The Xroadie Files

Lucer- The New World

Lasse Bøgemark- Vocals/Bass, Anders Bøgemark- Guitar, Kristoffer Kristensen- Guitar, Jonathan Nørgaard- Drums


The New World pulsating rhythms melodic vocals with interesting music. One of Us stand say chant and rock. No Soul sitting strumming guitar and enjoy the day jamming with the band and friends. Older close your eyes and let the memories flow. Empire pulses envelop your senses pounding drums with strong vocals. Death Wish just take one strange musical journey as you sing along. Revenge take a trip back to the late 80s and drift away. White Lies clap foot tap and drift. Trouble just flowing with magic melodies. Only One soft melodies and catchy rhythms with emotional vocals



Akku Quintet- Live

Manuel Pasquinelli – Drums, Michael Gilsenan – Sax/Fx, Maja Nydegger – Piano/Keys, Markus Ischer – Guitar, Andi Schnellmann – Bass


Waves close your eyes and let your imagination take you to many places in your minds eye. Polar slow jazzy prog rock with amazing musicianship. Deep Sleep 1 lost in the depths of memories and emotions. Schneemann just let the music envelop your pull you in with some searing leads and great rhythms. Deep Sleep II lost in dreams and memories.



Absent In Body- Plague God

Iggor Cavalera, Scott Kelly, Mathieu Vanderkerckhove, Colin H Eeckhout


Rise from Ruins drifting in nightmares and madness. In Spirit In Spite slow grinding death metal mayhem. Sarin pulled into the pits of hell and dementia. The Acres/The Ache lost in dark dreams. The Half Rising Man the pits of hell open and demons slither out slowly devouring all.



Carbon Black- We Remain

Rob Giles- Bass, and Steve Giles- Drums, Jonathan Hurley- Vocals, Damon Bishop- Guitar, Guest Vocals Tim Ripper Owens


Red Flag thundering bass pounding drums crushing guitar riffs scorching leads with strong vocals. The One Who Knows My Name hit the pit slam sweat and mosh till you drop. Scars fist pumping head banging metal magic. Under Order crunchy riffs pounding rhythms soaring vocals just hang on for one wild ride. We Bleed amazing bass drum interplay with crunchy riffs and powerful vocals. One Enemy amazing vocals with a catchy heavy riffs thundering bass and pounding drums. Our Reprise sway chant and let the groove envelop your very being.



Amon Acid- Demon Rider

Briony Charvas- Bass/Keyboards, Sarantis- Charvas- Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards


Demon Rider pulsating rhythms with searing leads. Incredible Melting Man grabs a hold and punch you in the face with aggression the slows don then back to dark.