The Xroadie Files

Lethvm- Winterreise

Vincent – Vocals, Tony – Drums, Antoine – Guitar, Lucas - Bass


Blank dark melancholic music that envelops your spirit. Pretence close your eyes and rift away into madness. Torrents crushes your very spirit. Carved death heavy riffs pounding rhythms with dark vocals. Mournful lost in dark dreams and emotions. Night melancholic music and dark vocals that just pull you into many memories.




Tobias Alpadie – Guitar, Anders Bartonek – Drums, Patrik Engström – Guitar, Jesper Skarin – Bass, Vocal, Robin Skarin – Keyboards


Panorama crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass with dark vocals. Stand up mosh and thrash about. The Map just take one strange musical mind trip.


Qadmon- Ghosted Ep

Kjetil Ottersen, James Fogarty


Drowning Sorrows close your eyes and drift away in your memories. Ghosted lost in the depths of your imagination. Your Isolation scorching leads solid rhythms with great vocals.


Witch Piss- St

Andoni Lombide Carreton- Guitar, Dennis Lefebvre- Drums, Glenn Van Bael- Bass, Peter Egberghs- Vocals, Stijn Georges Moens- Guitar


Old Hound Religion pulls you into darkness memories and heavy emotions. How To Travel Light sway groove and just flow with the heaviness. Me And My Camero crushing riffs pounding drums thumping bass and strong vocals. Hoofprints lost in despair and mayhem. The Hunter And The Game slowly envelops you with many emotional memories. Children of The Fire one strange melancholic musical mind trip.



Orsak:Oslo- In Irons

Christian Andersson, Øyvind Minsaas


The Swell psychedelic riffs pull you into your imagination. Dutchman's Wake (part I) lost in the depths of dreams and memories. In What Way Are You Different close your eyes and take one magical musical journey. The Mute (part II) lost in space and time. Hadal Blue one interesting mind trip.