The Xroadie Files


Lea Amling Alazam – Vocals, Staffan Stensland Vinrot – Guitar/Vocals, Andreas Baier – Guitars/Vocals, Erik Bäckwall – Drums, Johan Rockner – Bass


The Cardinal Ride soaring vocals thundering rhythms with crunchy riffs. Acheron chugging riffs screaming leads pounding drum st with thundering bass and powerful vocals. Clouds close your eyes and drift in your dreams. House of the Burning Light crunchy guitars interesting vocals with pounding rhythms. Paradise sway lighters held high as the music pulls you in. Digerliden fist pump head bang and just stomp your feet. Descent lost in the depths of dreams and memories. Celestial just float away. Obscured by Darkness crushing rhythms powerful vocals wit heavy riffs. Divided Ends take one interesting musical journey in your imagination with great musicianship and excellent vocals.



The Tazers- Outer Space

Jethro Lock - Guitar/Vocals, Timothy Edwards – Drums/Vocals, Werner Jordaan – Bass/Vocals


Outer Space just let the heavy groove envelop you as the emotions pull you in. Glass Ceiling sitting strumming guitars singing and just rocking out with a 70s feel. Ready To Die just drifting in melodic memories. Up in The Air let the psychedelic stoner rock take you into your imagination.



Cities Of Mars- St

Danne Palm – Vocals/Bass/Synths, Christoffer Norén – Vocals/Guitar, Johan Aronstedt - Drums/Percussion/ Sound FX


Before The Storm lost alone in the depths of deep space. Towering Graves (Osmos) music that just envelops you and pulls you into madness. The Prophet (Methusalem) take a psychedelic trip thru the inner mind. Song Of A Distant Earth (Hathra) close your eyes and drift. A Dawn Of No Light (Chthon) dark heavy psychedelic music that envelops your senses. The Dreaming Sky (Anur) slow rhythms searing leads with emotional vocals. Reflected Skyline (Sarraqum) lost in memories and dreams. The Black Shard (Bahb – Elon) just take one strange musical journey.



Bhleg- Faghring

L- Bass/Vocals, S- Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals/Percussion


Vårdträdet dark melancholic music pounding drums with interesting vocals. Grönskande Gryning pulls you into the depths of hell and madness. Alyr i blom the pits of hell open and demons pour forth devouring all. Befruktad jord crushing riffs demonic vocals with eerie music. Solvigd lost in your dark dreams. Frö slithers towards ll devouring everything. Fagna sumrí close your eyes and drift along.



DECASIA – An Endless Feast for Hyenas

Maxime Richard – Guitar/Vocals, Fabien Proust – Bass, Geoffrey Riberry - Drums


Ilion scorching leads pounding drums crunchy rhythms with interesting vocals. Hrosshvelli's Ode slowly pulls you in as your imagination takes you away. Altostratus pounding drums thumping bass screaming guitars and crunchy riffs. Cloud Sultan space stoner rock music that just envelops your senses. Override thumping bass searing leads with a catchy rhythm just close your eyes and drift with the music. Skeleton Void bluesy stoner rock jams that just take you back in time with some amazing musicianship. Soft Was The Night floating on a cloud of melodies. Laniakea Falls drifting in your dreams sway groove and enjoy. Sunrise bluesy stoner rock magic. Hyenas At The Gates one strange journey in your imagination.