The Xroadie Files

Bastard - Rotten Blood

Tim Kutterer- Bass, Jason Asberry- Drums, Scott Fogelbacj- Guitar, Jason Barron- Vocals


Whipstrike gruff vocals thundering drums crushing guitar riffs and pounding bass. Hellfire And Steel hit the pit slam sweat and thrash till death. Possession fist pumping head banging metal madness. Leather Bound Book Of Lies just rip it up till exhaustion. Crescent Horn crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass with strong vocals. And screaming leads. Protector fast hard and heavy. Under the Tattered Banners (of Rock 'n' Roll) crushing riffs thundering rhythms scorching leads with gruff vocals. Rotten Blood fist pump head bang and play air guitar. Spellbound hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Bewitched crunchy riffs thundering drums pounding bass searing leads with dark vocals.



10,000 Years- III

Erik Palm – Guitars, Alex Risberg – Bass/Vocals, Espen Karlsen - Drums

Cult Axe crunchy grinding riffs thundering rhythms with strong vocals. Megafauna screaming leads powerful vocals and pounding rhythms. Desert Of Madness pulls you nto the depths of dark imaginations. The Secret Of Water melancholic dreams. The Green King Rises sway groove and just flow along. Il Cattivo dark emotions pull you into mayhem. Escape From Earth crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass and dark vocals. To Suns Beyond lost in dark dreams.



Bog Wizard Vs Froglord- Frog In a Bog

Bog Wizard- Ben – Guitar/Vocals, Harlen- Drums/Synths/Vocals, Colby – Bass


Froglord- Froglord- All


Bog Wizard- Reptilian Death Squad slow slithering grumbling rhythms that just pull yu into madness. The Frog Lord lost in the depths of madness.


Froglord- The Bog take a stoner psychedelic mind trip. The Wizard crushing riffs pounding drums with gruff vocals. The Bog Wizard just let the dark emotions envelop your senses.



Steak- Acute Mania

Reece, Kip, Cam, Sammy


Wolves slow heavy rhythms with crunchy riffs and scorching leads. Dead Meat fist pump head bang and groove along. Ancestors pulls you into the depths of dreams and imaginations. Last Days psychedelic stoner rock. Frequencies crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass with great vocals. System take one interesting musical journey. Papas Special Custard just envelops you as it pulls you in with many emotions. Mono close your eyes and trip.



Ecstatic Vision – Elusive Mojo

Doug Sabolik – Guitar/Vocals, Michael Field Connor – Bass, Kevin Nickles - Saxophone/Organ, Ricky Culp – Drums


March Of The Troglodytes screaming leads crushing rhythms with thundering drums and interesting vocals. Elusive Mojo stand fist pump and groove along. Times Up take a psychedelic stoner rock journey The Kenzo Shake just let the music envelops your very senses. Venom close your eyes and let your imagination pull you in. The Comedown drifting in melancholic memories. Deathwish 1979 just flow and trip as you groove along.