The Xroadie Files

Endtime- Impending Doom

Joppe Ebbeson – Guitar, Daniel Johansson – Guitar, Nicke Björnör – Drums, Afshin ’Affe’ Piran – Bass, Christian Chatfield – Vocals


Harbinger of Disease dark doom metal madness. ICBM just opens the mouth of heel as destruction spews forth. They Live dark dementia envelops your senses. Cities On Fire With The Burning Flesh Of Men thundering bass pounding drums crushing riffs and gruff vocals. Living Graves death destruction and mayhem envelop your very being.



Sidewalk Mafia- Paranoia

Tommy Paroles- Vocals/Guitar, Johannes Wolfpathon- Drums/Vocals


Paranoia crushing riffs pounding drums with gruff vocals. Cruel Sacrifices slow slithering doomy music that just envelops your senses.



SATURNA / ELECTRIC MONOLITH- Turned To Stone Chapter 4: Higher Selves

Saturna- James Vieco- Guitar/Vocals, Alexandre Sanchez-Guitar, Rodrigo Tirado- Bass, Enric Verdaguer-Drums


Keep Me Trying psychedelic stoner doom metal magic. Following The Sun close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Drowning has a swamp rock meets doom metal feel that just pulls you in. Don't Run lost in memories.


Electric Monolith- Oscar Chamorro – Vocals/Guitar, Ramón Viña- Bass, Pepo Villena- Drums


By My Side sway groove and just let the searing leads envelop you. I Hope You Feel Better drifting in melodic memories and emotions. Hold Me Again has a very southern rock feel. So Lonely Drying emotional music sends shivers down your spine. Nightmares take a trip back to the acid rock psychedelic 70s and enjoy the ride.



Deep Drive- Human

Band Members- ???


Homeless lost in the depths of dark dreams. Black Hole sway groove and let the melancholic music envelop your senses. Break Myself has a very catchy rhythms that just pulls you in with soulful vocals. Far Away drifting in melodic musical expressions. Woman To Forget screaming guitars thumping bass with pounding drums and emotional vocals. Alone close your eyes and just let the emotions envelop your senses. Goodbye My Brother just take one excellent melodic musical journey with amazing vocals. Boy floating on a cloud of melodies. Solitude searing leads steady rhythms and soulful vocals. Finally Your Home is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. I Wanna Know lost in emotional dreams. Drowning sway groove and just flow along.



HEARSE- Traipse Across the Empty Graves

Cazz 'The Black Lourde of Crucifixion' Grant III- Drums/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Ordog- Bass/Guitar


A Pinebox Penance slow slithering dark rhythms and growling vocals. Groans Below the pits of hell open and demons slowly crawl forth. The Wraith in the Fog death metal madness with scorching leads. Whispers of Sorrow drags you into hell slowly kicking and screaming. The Hopeless Realm dark dementia envelops your senses. His Majesty lost in the depths of dark imaginations. Coma slowly pulls you into dark dreams. The Nightmares Have Come slices you into small pieces as the demons eat your soul. In the Abstract Abyss crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass with demonic vocals.