The Xroadie Files

Black Reuss- Arrival

Maurizio Dottores- Everything, Guest Musicians - Diego Rapacchietti, David Vetsch, Anna Murphy


Evolution pounding drums thumping bass crunchy riffs and strong vocals. Ego lost in melancholic dreams. Grounded close your eyes and drift into nothingness. Revelation emotions send shivers down your spine. Crystal Clear catchy gothic metal music. Regression take a trip thru your imagination. Loner screaming guitars pounding drums thumping bass and emotional vocals. Soul Awakening just let the music pull you in. Resolution crunchy riffs solid rhythms with gothic vocals. Keen Creation drifting in strange dreams.



Patrick Decoste- Holiday Ep

Patrick Decoste- Guitar/Everything


Joy To the World Angels We Have Held On High close your eyes and drift away in dreams. Silent Night will have you lost in memories and emotions. O Come All Ye Faithful- childhood memories envelop your senses.



The Smokeboss Militia - Rise Again

Andy Mensing – Vocals/Guitar/Bass, Lucia Hare-Leahy (Shash) – Vocals/Banjo/Dojo/Mandolin, Bill Meredith – Drums/Percussion, Arturo Afanador – Bass, Jeffrey 'The Viper' Sullivan – Guitar, Georgette 'Jet' Afanador – Accordion, John Ace – Fiddle/Mandolin, Vlada Barlow – Violin, Michelle Pennington – BG Vocals, Cleaveland Frederick – Bass, Ritchie Orduño – Guitar, Peter Levin – Piano/OrganClav, Roger Rivas - Piano/Organ


Ain't It Just Like You country swing that just pulls you in. No Girlfriend let the music envelops your senses. Danglin' take a trip back in time when country music was king. I'm Out strumming guitars melodic keyboards and emotional vocals with steady beats. Crush lost in dreams and memories. Misunderstood is a very catchy tune that will have you dancing the night away. Trusted close your eyes and dream. No One Said sitting with friends drinking and having fun. Glad You Came lost in imaginations. Rise Again is a very catchy tune that will stick in your head for days. Extended Leave just enjoy the musical journey. Whole Heartedly Divided clap foot tap and sing along.



Turned To Stone Chapter 9- Ritual Earth/ Kazak


Ritual Earth - George Chamberlin, Steve Mensick, Chris Scott, Chris Turek, Mark Boyce


In The Wake deep emotional music with powerfu vocals that just pulls you in. Through Interstellar Medium close your eyes and drift in your imagination. Ominous Aurorae sway groove and just flow with the music.

Kazak - Matteo Gherardi- Drums/Pads, Daniele Picchi (Guitar, voice, synth).


Geometrical Alchemy Haze Sunset Symphony The 25th Hour (Songs wont play defective)



DISASTROID- Garden Creatures

Enver Koneya -Guitar/Vocals, Travis Williams – Bass, Braden McGaw - Drums


Garden Creatures lost in deep imaginations. Stucco Nowhere close your eyes and take one strange musical journey. Figurative Object slow bass steady drum crunchy riffs and emotional vocals. Backwards Sleeping grab your air guitars and just let loose. 24 drifting in strange dreams, Hold Me Wrong clap foot tap and groove. Light 'Em Up the emotions pull you in Jack Londonin' is a very catchy tune.