The Xroadie Files

Joe Bouchard- American Rocker

Joe Bouchard- Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Mickey Curry- Drums, Albert Bouchard- Bass/Cowbell


My Way Is the Highway is a very catchy tune that will have you on your feet just swaying and singing. In the Golden Age has a country feel that just pulls you in. Deadly Kisses close your eyes and drift in your memories. Love Out of Thin Air will take you back to a simpler time and place just enjoy the journey. Off Season Hotel clap foot tap and flow with the melodies. The Hounds of Hell has a classic BOC feel to the music just let it envelop your senses. Conspiracy clap foot tap sing and shout. Rocket to Fame classic 70s hard rock n roll magic. The Devil's in the Details just close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Katherine dance sing and groove along. Hey There Suzi Dear pounding drums thumping bass crunchy riffs with excellent vocals.



Twist A Rama Vol 1

Jack Hammer, Herbert Hunter, Jo Ann Campbell, King Curtis Combo, Les Cooper and The Soul Rockers, Chuck Berry, The Champs, Johnny Hallyday Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, Royal Teens, The Latins, Robby Robber and The Hi-Jackers, Linda Hopkins, Mama's Doin', U.S. Bonds, Johnny Keaton, Ronnie and The Hi Lites, Kay Armen, Grady Martin, Yvonne Carré, Ted Jarrett, Muddy Waters, Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell, King Curtis Combo, Clay Cole, Louis Prima with Sam Butera and The Witnesses, Johnnie Morisette, Brice Coefield, The Tornadoes,


Kissin' Twist just get on your feet and dance the night away. Twist It Up clap foot tap and rock. Let Me Do My Twist one catchy tune that take you back in time. The Peppermint Twist lost in a simpler time and place. Twistin' (One More Time) just slowly groove along and sing. I'm Talking About You grab your air guitar and just groove along. Tequila Twist just clap foot tap and dance the night away. Laissez-nous twister sing shout and dance. The Twist just a classic tune that takes you back in time. Short Short Twist dancing ans singing all nite long. Habibi Twist just take a trip back in time and enjoy. Swinging Papa Twist catchy 60s music that has a great groove. The Twist groove dance and flow with the music. New Orleans foot tap clap chant and enjoy. Twistin' USA jazzy bluesy rock n roll. Twistin' And Kissin' just a catchy emotional tune. I Wanna Twist dance sing and shout. Twist And Turn catchy music that envelops your spirit. Geisha Twist the emotions just envelop your very being. (Let's Twist) Slow And Easy catchy riffs great vocals with an infectious groove. Muddy Waters Twist bluesy jazzy catchy soulful music. My Baby Cares For Me groove and clap foot tap and sing. The Arthur Murray Twist catchy rocking tune from the 60’s. Twist Around The Clock take a musical magical trip back in time. Twist All Night Meet Me At The Twistin' Place get on your feet and dance. Cha Cha Twist sway groove and let loose. Tornado Twist lost in many memories of simpler times.



Dance Crazy A Rama - Vol 1

Dion, The Rivingtons, Chubby Checker, Jimmy McCracklin, Earl Zeb Hooker, The Starfires,Guitar Jr., Bobby Dunn Diddle, Vinnie Monte, Steve Alaimo, Teen Beats featuring Don Rivers and The Califfs, Wilbert Harrison, The Mandels, Baby Wayne with Carl LaRue and His Crew Dance, The Johnny Otis Show, The Kid, The Champs, The Crystals, The Isley Brothers, Ace Holder, Dee Dee Sharp, Bobby Bennett (vocals) Helen Way Singers, J. J. Jackson and The Jackaels, Kenny Hamber and David Robertson's Combo, Clifford Scott, Donnie Elbert, Don Covay and The Goodtimers, Sylvi e Vartan


Shout groove chant and just flow with the rhythms. Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow (The Bird) a catchy funny tune. The Hucklebuck jazzy early rock. The Wobble dance sing and shout. Frog Hop bluesy rock n roll. The Dances lost in memories. The Hoss jazzy piano melodic vocals with a catchy rhythm. Dee Dee just groove the night away. Mashed Potato Girl clap foot tap and sing along. Ya, Ya a catchy beat t and great vocals. The Slop Beat s dance sing shout and enjoy. The Horse is a catchy tune that sicks in your head for days. The Scotch just one catchy dance tune. The Whiz Wosh dance sing and enjoy. Willie And The Hand Jive The Pony catchy riffs great rhythms one catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. The Shoddy Shoddy dance the night away. Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home) clap foot tap and sing along. The Drag sway groove and play air guitar. Wabba Suzy Q old school bluesy rock n roll. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) a catchy musical journey. The Boss Turn groove the night along. Oo-Ma-Liddi clap foot tap and just flow with the rhythm. Do The Hully Gully sway dance groove sing and shout. Kangaroo bluesy jazzy 60s rock. Let's Do The Stroll catchy do wop music. Pony Time soulful rock n roll. Dansons (Let's Dance) dance sing shout and let the melodies envelop your senses.



Burn The Highway- Weapon X

Kristian – Vocals/Bass, Rob Favotto – Guitar, Nate Barnes - Drums


Front Towards Enemy crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with great vocals. Crossbones get up fist pump head bang and rock till you drop. Tatakai pounding drums thumping bass screaming guitars and catchy vocals. Hard Rock Princess screaming leads thundering rhythms and catchy vocals. No Points For Second Place will have you on your feet swaying and grooving. Runaways crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with a punk influence. One Last Time close your eyes and dream. Weapon X is a catchy groove pounding rhythms chant along vocals tune. Devil At the Door thundering drums thumping bass crushing riffs and great vocals. Almost 100 drifting away in your imagination. This Is The Way clap foot tap and groove.



Behold the Monolith- From The Fathomless Deep

Menno Verbaten – Bass/Vocals, Matt Price – Guitar, Chase Manhattan – Drums


Crown The Immeasurable Void slowly pulls you into the depths of madness. Psychlopean Dread lost in despair and dementia. Spirit Taker crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass with gruff vocals. This Wailing Blade screaming guitars thumping bass pounding drums and dark vocals. The Seams Of Pangea pulls you into dark imaginations. Stormbreaker Suite just take one stoner rock metal musical journey thru your minds eye.