Mansion - Second Death

Word of Mouth is an interesting concept. With the collapse of the old music business model for selling records. Word of Mouth has become the new currency. It can grease the wheels for artists and bands to gain traction and create a buzz.

This currency is particularly potent in the underground music scene, regardless of genre. Why some bands seem to generate more buzz is an interesting topic.

Mansion is a case in point. Since they formed in 2011 in Turku, Finland, They certainly have gained a small cult following, judging by their Bandcamp page and how quickly the records sell. However, they remain a secret to the wider underground rock fan.


Is it a geographical issue? If they were from Sweden, would they have more attention? Is it the fact that they self-release everything? To date, three e.p.s, a handful of singles, and a debut album, "First Death of the Lutheran" on which the music has been of a very high standard.


The Image of the band, that of an ultra-conservative Christian cult, all severe haircuts, undescriptive black clothes, and lyrics of redemption and damnation, is dark and creepy. Their second album, "Second Death." has just been released. It is heavier than the previous album. It starts with a soundtrack like "Procession." This layered sound repeats throughout the album to significant effect. "Sword of God" has a riff any Doom Hound would lap up. The twin vocals of Osmo and Mother Alma drip in both tortured pain and righteousness. 


The heavy doom vibe continues with "No Funeral." Alma's vocals go from an almost vibrato-loaded whisper to a joyful falsetto. The coda of this song is hazy and delicate and flows over the listener. It lulls you into "Heathen Hole" before the guitars crash back in.


The touch of folk wistfulness, post-rock, and gothic vibe allows it to transcend beyond the doom motifs. "In the Court of the Sorrowless" had hints of "Sisters of Mercy" and drives home a less is more use of space before a surprising double bass assault that fades to a drone and mournful vocals.

The pacing of the album and the almost inaudible keyboard drone that runs its length add to the overall feeling this could be a soundtrack to a horror movie. The presentation of the band and the magnificent black and white album cover are unique. If Ghost is Hammer Horror dress up, then Mansion is The Wicker Man or a monochrome Midsommer.


The abundance of musical ideas explored on this album There are only are few reference points or comparisons to other bands. However, Mansion is operating in its world without compromising its ideals. The heaviness will appeal to the doom fans, and the gothic fans will appreciate the dark atmosphere. It is a masterful piece of work.


They have a few tour dates coming up in their homeland. Beyond that, it is going to be down to word of mouth to get this music heard. So get over to the Bandcamp page, and check this album out. Buy it and then tell everyone...


The ceremony is about to everyone in? 


-Bobo Coen