The Xroadie Files

Cairo- Nemesis

Sarah Bayley- Vocals, Rob Cottingham – Vocals/Keys/SFX, James Haros- Guitar, Paul Stocker- Bass, Graham Brown- Drums/Percussion


Asleep At The Wheel has a very catchy rhythms solid riffs and amazing vocals. Tripwire soaring vocals majestic keyboards with pounding drums and thumping bass. Glow close your eyes and drift away in your dreams. Rogue lost in the depths of your imagination with amazing musicianship and powerful vocals. The Love the emotions just envelop your very being. New Beauty sway clap foot tap and just enjoy the musical journey. Déjà Vu lost in dreams and memories. Jumping On The Moon clap fist pump head bang and just rock. Save The Earth drifting on a cloud of melodies. Nemesis is a very melodic catchy tune that just pulls you in.



VERMINOUS SERPENT – The Malign Covenant

Joseph Deegan- Guitar, Matt Bree - Drums, A.A. Nemtheanga – Vocals/Bass


Seraphim Falls the pits of hell spew demons out as they devour all. Transcendent Pyre dementia madness and mayhem envelop all. The Malign Covenant thundering bass pounding drums demonic vocals with crushing riffs. Chasm Of Nameless Bone lost in the depths of dark dreams. Deaths Head Mantra just try and survive the madness and destruction.



Oreyeon & Lord Elephant- Doom Sessions Volume 8

Oreyeon - Richard Silvaggio -Bass/Vocals, Andrea Ricci – Guitar, Matteo Signanini - Guitar, Pietro Virgilio - Drums.


Wheel Fall (Slo Burn Cover) crunchy riffs catchy rhythms fist pump head bang and just groove as you chant along. C10H12N2O close your eyes and drift away in your imagination.

Lord Elephant Edoardo de Nardi- Bass, Tommaso Urzino- Drums, Leandro Gaccione- Guitar


Twilight Reflexes strange space rock music that pulls you into the depths of your imagination. Rumble (Link Wray Cover) close your eyes and drift away in your dreams and memories.



Wyndrider- St

Chloe Gould - Vocals, Robbie Willis - Guitar, Joshuwah Herald – Bass, Richard Bucher – Drums


Pit Witch crushing riffs heavy rhythms screaming leads and strong vocals. Snake Children sway groove and let the emotions envelop your spirit. Creator slow moody metal music doom metal madness. Strangled By Smoke crushing riffs pounding drums thumping bass with melancholic leads and powerful vocals. Mother In Horns take a trip back in time and space as your imagination runs wild. Electrophilia slow bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and emotional vocals. Sleeping Wizard lost in the depths of dreams and emotions. Space Paper/ Acid Saloon one space rock mind trip that just envelops your very being.



Aggros- Rise of The Aggros

Parris Mayhem, Chuck Lenihan, COBZ, Roy Mayorga


Best Destiny get on your feet bop slam dance and just let loose. Chaos Magic close your eyes and drift in dark dreams. City Kids strange melancholic tune that just envelops your senses. Fear View Mirror slowly pulls you into madness. Sk8bored Fight fist pump head bang and mosh till exhaustion.