fame will have the crowd on its feet rocking from the very first note fist pump head bang and chant along. My Baby's Gun is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Touch and Go powerful vocals pounding drums thumping bass and screaming leads that pull you in. Back In Your Arms Again get out the air guitars and rock till you drop. Rebel the emotions will send shivers down your spine. Cradles Rockin' thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs powerful vocals and scorching leads. Falling In And Out Of Love is a very catchy rune that will take you back in time when things were much simpler. Waiting For The Big One will have you rocking and leave a smile on your face as you sing shout and just let loose. Also Lorraine is great at getting the crowd involved and shouting and singing back and forth with her one amazing show Demos - Chains thundering drums thumping bass amazing vocals ans screaming guitars. Heat The Fire powerful emotions just envelop your very senses. Falling In And Out Of Love slowly pulls you into your imaginations and memories. Rebel close your eyes and let the emotions send shivers down your spine. Fortune and Fame fist pump head bang play air guitar and just rock all night long. Its A Long Way To The Top one excellent rocking version of the AC/DC classic.

you can get this on FNA Records


Hillbilly Moon Explosion- Back In Time

Oliver Baroni - Vocals/upright Bass, Emanuela Hutter- Vocals/Guitar, Duncan James- Guitar/Vocals, Sylvain Petite- Drums


Sometimes Late At Night clap foot tap and groove with some surf rock influences. Summerlove close your eyes and dream. Knocked Down take a trip back to the pop psychedelia of the late 70s. 1979 is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head. I Live In My Head sway groove and chant. Sudden Ring strumming guitars steady rhythms and emotional vocals. Jet Fuel Rock And Roll clap foot tap chant sing shout and just let loose. Let’s Go (Back In Time) has a punk rock influence with surf music interlaced. Nothing Takes The Place Of You a catchy riffs and sing along vocals. Always Just You late sixties music with emotional vocals. Death By My Side get up and dance the night away. Reno lost in emotional memories.



The Real Heavy Bones- Rare And Unreleased Archives Vol 1

Joe Ellis – Vocals, Frankie Banali- Drums, Gary Hoey- Guitar, Rex Tennyson- Bass


Joel Ellis is at it again with a Joel Ellis Production that has amazing vocals thundering drums from Frankie Banali, thumping bass from Rex Tennyson and screaming guitars by Gary Hoey. 4AM TM (Original) thundering drums thumping bass crunchy riffs screaming leads with amazing vocals. Bad Little Bobby Blue sway groove and play air guitar and just flow with the melodies Turn it On (Original Extended) close your eyes dream of many emotional memories. Friends sitting around strumming guitars and having a blast. I’ll Be Thinking Of You the emotions just send shivers down your spine. Say Goodbye clap foot tap head bang fist pump and sing. VUDU some amazing guitars soaring vocals with pounding drums and thumping bass. Your Love Won’t Let Me Down (Original) has a very catchy groove emotional vocals and solid rhythms. Summer In The Rain (Original) take a trip back in time to magical music of the late 80s and enjoy the musical journey. Man On the Moon (Original) just let the emotions pull you in as memories come in waves over and over. For You My Queen (Original) will have the entire crowd lighters held high people playing air guitars and singing along.



River City Rebels- Pop Culture Baby

Dan O'Day, Marc Conti, Izzy DeSimone, Kody Sanborn, Adam Allard


Pop Culture Baby stand clap foot tap and just rock all night long. Rock A Cross is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Unless You're White grab your air guitars and riff along as you chant an fist pump. Abuse Myself hit the floor and mosh till you drop.



Seum – Live At CJLO

Gaspard – Vocals, Piotr – Bass, Fred – Drums


Snowbird pounding drums thundering bass and gruff vocals. Razorblade Rainbow slowly pulls you into nothingness. Seum Noir fist pump foot stomp and slither along to its heaviness. Torpedo darkness envelops your very senses.