The Xroadie Files

Born In Blood- Can't Save Us All

Stephen Bonilla- Drums, Anthony Rendon- Guitar, Talmag Crumholt IV- Vocals, Royce Vick- Bass


Inferno hit the pit slam sweat thrash and tear it up. Revile screaming guitars thundering rhythms pounding drums and dark vocals. Cant Save Us All mosh shred and just let loose. Kill Kill crushing riffs thundering drums pounding bass with scorching leads and gruff vocals. Implosion just punches you in the face over and over.



We Are Space Horses- Apologia

Kevin Vanderhoof- Vocals/Guitar, Gabbi Vanderfood- Bass, Eric Hochwald- Drums


To Let Go close your eyes and drift away in dreams and memories. Absolutely Haunted drifting on a cloud of melodies. Haunt take one amazing musical mind trip of epic directions. God Is a Ghost close your eyes and dream. Ketoacidosis just let the emotions envelop your senses. Stale Skies lost in the depths of memories. Justification To Build A Monument the emotions just sends shivers down your spine.



Aarythmers – Cardiac

Guy Wall- Vocals/Guitar, Vince Marini – Guitar/Bass/BG Vocals, Moses Eder – Drums, David Gilman and Dave Pomerlou – Bass


Thinking Of Her is a very catchy tune with one memorable groove. Senses (thanks Jab) close your eyes and dream. Wtf thumping bass steady drums with catchy riffs and melodic vocals. Stand lost in emotional memories Find it Again the emotions just envelops your senses. Time strumming guitars and singing. Love forever kicking back with friends just enjoying memories. Done With Love floating on a cloud of melodies. Nazareth lost in dreams and imaginations. Friends one melodic tune. Better just let the music envelop your senses. I Was Wrong one catchy tune that just get you on your feet. Upside Down drifting in memories. Miss Right Now get on your feet and just let loose.



AGONISTA - Grey and Dry

John Brady- Bass, Adrian Balderrama- Vocals / Drums, Fernando Cruz- Guitar, Alex Martinez- Guitar


Larvas hit the pit slam sweat thrash and tear it up. Grey And Dry crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass and rip it up. Abuse Diffuse mosh till you drop. Eyes of Despair fist pump head n bang and let loose Bazofia shred rip and thrash. MMXXIII lost in the depths of madness. Medication crash and burn. In Haste shredding guitars thundering rhythms and gruff vocals. Muertos thundering bass pounding drums with dark vocals. Wrecked Inside crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with gruff vocals. MMXLIII crunchy riffs thundering drums pounding bass with screaming guitars.



Jeff Aug - Kiss of the Liquid Moon

Jeff Aug- Guitar, Francesco Fosati- Cello, William Wertlieb- Percussion, Thomas B. Berger- Upright Bass, Murat Parlak- Piano / Keyboards


The Kiss dreaming the day away. Liquid Moon lost in your imagination. Quarantine emotions envelop your senses. Matilda´s Lullabye soft melodies pull you in. Heavy Breeze floating on a cloud of melodies. Ceramic Tiles sitting strumming guitar. One Way Beat one catchy tune. Bogracz soft melodies envelops your very spirit. F**k The Neighbors clap foot tap and groove. The Last Minutes in This Town just flow with the music. Baritone Butterfly lost in loneliness Two Rooms melodic emotions drift along.