The Xroadie Files

Apeiron Bound- Multiplicity

Band Members- ?????


Astral Projection close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Thought Memory amazing prog rock with great musicianship and soaring vocals. Eleutheromania soft piano melodies envelop your senses the crunchy riffs and steady rhythms meld in. Melancholic Zen close your eyes and dream. My Sweet Stockholm slowly builds into madness. Firmament lost in the depths of dark dreams. Precocious Tribalism pulls you into dark imaginations. Emotive Servitude fist pump head bang and chant. Absent Familiarity slowly envelops your senses with powerful emotions. Chaotic Fervor drifting alone in space and time. Astral Reflection dark dreams and memories. Era In Finem- Novis Initis just take one strange musical journey in your minds eye.



Askvader- Fenix

Martin Gut- Guitar, August Waernelius- Drums , Albin Sörenson - Vocals, Kammo Olayvar- Bass


Blurry Lines catchy riffs searing leads with sing along vocals. When We Fall chugging riffs catchy vocals with solid rhythms that just sticks in your head. Let You Down sway groove and let the music envelop your senses. Old Friend screaming guitars chant along vocals with a great groove. Claptrap just hit the floor and dance till you drop. Head Home close your eyes and drift with some scorching blues leads and soulful vocals. Zealot has a rockabilly punk rock feel. Nightcap is a very catchy tune that just sticks in your head for days. Preach For Me searing leads steady rhythms with great vocals. Deadlock grab your air guitars and just rock. Reap What You Sow will have the crowd on its feet grooving and chanting. Run Out Of Time chugging riffs pounding drums thumping bass with great vocals.



Beneath The Silence - Black Lights

Mikkel- Drums, Daniel- Guitar, Rene- Guitar, Soren – Bass, Mette- Vocals


All I See crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass with soaring vocals. Break You has a very heavy riff that just pulls you in. In The Shadow Of You Eyes take a magical music trip in your imagination. Take Over Me stand sway chant and just flow with the music. Open Wounds dark heavy melancholic music and powerful vocals. The Taste of Bitterness let the heaviness the groove pull you in with amazing musicianship and great vocals. Wide Awake drifting in melodic memories. Over The Edge flowing with great melodies rhythms. Fear crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass and soulful vocals. Nowhere To Go lost in memories and imaginations.



Brandy And The Butcher- Lucky Foot

Jay Matheson- Guitarist, Kevin Brewer- Drums, Roger Shattuck – Bass, Elizabeth Hale- Vocals


BGF stand clap fist pump foot stomp and sing. Vertigo takes you away on one strange musical journey. Hiding Place catchy riffs great rhythms with excellent vocals. Sugar Tit has a very catchy groove that just envelops you. Nobody’s Rock And Roll Fool screaming guitars pounding drums thumping bass with powerful vocals. Lucky Foot just hit the floor and rock out. Get Some clap foot tap fist pump and head bang. I Hope You Choke has a rockabilly punk influence just enjoy the trip. Last American Whore searing leads pounding drums thumping bass and excellent vocals. Control Freak slow grinding riffs thundering drums pounding bass with scorching leads and amazing vocals.



Cruzados – She’s Automatic

Loren Molinare, Tony Marsico, Ron Young, Mark Tremalgia, Rob Klonel


On the Tilt A Whirl has a very catchy rhythms solid beats and great vocals. Across The Ghost Town is a countrified rock tune that takes you back in time with some scorching leads. Nine Million Tears stand clap foot tap and just rock. She’s Automatic sway groove and just let loose as the music envelops your soul. Son Of the Blues close your eyes and just let the emotional blues music pull you in with soulful vocals and great musicianship. Sad Sadie sitting with friends strumming guitars and singing. Long Black Car is a catchy blues tune that just sticks in your had for days. Let Me Down one rocking rockabilly hard rock tune. Wing And A Prayer sway groove and just let loose. 54 Knockouts tap you feet clap your hands chant sing and shout as you rock all night long. Rock That Boat has one catchy groove great riffs with emotional vocals screaming leads thumping bass and pounding drums.