Buy Hard Rocking Aptera’s Thrilling Debut!

When our European label head Max Rebel first came to us with the thunderous rock powerhouse Aptera he knew he had something special. I believe his first words were “From the first video I saw of them I knew something was happening here and that I had to sign them.”



We’re really glad he did. You can buy their new record, You Can’t Bury What Still Burns hear why for yourself:


They are one of the most exciting bands in the ever thrilling Berlin rock scene right now, and listening to them execute with such aplomb across this whole record is a delight. It speaks to their skill as songwriters and all that they have worked for so long to cultivate. You Can’t Bury What Still Burns is a standout highlight in the Ripple catalog.


We’ve pressed this record on CD and LP with both black and limited edition hazy variant, and even though this is a debut, they are moving fast so act now if you want yours.


Buy You Can’t Bury What Still Burns now:


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The Ripple Team