The Xroadie Files

Aganthros- Syntisset Saatanat Kurjat

Ak – Bass, JV – Drums, OV- Guitar, TK- Guitar, NN - Vocals


Ruttolapsi close your eyes and drift away as the music pulls you into madness.. Sodoman Valssi dark melancholic music that envelops your very senses. Veljet, kantakaa minut hautaan slow crushing riffs and gruff vocals. Avaruuden nurja puoli hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Ana the darkness envelops your very soul. Vieraiden askeleet screaming guitars pounding drums and thundering bass with eerie vocals. Seitsemän miehen voima slowly builds into dementia.



Aurora Falls – Artificial Empathy

Leszek Drabikowski - Drums. Remigiusz Orchowski - Guitar. Krzysztof Kwita - Guitar. Jan Marlewski – Bass


One Million Years And More one strange mind trip. Post Human interesting music that envelops your spirit. Hive Mind close your eyes and drift in your imagination. Reconnection lost in the depths of dreams and memories. Gods Arise the music pulls you into deep thoughts. Neurons just floating on a cloud of melodies Automata a catchy tune that sticks n your head. Binary Thoughts Collider pulsating rhythms and melancholic music. Terra (ex Machina) close our eyes and dream.



D.N.S. (Dead Never Sleep)- Origins of Evil

Ian Garner – Vocals, Sebastian Quinn – Guitar, Joey Lohran – Drums, Ellery Peterson – Bass


Pale Horse hit the pit slam sweat and thrash till exhaustion. Head Rot crushes your very soul. Helpless gruff vocals crunchy riffs and thundering rhythms. HDE fist pump head bang and mosh. Fillicide close your eyes and dream strange things. Pitchfork screaming guitars thundering drums pounding bass and dark vocals. Shallow Hell just take one dark musical journey. DNS crunchy guitars gruff vocals pounding drums and thumping bass.



Family – Fearless (Expanded Edition)

Roger Chapman- Vocals, John ‘Charlie’ Whitney-Guitar, Rob Townsend,- Drums- John Wetton- Bass/Vocals, John ‘Poli’ Palmer – Vibes/Keyboards/Flute,


CD 1- Fearless (Remastered) - Between Blue and Me prog folk rock with many emotions. Sat’d’y Barfly bluesy jazz rock foam the late 60s. Larf and Sing close your eyes and deist away. Spanish Tide floating in memories. Save Some for Thee is one catchy tune. Take Your Partners thumping bass catchy percussion and great grooves. Children strumming guitar and singing. Crinkly Grin clap foot tap and groove. Blind lost in your imagination. Burning Bridges soft melodies envelop your senses (Bonus tracks) - In My Own Time psychedelic prog rock Seasons take a trip back to a simpler time.


CD 2- (BBC Sessions 1971)(BBC Bob Harris Session 01.03.1971)- Processions / No Mule’s Fool close your eyes and dream. Part of the Load thumping bass steady drums with great music. Lives and Ladies lost in memories. Strange Band one interesting musical journey. Hometown just flow with the melodies. (BBC Top Gear Session 02.07.1971) - In My Own Time powerful emotional music. Save Some for Thee strumming guitar and singing with great musical accomplishment. Seasons emotional music pulls you in. Burning Bridges take a trip back in time. (BBC Bob Harris Session 08.11.1971)- Children just flow with the melodies and sing. Between Blue and Me strumming guitars great percussion and emotional vocals.


CD 3- (BBC Radio One In Concert 28 December 1971)- Good News, Bad News take one amazing musical journey. Spanish Tide dreaming the day away. Part of the Load is a very funky tune the pulls you in. Drowned in Wine one interesting tune Holding the Compass lost in emotional memories. Between Blue and Me sway groove and enjoy. Children clap foot tap and sing. In My Own Time lost in emotional memories. Take Your Partners just take one strange musical mind trip. The Weaver’s Answer some excellent prog rock.



Stepmother- Planet Brutalicon

Graham Clise - Guitar / Vocals , Rob Muinos - Bass / Vocals , Sam Rains - Drums


Fade Away classic stoner hard rock that just jams. Settle Down catchy riffs solid rhythms and vocals to chant along with. Scream For Death take a trip back in time to the late 70s and enjoy the journey. The Game Clap fist pump and rock till you drop. One Way Out pounding drums thumping bass crunchy guitars and powerful vocals. Do You Believe lost in the depths of your imagination. Dead And Gone clap sway groove and sing as you play air guitar. Here Comes The End catchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with great vocals. Waiting For The Axe screaming guitars bluesy riffs and greet emotional vocals. Stalingrad is one catchy tune that will sticks with you for days. Signed DC strumming guitar and singing. Gusano one rocking tune that takes you back in time.