The Xroadie Files

The Drowns / Plizzken - Split

The Drowns- Aaron “Rev” Peters- Guitar/Vocals, Andy Wylie on Bass/Vocals, Jake Margolis- Drums, Jonny Wade- Guitar


The Lost Boys of Suburbia catchy riffs that will have you on your feet playing air fist pumping head banging foot tapping and rocking out.


Plizzken – Silvio Schlesier- Guitar, Eris Henning – Guitar, Marcus Walther- Bass, Stefan Herz- Drums/ Percussion, Sebastian Walkenhoets- Vocals


One More Time fist pump foot stomp and chant along.




Docker's Guild- 'The Mystic Technocracy' - Season 2: The Age of Entropy

Douglas R Docker – KEYBOARDS/BASS/VOCALS, Anneke van Giersbergen/Amanda Somerville/Elizabeth Andrews/Valentina Procopio/Anna Petracca/Serena Moine- (Vocals),, Joel Hoekstra, Sascha Paeth, Nita Strauss, Mio Jäger, Toni Urzì, Luigi Iamundo- (Guitar), Anna Portalupi, Luca Pisu, Roby Salvai, Giorgio Novarino- (Bass), Helly- Drums


Terminus fowing keyboards and spoken words and classical influenced music. K475 W.A.M. close your eyes and drift away in t your imagination with some amazing musicianship and soaring vocals. Nocturne drifting in emotional memories. Rings take one emotional music journey in your dream. Lucy fist pump foot tap and just let the amazing music envelop your senses with powerful vocals. Die Today sway lighters held high as the emotions envelop you and tale you to a magical place. Machine Messiah soaring vocals steady rhythms and catchy riffs sing shout and chant. Le Chemin has a reggae feel with progressing overtones sway and groove. Atlantis Town sway groove and just flow with the melodies. The Arrow stand as one with a majestic feel and close your eyes as your imagination envelops you. Crusades is a very catchy tune that just pulls you in. The King In Purple lost in the depths of dreams and emotions. Cassilda’s Song thumping bass pulsating keyboards pounding drums crunchy riffs and great vocals. Urbs Aeterna lost in thoughts and memories. Pornocracy (Saeculum Obscurum) just take a trip back in time and space when things were music simpler. The Head catchy riffs great rhythms strong vocals. S.O.S. Spazio 1999 just sing chant and flow with the magical music.



Threnody- Rid of Flesh

Dave Robertshaw- Bass/Vocals, Bill Hyland- Guitar/Vocals, Sean Trumbo- Guitar/Vocals, Harry Tayadon- Vocals, Rich Harman- Drums


Picking At Slough the pits of hell pen and demons spew forth devouring all. Crib Death crushing riffs thundering rhythms with demonic vocals. Cess Remnants thrashing shredding being pulled into the mouth of madness. Maggot Feast fist pump head bang mosh and thrash about. Rid Of Flesh crunchy riffs thundering rhythms great leads and strong vocals. Internal Infestation pummels you into submission. Choking On Blood fist pumping foot stomping metal madness. Dissected Infected hit the pit slam sweat and thrash till death.



Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends- Brothers In Arms

Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Alex De Rosso, Travis Stever, Jeff Duncan, Johannes Weik, Gerald Gradwohl, Chris Haskett, Brian Tarquin- Guitar/Bass, Reggie Pryor- Drums, Son Of a Bach, Budapest Symphonic Orchestra,


Speed of Sound pounding drums thumping bass screaming leads and crunchy rhythms just kick back and let loose. Kiss My Axe is a very 60s hard rock acid musical journey. Luxor has a catchy riffs solid rhythms with amazing musicianship. Hounds Of Hell has a very classical meet metal influence that just pulls you in. Devils Tombstone close your eyes and let the searing leads send shivers down your spine as you rock all night long. Black Widow crushing riffs pounding drums thumping bass with scorching leads. Striker close your eyes and drift in your imagination. D Day grab you air guitar and just rock till you drop. Saigon Sally is a very heavy bluesy tune with amazing music and strong vocals. Purple Heart fist pump head bang and foot tap.



Kollaps\e – Phantom Centre

Dennis Akesson- Bass, Johannes Landgren- Drums, Peter Walefors- Guitar, Daniel Wallenborg- Guitar/Vocals


ERA dark dementia envelops your senses. BEAUTIFUL DESOLATE lost in the depths of emotional mayhem. UHTCEARE drifting in black dreams. ANAEMIA just take one m nightmarish musical journey. BRÄNT BARN SKYR ELDEN emotional musical mania. RADIANT//STATIC crushing riff thundering rhythms with demonic vocals. MURRAIN pounding drums thumping bass crunchy riffs and gruff vocals.