The Xroadie Files

Syndone – Dirty Thirty 1992-2002, 30 Years Of Syndone

Nik Comoglio – Hammond/Moog/Mellotron/Keyboards, Riccardo Ruggeri – Vocals, Marta Caldara – Vibraphone/ Marimba/Keyboards, Gigi Rivetti – Piano/Hammond/Moog/Accordion, Simone Rubinato – Bass/Fretless Bass,/ Baritone Guitar, Ciro Iavarone – Drums/Percussions, Guests- Tony de Gruttola – Guitar, Andrea Carbone – Guitar, Pino Russo – Guitar, Gianluca Cagnani – Pipe Organ, Kaori Tsutsui – Clarinet, Rebecca Onyeji – Backing Vocals, Charlie Poma – Backing Vocals, String Trio – Valerio Iaccio - Violin, Roberto D’Auria- Violin, Michelangiolo Mafucci- Cello, Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra conducted by M° Francesco Zago


DirtyThirty (The end of my love) close your eyes and let the emotions just envelop your senses. Fight Club sway groove and take a strange musical journey. The Angel slow emotional music that pulls you into your imagination. Valdrada’s Screen a very catchy jazzy prog rock tune. I spit on my virtue great vocals steady rhythms and catchy riffs. I only ask for a super glue clap foot tap ad have a blast. Mary Ann lost in dreams and memories. René close your eyes and dream God’s will take a magical musical trip back to the prog rock 70s. Thousand times I cried sitting in a smoky bar watching the band onstage. So long everybody – the time has come and I must leave you soft mellow music. Evelyn (Japanese version) one interesting mind trip.



Clouds Taste Satanic- All I Want For Christmas Is Your Soul

Steve Scavuzzo- Guitar, Greg Acampora- Drums, Brian Bauhs – Guitar, Rob Halstead – Bass


All I Want For Christmas Is Your Soul searing leads catchy riffs and solid rhythms. You're A Men one Mr Grinch crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass and powerful emotions. Christmas with the Devil screaming guitars thundering drums and thumping bass. Little Drummer Boy clap foot tap and groove along.



Avskräde – Undergång

Band members- ??


Ma Du Brinna the pits of hell and demons spew forth. Nar Bonerna Tystnat crushing riffs eerie leads and dark vocals. Mansklighetens Avskrade hit the pit slam sweat thrash and rip it up. Av lågornas hunger förtäras lost in madness and destruction. Natten nalkas thrash shred and tear your soul up. Naturens borg doom death black metal mayhem. Forskarlen mosh shred and just let loose. Ty du skall ner i jorden skrämmas the earth splits open and demons devour all. Mörker du majestätiska crushing riffs thundering rhythms with evil vocals. Ångest lost in the depths of maniacal music. Fri crushes your soul.



Don Bolo - Experience the Unconventional Rhythms of

Daniel Gachet, José Hernández, Emilio Montenegro, Pedro Naranjo, and Luis Sigüenza


El Principio del Fin (2018) – Canchis Canchis close your eyes and drift into nothingness. El Espiral a very funky jazzy tune. Esta es La Vida Que Te Espera sway groove clap and foot tap. H lost in darkness and despair. La Isla jazzy reggae music that pulls you in. La tia catchy riffs great bass drum interplay with jazzy horns. MMV one jazzy prog rock musical mind trip. Mombatron just jam away. Paseo San Roque funky jazzy music that envelops your senses. Tutitata slap bass solid drums with catchy rhythms.


Bahamut (2022) – Inclusión/ Bahamut one strange mind trip. Artesanales sway groove and just let loose. SIKA just groove along with some d interesting musical twists. Solo Tolérala just kick back and enjoy. Tema 6 Pc close your eyes and drift. Solo Se Odia Lo Querido lost n strange imaginations. Así es la Vida Abuelita Pide clap foot tap and just groove. Naro Pacional thrash shred and take one strange musical mind trip. Nuevas Masculinididas jazzy reggae music. El Huevo thumping bass jazzy funky music. Coronavirus1 jus let loose and have fun. Coronavirus 2 dark eerie music.


Desde Mi Privilegio (2023) – Byron Ironside dark doom metal madness. Buenos Diaz Coketas clap foot tap and just let loose. Con Mi Corazon En Sambo dark dementia envelops your senses. Desde Mi Priviliegio hit the pit and mosh. Ungoliant crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and eerie tones. Lamento Ecuatoriano shred thrash and let loose. Energumeno grab your air guitars and riff along. Vanguardia y Empatia slowly pulls you into dark dreams and nightmares. Mama Esta Presa clap foottap sway swing and let loose. Dona Bala thundering bass pounding drums and eerie vocals. 1234 mosh thrash and rip I up.




Deorbit -Retrogradient

James Becker - Bass/Cello, Jerry Hauppa - Guitar/Hammered Dulcimer, Hurdy Gurdy - Synth/Violin, Antonio Ninham - Drums


Retrogradient slowly pulls you into darkness and dementia. Perihelion crushing riffs pounding drums thumping bass with screaming leads. Terrakinetic crunchy riffs thundering rhythms lost in the depths of darkness. Lunambulant thundering bass pounding drums with scorching leads. Glaciovore one strange musical mind trip thru mayhem. Calderasure close your eyes and let your imagination flow. Senescence fist pump head bang and slowly let the music envelop your spirit. Stratolith lost in despair and melancholic memories. Deorbit just one dark trip thru madness and darkness.