The Xroadie Files

Arthur Brown- Monster’s Ball

Arthur Brown, Ian Paice, Steve Hillage, Alan Davey, James Williamson, Rat Scabies, Nik Turner, Roye Albrighton, Mark Stein, The Sinclairs, Williamson, Brian Auger, Carmine Appice, Shuggie Otis, The Coffin Daggers, Steve Hillage, Roye Albrighton, Gilli Smyth, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Jordan Rudess


Lucifer Sam one strange psychedelic mind trip. Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula’s Hall) take a trip back to the Halloween tune s of the 70s and enjoy the journey. I Feel Free an excellent cover of the Cream classic. Bucket O’ Blood lost in dark imaginations. Zombie Yelp screaming guitars steady beats and interesting vocals. Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard is an eerie catchy tune that sticks in your had for days. Fire just groove sing shout and rock. The Monster Hop pulsating rhythms strange sounds heavy psychedelic music and vocals. Curse Of The Hearse lost in dark dreams. Mad Witch sway groove and just let the music envelop your senses. The Vampire clap foot tap and chant. Late Last Night one strange musical journey. Karn Evil #9 an interesting version of the ELP classic.



Snakecharmer- Anthology

Chris Ousey – Vocals, Simon McBride – Guitar, Laurie Wisefield – Guitar, Adam Wakeman – Keyboards, Neil Murray – Bass, Harry James – Drums, Micky Moody – Guitar


DISC ONE: Snakecharmer

My Angel strumming guitars soulful vocals as the music builds with crunchy riffs and great rhythms. Accident Prone will have the crowd on its feet singing shouting and grooving. To The Rescue take a trip back to the blues hard rock of the 70s and enjoy. Falling Leaves close your eyes and dream. A Little Rock & Roll has a very catchy groove great vocals and screaming leads. Turn Of the Screw grab your air guitar and riff away as the music pulls you in. Smoking Gun powerful vocals steady beats and classic hard rock n roll. Stand Up is a very catchy tune that will stick with you for days. Guilty As Charged good old fashion hard rock that just envelops your soul. Nothing To Lose clap foot tap and chant to some amazing musicianship and soulful vocals. Cover Me in You will have the crowd fist pumping and singing as the music pulls them in. White Boy Blues classic hard rock blues from the UK just enjoy the musical journey. A Breath Away close your eyes and dream.


DISC TWO: Second Skin

Sounds Like a Plan flow with the amazing music and vocals powerful organ soulful vocals steady rhythms. That Kind of Love pounding drums thumping bass with great vocals and searing leads. Are You Ready to Fly? Fist pump foot stomp and let the emotions just send shivers down your spine. Follow Me Under grab your air guitars along with powerful organ pounding drums and thumping bass just rock all night. I’ll Take You as You Are the memories just envelop your senses. Hell Of a Way to Live fist in the air foot stomp sway and groove. Fade Away lost in distant dreams. Dress It Up crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass great vocals with soaring organ. Punching Above My Weight strumming guitars and singing then the band melds in and take you on a magical journey. Forgive And Forget clap foot tap and shout. Where Do We Go from Here? Amazing vocals steady rhythms with scorching leads. On My Way kicking back with friends strumming guitar and singing.


DISC THREE: Live at The Stables, Milton Keynes 26/01/2014

Guilty As Charged the band kicks in and the emotions just flow. A Little Rock & Roll sway groove and let loose. Ready An’ Willing catchy riffs solid rhythms with soulful vocals. Accident Prone is a catchy tune that just pulls you in. Walking In the Shadow of The Blues one of my all time favorite Whitesnake tunes amazing music and great vocals. Falling Leaves the emotions just send shivers down your spine. Moody’s Blues great guitar work. Slow An’ Easy take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the journey. My Angel sway groove and just rock. [Band Introductions] Cover Me in You clap foot tap and sing. Nothing To Lose just groove and shout as the music envelops you. Here I Go Again classic Whitesnake tune with tons of emotions. Fool For Your Loving one rocking version of the Whitesnake classic.


DISC FOUR: Live at The Stables, Milton Keynes 17/01/2015

Guilty As Charged Pounding drums soaring organ thumping bass and soulful vocals. A Little Rock & Roll sway groove and just flow with the catchy rhythms. Ready An’ Willing great cover of the Whitesnake classic is full of emotional vocals and great musicianship. Cover Me in You great bluesy hard rock with crunchy riffs and solid rhythms. Accident Prone is a very catchy tune that has you singing and swaying. Falling Leaves close your eyes and drift away in your dreams. Walking In the Shadow of The Blues one amazing cover of the Whitesnake classic tune. My Angel the emotions just envelop your spirit. Moody’s Blues one amazing blues rock tune. Slow An’ Easy clap foot tap and chant. Nothing To Lose amazing emotional bluesy hard rock n roll. Here I Go Again the emotions just take you away into many great memories. Take Me with You rocking the night away.




Damn The Machine- The Last Man

Chris Poland – Guitar, Dave Randi – Bass, Mark Poland – Drums, David Judson Clemmons – Vocals/Guitar


The Final Amendment screaming guitars pounding drums with thumping bass get up and rock. Welcome The Red slow heavy music that pulls you in with a prog rock influence. Heaven's Gate close your eyes and drift in your imagination. Legend Maker one strange musical mind trip. Menial War fist pump head bang and just let loose. A Brighter Day lost in your imagination. The Prize catchy off beats strumming guitars with thumping bass. Man Vs. So Much More just flow with the strange musical journey. All That We'll Ignore screaming leads pounding drums thumping bass and strong vocals. This Fading Rhyme pounding drums crunchy riffs solid rhythms with powerful vocals.



Strom- Strom

Zdravko Zizmond - Vocals, Calle Sjöquist- Guitar, Johan Siljedahl- Guitar, Joel Carnstam- Bass, Tomas Salonen- Drums


Tiden Sjunger fist pumping head banging metal music that you can chat along to. Katapult stand fist pump clap and foot stomp. Ta Mig Tillbaks crunchy riffs great vocals with catchy rhythms. Vass Tunga has a very AC/DC feel that just rocks. Ensam Ar Stark solid riffs pounding rhythms with soaring vocals and screaming leads. Ungt Blod (Genom Ett Gammalt Hjarta) will have the entire crowd on its feet just rocking all night long. Gul Bla poundig drums thumping bass scorching leads with powerful vocals. Hatet catchy leads pounding drums thundering bass that just builds as it pulls you in. Saden Son Saden Far thundering drums pounding bass screaming guitars fats hard and heavy. Blodsband will have the entire crowd shouting and grooving.



MEMORIES OF A LOST SOUL - Redefining Nothingness

Buzz- Guitar/Vocals, Noxifer- Drums, * Morlock- Bass Adler- Keyboards/Special Fx


They're Coming From The Stars pulls you into darkness and madness. The Prometheus' Key thrashing riffs thundering rhythms with gruff vocals. The Alien Artifact lost in the depths of dark dreams and imaginations. The Unspoken Dracula hits you full force in the face as it rips you apart. Eternal Darkness crushing riffs thundering drums with demonic vocals. In The Circle Of Time melancholic music envelops your spirit. The End Of Coming Light crunchy riffs thundering bass pounding drums and dark vocals. Another Tale From The Mourning Star chugging riffs pounding rhythms with screaming guitars and demonic vocals. In The Eyes Of Nothingness hit the pit and mosh till exhaustion.