The Xroadie Files

FIRE DOWN BELOW - Low Desert Surf Club

Kevin Gernaey – Guitar, Sam Nuytens – Drums, Jeroen Van Troyen – Vocals/Guitar, Bert Wynsberghe – Bass


Cocaine Hippo clap foot tap head bang and just rock till you drop. California just take one psychedelic stoner rock musical mind trip. Air Wolf thundering bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and strong vocals with scorching leads. Surf Queen take a trip back in time when things were much simpler with surf rockabilly music. Dune Buggy just trip the night away as the music pulls you into your imagination. Here Comes the Flood sway groove and enjoy the musical journey. Hazy Snake screaming guitars pounding drums thumping bass and great vocals. The Last Cowboy clap foot tap head bang thrash and shred. Mantra close your eyes and let your imagination flow.



Valravn – The Awakening

A Olkkola Drums/Guitar, Alarik Guitar/Vocals/Bass, B Carey- Guitar, T Sipola- Drums


The Black Flame the pits f hell open and demons devour all your senses. Kehan Murtama dark heavy death metal music. Liekki Temme Valaisee crushing riffs pounding rhythms with screaming vocals. The Great Deceit crunch riffs pounding drums thundering bass with demonic vocals. The Insolent lost in the depths of dark imaginations. Sisypheen Torment demented dreams and imaginations pull you in, A Symphony O Horror the earth opens and hell pours forth. Charge Of the Last Cavalry drags you into despair and madness.



Emile- Spirit

Emil Bureau Guitar/Vocals, Jonas Waaben - Percussion, Erik Errka Petersson - Hammond Organ, Morten Grønvad- Vibraphone, Rasmus Miehe Sørensen- Flute


Easy Ride close your eyes and dream. Nocturnal lost in memories and emotions. Elegant Spring sitting with friends strumming guitar and singing. Heavy Rain kick back and flow with the memories. Images lost in the depths of melodic music. The Mountains of Cape Creus floating on a cloud of memories and dreams. Circles is a very catchy tune. Thunderbird the emotions envelop your spirit. Wilderness just take a magical musical journey. Images (Slight Return) soft musical directions.



Tideless- Eye of Water

Carlos Gaitan- Guitar, Kyle Armendariz – Drums/Vocals, Aaron Clarke – Guitar, Javier Monreal – Bass/ Synthesizers/Keyboards, Diego Gonzalez – Vocals


Drowning (19° 40′ 49″ N, 99° 0′ 36″ W) let the amazing music pull you into your imaginations. Fields at Dawn slowly you are drug into the mouth of hell to be devoured. Oblations for the Sun the pits of hell open and demons devour all. Laurels melancholic moments envelop your senses. of Victory Lush. Serene. Dissolved crushes you into small pieces of nothingness.




Rat Scabies, Billy Shinbone, Zumi Roscow, Kid Congo Powers, Yoshikio Fujiyama & Akiko Omo, Kevin Eldon, Roger Chapman


If You Don’t Want to Watch This Don’t Open Your Eyes punk rockabilly music that takes you back in time. Ultra Splendid clap foot tap and pay air guitar. Origami Chainsaw lost in dreams and memories. The Colonel one strange musical mind trip. My Pet Maggots Bluebottle Dreams take a trip back in time to surf rock magic. Him and His Mermaid Girlfriend close our eyes and let the imagination take you in. Too Much Time soft melodies envelop your senses. Transmissible Vices clap foot tap and groove. Cellphone Lost in the Arctic Tundra just rip the day away. Monkeys Tails just let the music envelop your senses. How Much Is the Dust soft melodies pull you into your dreams. Dante’s Funeral just one strange musical journey thru your mind.