Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza – 125

On today’s episode the theme is somewhat psychedelic. Mostly west coast music with the exception of a Nashville band that could be located in southern California and nobody would ever know. A subgenre or style that has slowly but surely infected my headspace and vinyl shelf space at home. This type of music just seems to be meant for a turntable. Relaxing, soothing, and intoxicating. Check them out. Also pay attention to the recommended albums on your Bandcamp feed coming from the Bandcamp algorithm. Sounds lame, but if you are active it knows what you like and it knows how to take your money.





From the Bandcamp feed: Federale is a seven-piece ensemble spearheaded by longtime Brian Jonestown Massacre bassist Collin Hegna, the band was conceived as an outlet to channel inspiration from ‘60s & ‘70s European soundtracks, particularly those from Italy made famous by the Spaghetti Western & Giallo genres.


This one popped up on my bandcamp feed as a “Recommended for You” album by the bandcamp algorithm. I’ll be honest and admit, the algorithm is eerily spot on 75% of the time and typically sends me recommendations that are not the same ones as folks I follow in real time are recommending. This album had the cover art, the description and ultimately the music to get my engines turning right off the bat. These are the kinds of albums I yearn to add to my vinyl collection.

No Justice brings a perfect balance of sultry lullaby and outlaw twang. The kind of music you'd hear in a Tarantino movie but could play on the turntable at home. The Portland band creates a Southwest surf meets heavy mariachi psych.




Taking some time off the social media circles certainly caused me to miss the initial release of Brim’s debut album made up of Daniel Story (Slow Season/Westing), ReNelle Rice, Hayden Doyel, Brian Bakalian, and Micah Rice. It’s a family affair and it’stotally awesome. The music is certainly influenced by the band member’s rural California lifestyle and upbringing, which I can relate to a bit coming from the rural CA landscape just over the mountains to the east of the Visalia, CA area. This is the perfect example of rock n rollers who aren’t scared to showcase the other shades of their musical influences and passion. While Slow Season was a lot more rooted in the blues and heavy rock, Brim is straight up Americana / Alternative Country. Still driven by a rocking rhythm section, the band incorporates the steel guitar and an upbeat cosmic energy making this not just your average folk album, but in fact a well written concept record symbolizing the day in the life of a Central Valley, CA homeboy. There’s certainly more than meets the eye and California Gold is as heavy as you want to make it. The album is available on CD and Tape on the Bands page, as well as Vinyl over at Glory or Death Records.




Another one brought to me by the bandcamp feed algorithm, Tommy and The Ohs and their debut opus ‘Mariposa Gold’ which was released March 18th, 2022, pretty much a year ago. While based in Nashville, this one also has a California coastal flair similarly to the Brim album discussed above. Certainly rooted more in the psychedelic realm, Mariposa gold is a perfect companion to today’s playlist and almost merges the two previous albums Federale and Brim with a barn-burning mash up of cosmic surf, rocking soul, country swing and all out boogie.




I’ve been following Shana since discovering here last album Night of the Worm Moon in 2019. She has a very mystical tone, super laid back and trippy not unlike elements of this entire episode of bandcamp bonanza. Keeping the overall theme of California psych alive, Shana is from La Luz, CA and her music on ‘Manzanita’ is rather voluptuous in a cosmic sense. Soft, sensual vocals, subliminal rhythm swirling like the mountain breeze against a California pine. Brim brought us the valley, Tommy and the Ohs brought us the surfy beach psych, Federale gave us the southwest heat, and Shana brings us her high country twang with its medicinal country psych atmosphere.




Closing up the round today, an older album by today’s standards, The Shivas from Portland, OR and their latest album Feels So Good // Feels So Bad, a pretty raucous album rooted in garage and heavy psych and inspired during the Covid Era of music making. I picked this one up sometime last year and hadn’t had a chance to share how cool it is on here. So without further ado check it out. Great guitar tone, slapping rhythm, and reverberated vocal tones. If you’re into the garage rock stuff, this one is sure to bring you a smile.