Listen To Sonny Vincent's New Album "Primitive 1969-1976" Right Here And Right Now!

American guitarist and vocalist Sonny Vincent, known as the founder of New York punk heroes Testors and bandmate of Bobby Liebling in the doom metal band The Limit, presents "Primitive 1969-1976", the new collection of recordings from his early proto-metal days.


New York City's guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Sonny Vincent was truly ahead of his time, and the world is finally catching up. These are incredible snapshots from the NYC music scene in the pre-77 punk era that defied definition. These tracks all show the foundation on which Sonny Vincent's appeal was built: ripping guitar riffs, raw energy, and soulful, authentic vocals from the gutters of New York. Criss-crossed between heavy-handed biker rock and thug rock supreme, dripping with chain grease and burnt skin, a true ball-crushing, tit-ripping rock'n'roll gem for the ages, sadly unreleased and completely unknown during its time.


Compiling rarely heard rocking tracks from Distance (1969-71), Fury (1972), and Liquid Diamonds (1973-75), as well as one of the earliest Testors demos from 1976, this LP collection shines a light on one of New York City’s darkest corners of proto-metal history. A must for fans of proto-metal, proto-doom and bands like BANG, Poobah, Buffalo, JPT Scare Band and other obscure metal rarities.


The new collection "Primitive 1969-1976" releases on Ripple Music 12/8/23 but you can listen to the whole album right now! 

SONNY VINCENT "Primitive 1969-1976" 

Out December 8th on Ripple Music (LP, CD and digital) 

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