The Xroadie Files

Slomatic- Strontium Fields

Marty - Drums / Vocals, David – Guitar, Chris – Guitar


Wooden Satellites slow grinding doom metal madness. I Neanderthal darkness descends upon your very being. Time Capture lost in the depths of dark memories and dreams. Like A Kind Of Minotaur crushing riffs pounding rhythms and strong vocals. Voidians close your eyes and survive the darkness. Zodiac Arts Lab the emotions envelop your senses. ARCS dark melancholic memories pull you in. With Dark Future take one strange musical mind trip thru despair and melancholic memories.



Auralayer - Thousand Petals

Thomas Powell- Guitar, Vladimir- Drums, Jake- Bass


The Lake crushing riffs thundering drums pounding bass and strong vocals. All My Time fats hard heavy doom metal music. Christ Antler pulls you into dark dreams. Faith To Reason scorching leads melancholic vocals with thundering rhythms. Shelf Black just sway groove an dlet the darkness envelop your senses. Peacemonger lost in the depths of your imagination. You Walk heavy doom metal music that envelops your very being. Dance To Thrash thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and strong vocals. Monstrum sway groove and let the melancholic doom meta pull you in.



QUIET MAN – The Starving Lesson

Joe Hughes – Guitar/Vocals, Keith Riecke – Guitar, Jack Sterling – Guitar/Samples, Ross Bradley – Bass/ Vocals, Jason Jenigen - Drums


Pressure To Burrow slow crushing doom riffs screaming guitars with demonic vocals. At Operating Temp close your eyes and survive the nightmare. From Tomorrows Dead Hiss y the pits of hell open and demons devour all. Set To Boil Is The New Standard lost in dark imaginations. The Post Abandoned one strange mind trip. The Starving Lesson crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass and dark vocals. All Along We Were Beautiful Radiant Things lost in despair and madness.



Volume- Requesting Permission To Land

Patrick Brink – Vocals/Guitar, Additional Musicians - Scott Reeder (FU MANCHU) – Drums/Percussion, Todd Nakamine – Theramin, Brent Brandon – Hammond/Keys, James Scoggins – Bass, Tom Owsley – Percussion, Jay Christensen – Guitar/Bass


Habit psychedelic stoner hard rock that just take you into strange places with screaming leads. Collosal freak crushing riffs pounding drums thumping bass scorching leads and powerful vocals. Don’t Look Around get up and just rock till you drop. Make Believe lost in the depths of imaginations. Headswim sway groove fist pump head bang and play lead air guitar.



Runespell- Shores of Nastrond

Nightwolf- Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Basilysk- Drums, Irrwycht- Keyboards


Mirrors Of The Dead death destruction madness tear into your very soul. Elemental Fires darkness envelops your very being. Spectres of War lost in memories of dark imaginations. Unfurled Nights close your eyes and drift into melancholic tones. Shores of Nastrond crushing riffs eerie tone with dark vocals. Vigirdr Fields the melancholic emotions flood your memories.