The Xroadie Files

TSO- Hellcare

Marco and Andrea Abbrescia,


Already Knew slow melancholic music and vocals. Miss Comprehension lost in the depths of strange dreams. Constraint crunchy riffs and powerful vocals. Brodo lost in emotional memories. Slant just take one interesting mind trip. Henry emotions envelop your senses. Getting So Real strumming guitars solid rhythms and emotional vocals. Dugout lost in despair. Despise Enterprise fist pump and foot stomp. Scotch one interesting musical journey. Godspeed just let the emotions pull you in.




Luca Ciffo – Guitar, Bass, Lorenzo Stecconi – Guitar, Luca T. Mai – Synths/Sax, Paolo Mongardi – Drums


Kali Yuga pounding drums thumping bass and interesting riffs. Vimana lost in deep imaginations. Katabasis floating alone in space and time. Inner Space pulsating rhythms with solid riffs take you into dreams. Antarctic Down dream the day away. Infraterrestrial Dub space rock psychedelia. Erwachen imaginations and emotions envelops your senses. Eterno Ritorno one strange mind trip.



Lars Nagel- Tomorrow Never Knows

Lars Nagel- Guitar/Vocals


Years Gone By sitting with friends strumming guitar and singing. Johnny Was Right clap foot tap and groove. Fools Way Home just let the emotions pull you in. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore emotions just envelop your senses. You Will Never Change is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head. Now that You’ve Left Me sitting with friends just letting emotions flow. So It Goes lost in emotional memories. Gotta Move one catchy tune. Old Photographs memories come flooding back. Tomorrow Never Knows country folk rock.



Black Ocean's Edge- Call Of The Sirens

Alex Janus- Vocals, Marco Schettler- Guitar, Nicolas Roblicka- Drums, Chris Roth- Bass


Wicked Voice crunchy riffs screaming guitars and solid rhythms. Call Of the Sirens (Part 1) clap foot tap and groove. Human Is Human pounding drums thumping bass crunchy riffs and strong vocals. Drift one interesting rhythms that pulls you in. Cold Black Water slow bluesy rock. Call Of the Sirens (Part II) is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head. Leather n Velvet one interesting musical mind trip. Lion In A Cage strong emotional vocals with heavy rhythms. Call Of The Sirens (Part III) one heavy mind trip with scorching leads and dark rhythms.



Desolation Sound- Silver Rain

Scott Sluis – Drums/Vocals, Darvis Taylor – Bass /Vocals, Tom Henry – Guitar, Daniel Day – Vocals/Guitar.


Snake Frog Rise close your eyes and drift away. Silver Rain sway groove and flow with the music. Warning Signs melodies bring back many emotions. Sundown a catchy tune that sticks in your head. Paper White Moon lost in emotional memories. Find A Way clap foot tap sing and shout as you play air guitar. Miasma Theory floating on a cloud of melodies. Two Ships strumming guitar and singing. Fireproof Girl emotions envelop your senses. Frozen Forest just drift away. Until I Hear from You just let the music and emotions pull you in. Cannonade Descends take one amazing musical journey. Between Us soft melodies envelops your very being.