Doombrass band Eight Foot Manchild to release third EP of crushing riffs and filthy, funky horns

For the third time in 13 months, Eight Foot Manchild - the genre-fluid quintet from Medford, Massachusetts - will be releasing an EP showcasing their self-dubbed "doombrass" style. Bringing their sound to life with the aid of an electrified horn section that plays through guitar effects pedals, Eight Foot Manchild combines elements of doom metal, stoner rock, funk, and prog. Their songs are inspired by everything from religion to science fiction to classic horror and kung fu movies.


Eight Foot Manchild initially grew out of friendships formed in the HONK Festival community - a global family of street brass bands that began with the original HONK fest in Somerville, Massachusetts. After playing with various groups in this network for a number of years, bandleader Dylan Foley formed Eight Foot Manchild in early 2020, out of a desire to synthesize his love of two musical worlds - metal, and street brass traditions from the Americas and Europe.


They have since maintained a busy schedule of recording and performances, releasing two EPs that have earned them acclaim from journalists and bloggers in the world of heavy music, as well as a nomination for Metal Artist of the Year at the 2023 Boston Music Awards.


“This band would be really easy to describe as a gimmick, if they weren’t so good… No, Eight Foot Manchild isn’t a gimmick; this is a Doom/Brass group here to rock your face off with plenty of Doom and Brass. A ton of fun and the real deal!”

- Pat Schober, Monster Riff


“...heavy, groovy, dark, and fun… If you like brass bands or hard rock, Eight Foot Manchild are going to be exactly what you never knew you needed.”

- Ken Sears, If It’s Too Loud


“ ‘Doombrass’ is the new heavy I didn’t know I needed, and lucky me EIGHT FOOT MANCHILD are here to deliver. Swinging, funky grooves stomp with brass riffage to create one-of-a-kind doom, complete with growled vocals to give it that extra crunch. This monkeyman’s a fan.”

- Kyle SB/Shasta Beast, Stoner HiVe


“Guitar? Check. Drums? Check. Bass…uh, tuba? Check!!! And bari sax and trombone as well. With power chords arranged with brass instruments, with some WICKED guitar thrown in. A totally good-time all the way around…With bands like Eight Foot Manchild around, I’m glad I got to live long enough to hear it!”

- Scott Spiers, The Clean and Sober Stoner


“Shrine Of The Orange Sunn is a soulful and exquisite journey into the more crazier side of Doom/Stoner Metal with Eight Foot Manchild playing some wonderfully entertaining riffs you haven’t heard or experienced before.”

- Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun


Eight Foot Manchild's latest four track EP - We're Goin' Out On A High Note - showcases their diversity of influences, with songs that traverse dystopian futures and delve into comical conspiracy theories. It has a release day set for Friday, December 1st on Bandcamp only, and will be made available on all streaming platforms early in the new year.

Track list:

1. We're Goin' Out On A High Note

2. Mister Kubrick, Will You Please Direct Our Fake Moon Landing?

3. Endeathenator

4. Queen Of Naps



Dylan Foley: Guitar, vocals

Sara Honeywell: Trombone, vocals

Mr Squirrel: Baritone sax, tabla

Alison Earnhart: Tuba

Corey Schreppel: Drums

Artwork by Beth Vitale - Snail King Creations