We're Premiering The New Single "Iconic" From Dark Synth-Pop Trio Ghost Love!


"If you’re ready to embrace the darkness, Ghost Love are here for you"

- chorus.fm


 "One of the catchiest songs around in a seriously dark time"

- Dead Good Music


According to Ghost Love vocalist David Rancourt “Iconic is meditation and reflection on how we remember people after they are gone. Lyrically it was inspired by the dreams I was having of my mother after she passed away and the conversations we were having where we seemed to communicate without using words. She felt very close and far at the same time and it was an emotion I had never felt before. It was a very cathartic and emotional release for me to write this song, probably the most intense of any song I have ever written. It's a song where I wanted to tell her that she would never be forgotten but it's also a bit of a reflection on the myths we construct for ourselves after someone passes. I think we tend to create these myths and storytelling about people as a part of the healing process and I think they are an important way to deal with grief.”

Written and Produced by David Rancourt and Antoine Rochette

Mixed and Mastered by Pascal Shefteshy

Artwork by Michael Hart Webster


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Ghost Love Bio:


With their decadent melodies and feverish dark-pop atmospherics, Montreal three-piece Ghost Love create brooding moments of sonic beauty. Formed by lifelong pals/seasoned musicians David Rancourt (vocals) and Antoine Rochette (synths/bass), Ghost Love’s catalyst was a desire to hit the reset button and craft a sound that would be all their own. They found the missing piece in their puzzle of ethereal electronics care of Justin Metcalfe (guitar), scouted via a very unpredictable ‘Craigslist musician wanted’ experiment. Upon meeting the like-minded instrumentalist, who was equally galvanized by 80s synth-pop and lush, spacey guitars, the newly minted trio immediately set out to establish Ghost Love’s tension-laden sound.


The band deliver a thrilling soundscape of enigmatic moods and upbeat drum machine grooves, indebted in no particular order to Depeche Mode, Slowdive, My Brightest Diamond, Bronski Beat and The XX. That intoxicating push and pull between pop and experimental is present on Ghost Love’s single and album “Mourners Disco”, recorded at the band’s secluded Montreal studio space during the pandemic lockdown. Aches and anguish heavily influenced the bands upcoming release: Rancourt’s mother passed away right before the pandemic. An undercurrent of grief runs through most of the compositions that will be featured on the band’s upcoming album in 2023.