Lucifungus - Clones

It's a heavy chunk that the Australian doomsters Lucifungus serve up with their third album "Clones". 


Heavy distorted stoner doom with massive fuzz-soaked low-tuned riffs and relentlessly heavy pounding drums. 


I'm always amazed at what a huge wall of sound this band can pull off. 


The album starts with "Greetings" - heavy drums, a catchy riff and greetings in different languages, before it moves on to one of the best songs on the album "Night of the Living Derek". The lyrics ( "We are the tribe that lives under your house - We watch and wait for you to fall asleep" ) make you think of the little Goblins that have been a trademark of the band since the last album. 


"Sloth" creeps out of the speakers slowly and steadily, fitting for the name - just like "99 percent wolf". lucifungus have perfected making their songs sound powerful at any speed - but the strengths of the album are heavy doomin' sludge tracks like World Shaker.

An absolute highlight is "SFM" which is surprisingly melodic with hypnotic sing-along. I wish for songs like this for the next album!


After 9 songs, a little over 30 minutes, the fun is over and the goblins go back into the shadows. Lurking, waiting for the next album...hopefully not too long!


It’s a genuine, great Stoner Doom record with beautiful artwork and dope vinyl - transparent Green w/ black smoke or Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl via Blackfarm Records


-Helge Neumann