Out Now! Heavy Sheet Publishing's Riff Guide For Spirit Caravan's 'Jug Fulla Sun'!

HEAVY SHEET PUBLISHING (@heavysheetpublishing, heavysheetpublishing.bigcartel.com) is pleased to announce the launch of their first riff guide, transcribing Spirit Caravan's legendary Jug Fulla Sun record.  This first book was tabbed and notated by The Obsessed's Jason Taylor and designed by Bill Kole of Ol' Time Moonshine, and features a forward from Scott "Wino" Weinrich detailing the history of the album in his own words.  This beautifully presented coil bound book contains more than 50 pages examining every riff from Jug Fulla Sun, and includes lyrics, pictures and illustrations.


The underground stoner/doom/sludge/proto/hard rock scene doesn’t have much to offer in the tablature department.  Musicians in these genres are often overlooked or ignored by traditional guitar magazines.  HEAVY SHEET PUBLISHING aims to shine a light on their contributions and unlock the secrets to the riffs we all love.  Now tune up, turn up, and play some Heavy Sheet!


Spirit Caravan - Jug Fulla Sun 1st Edition Riff Guide is available for order now at heavysheetpublishing.bigcartel.com and starts shipping March 12, 2024.  Stay tuned for future volumes and updates!