Experience Las Cruces First New Album In 12 Years!

It's rare that you get to take part in rock history. And yet here we are. With Las Cruces new album Cosmic Tears, their first new material in 12 years we are helping to add to the history of Texas heavy rock.


Seriously, experience it for yourself: https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-tears


This record builds on the crushing doom that helped to define so much of what Las Cruces did back in the day. This Texas doom powerhouse is like a lightning storm in the desert with their singular take on sludgy, melodic doom, boasting soaring vocals and bleak, earth-shaking riff power that is still impossible to match. The power of their classic 1998 album Ringmaster has resonated through the ages... and at long last we have a worthy follow up.


"Cosmic Tears" is the long-awaited re-emergence of a band with far more greatness in them than the world had yet to hear, and this album delivers it at long last. Prepare yourself for a new doom epic!


We've pressed this offering on black vinyl and CD. But we also have a limited edition is 150 copies on triple-button pattern cyan blue and black vinyl - imagine the nuclear symbol!


Grab your copy before they're gone:



Happy (And heavy!) listening!

The Ripple Team