The Xroadie Files

Osees- Intercepted Message

John Dwyer, Tim Hellman, Dan Rincon, Paul Quattrone, Tomas Dolas


Stunner stand sway groove and just flow with he rhythms. Blank Chems is a catchy tune that just takes you to strange places. Intercepted Message new age punk rock madness. Die Laughing sway groove and dance the night away. Unusual And Cruel a catchy tune that sticks in your head. The Fish Needs A Bike one interesting musical journey. Goon pogo and dance. Chaos Heart clap foot tap and chant. Submerged Building pulsating rhythms and that envelop your senses. Sleazoid Psycho sway groove and just enjoy the musical journey. Always At Night let your imagination take you away. Ladwp Hold clap foot tap and groove.



Wooden Throne- Eternal Wanderer Of the Night Sky

Mikko Lehto- Everything


Eternal Wanderer of the Night Sky dankness envelops our very being. Forward into Starless Abyss lost in the blackness of time and space. The Autumnal Frost melancholic darkness pulls you into distant memories. The Earthly Womb despair and mayhem envelop your senses. Firm Roots of the Scarred North dark despair and madness pull you into nothingness. Talvikki close your eyes and drift away in your dreams.



Spirit Tomb - Spiritus Lacrimarum: Dolorem in Lacrimas Efundere

Leon Kristoffer – Piano/Cello/Vocals


Alone close your eyes and drift alone. A Dream soft melodies bring back memories. Annabel Lee lost in the depths of emotions. To One In Paradise melancholic melodies with haunting vocals. Spirits Of The Dead envelop your senses. The Haunted Palace strange music pulls you into empty places. A Dream Within A Dream close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Deep In Earth eerie music draws you into strange dreams.



VAK – The Island

Tobias Alpadie – Guitars, Anders Bartonek – Drums, Patrik Engström – Guitars, Jesper Skarin – Bass/Vocals, Robin Skarin - Keyboards


Passport take one strange musical mind trip thru your imagination. Panorama crunchy riffs pounding drums with eerie keyboards. Sewer Cafe lost in the depths of madness. QA lost in time space and mayhem. Speed Of Images just let loose and have the madness envelop your senses. The Map despair and melancholic dreams. Bodies lot in strange mind trip melancholic despair. Melody Junkie dark dreams and imaginations.



John Wetton- An Extraordinary Life (Box Set)

DISC 1: Caught in The Crossfire (1980) - John Wetton- Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Keyboards, Martin Barre- Guitar, Malcolm Duncan- Saxophone, Simon Kirke – Drums/Percussion, Phil Manzanera- Guitar,


Turn On The Radio take a trip back in time with a catchy tune. Baby Come Back pulsating keyboards soaring vocals with crunchy rhythms. When Will You Realize sing shout and just have fun. Cold Is The Night close your eyes and dream. Paper Talk screaming guitars with melodic vocals and steady rhythms. Get Away the emotions bring back many memories. Caught In The Crossfire clap foot tap and sing along. Get What You Want is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head. I’ll Be There is a melodic jazzy tune. Woman drifting on a c;loud of memories. Every Inch Of The Way lost in the depths of emotional dreams. Out Of The Blue sway clap and foot tap.


DISC 2: Battle Lines (1994) - John Wetton- Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Rev Dave Boruff- Saxophone/Alto Sax, Robbie Buchanan- Piano, Michael Cartellone- Drums, Robert Fripp- Devices/Guitar, Clayude Gaudette- Ketboards, Michael Landau- Guitar, Jeb Liebler- Keyboards, Steve Lukather- Guitar, Bob Matlette- Keyboards/ Piano/Spoons/Synthesizer, Simon Philips- Drums


Right Where I Wanted To Be dance the night away. Battle Lines close your eyes and dream. Jane amazing prog rock musicianship and great vocals. Crime Of Passion lost in your emotions. Sand In My Hand lighters held high as the crowd sways and sings. Sea Of Mercy emotions envelop your senses. Hold Me Now the emotions just send shivers down your spine. Space And Time pulsating keyboards and emotional vocals. Walking On Air floating on a cloud of melodies. You’re Not The Only One melodies envelop your spirit. Battle Lines (Acoustic version) one emotional version.


DISC 3: Arkangel (1997)- John Wetton- Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards


The Circle of St Giles lost in deep thoughts. The Last Thing On My Mind steady beats pulsating keys with catchy riffs. Desperate Times brings back melancholic memories. I Can’t Lie Anymore clap foot tap and just groove. Archangel one interesting prog rock musical. You Against The World memories and emotions envelop your senses. Be Careful What You Wish For clap foot tap ad just flow with the music. Emma strumming guitars and singing as the music pulls you in. Nothing Happens For Nothing will have the crowd on its feet rocking. All Grown Up the emotions just pull you in. After All close your eyes and dream. The Celtic Cross classical influenced music that just envelops your very being. Take These Tears just a happy tune. Magazines lost in emotional memories. Woman piano guitar and vocals pulls you into your imagination.


DISC 4: Welcome to Heaven (2000)- John Wetton- Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards


Heart Of Darkness clap foot tap sing and chant. Say It Ain’t So will have the crowd on its feet just having fun. No Ordinary Miracle lost in deep memories. Where Do We Go From Here soaring keyboards pounding drums thumping bass and amazing vocals. E SCAPE drifting in dreams. Another Twist Of The Knife thumping bass pounding drums great vocals and screaming guitars. Silently dream the day away. Before Your Eyes the emotions envelop your very being. Second Best lost in emotions. Real World a very catchy tune that sticks in your head. Love Is amazing he rad prog rock n roll. Space and Time drifting in your emotions.


DISC 5: Rock of Faith (2003)- John Wetton- Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Steve Christey- Drums, Geoff Downes- Bass/Keyboards/Synthesizer/Piano, John Mitchell- Guitar, Clive Nolan- Keyboards,


Mondrago searing leads with majestic keyboards. Rock Of Faith floating in memories. A New Day just float away in emotions. I’ve Come To Take You Home emotions envelop your senses. Who Will Light A Candle soft emotional music and vocals. Nothing’s Gonna Stand In Our Way stand sway and sing along. Altro Mongo ethereal melodies envelop your very being. I Believe In You close your eyes and dream. Take Me To The Waterline sway chant and just let the music pull you in. I Lay Down emotional vocals and soft melodies. When You Were Young dream the day away in memories. Cold Comfort searing leads that sends shivers down your spine. God Only Knows one soft music journey. Rock Of Faith just let the emotions envelops your very being.


DISC 6: Raised in Captivity (2011)- John Wetton- Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Mick Box- Guitar, Geoff Downes- Keyboards, Steve Hackett- Guitar, Eddie Jobson- Violin, Toney Kaye- Hammond Organ, Alex Machacek- Guitar, Steve Morse- Guitar, Billy Sherwood- Drums/Guitar/Percussion


Lost For Words pulsating keyboards screaming guitars with pounding drums and thumping bass. Raised In Captivity a catchy tune that just has you letting loose. Goodbye Elsinore dream the night away. The Last Night Of My Life clap foot tap chant and just enjoy. We Stay Together lighters held high crowd singing as one with many emotions. The Human Condition sway groove and let loose. Steffis Ring strumming guitar and singing. The Devil And The Opera House lost in memories. New Star Rising just a catchy tune. Don’t Misunderstand Me the emotions just have you dreaming memories. Mighty Rivers lost in a cloud of melodies. Face To Face close your eyes and dream.


DISC 7: New Live and Unreleased Tracks- John Wetton- Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards


AD 2023 take a trip in your imagination. Raven emotions just envelop you. Walking On Air take a trip back in time when music had catchy melodies. Straight From The Heart floating in melodies. If I Was A Country sway sing and flow with the music. All Along The Watchtower one interesting version of this classic tune. Deya 1986 close your eyes and drift. Tears Of Rage pulsating rhythms that just stick in your imagination. Maryanne emotional music that sends shivers down your spine. Healer Of Shattered lost in emotions. I’d Give It All For You one excellent love tune. Ultimate Emotion Unfinished Idea close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Wings Of Angels Intro emotional vocals. Wings Of An Angel a catchy tune that just envelops you. All For One clap sway and sing. From A Distant Heart lost in dreams and memories. Real World - Join and Ringo one strange musical journey. The Greater Show On Earth - Single Edit close your eyes and drift. Adagietto lost in emotions. The Water Is Wide strumming guitar and singing.


DISC 8: New Live and Unreleased Tracks- John Wetton- Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards


Raised In Captivity sway groove ad dance the night away. The Other Guy Second Best soft melodies and catchy music pulls you in. I Will one catchy sing along song. Bad Thing pulsating keyboards pounding drums thumping bass and melodic vocals. Boys Of The Diamond City dreaming the day away. Flesh And Blood clap foot tap and just chant. Burn Your Name In My Heart thumping bass crunchy riffs melodic keyboards and amazing vocals. Sex Power Money screaming guitars pounding drums thumping bass and excellent vocals. Back In Your Lovin’ Arms the emotions just send shivers down your spine. Every Inch Of The Way emotional memories pull you in. I Can’t Tell You Why pulsating j keys screaming leads pounding drums thumping bass and great vocals. Winner Takes It All will have the crowd on its feet clapping and chanting. Mind Over Matter close your eyes and float . Gypsy Soul one catchy tune that just sticks with you. Wasted Time one emotional prog rock tune. You Still Got Me sway sing clap and tap your feet. Halfway To Heaven floating on a sea of emotional melodies. I’ll Never Stop Loving You just close your eyes and dream. Forever emotional dreams and memories envelop your senses.