The Xroadie Files

Ergholae Somptator- Mille Vertiges Fondent Sur Les Ames Vides

Jérônymous: Drums/Vocals, Honoratus: Guitars/Vocals


La mort bientôt jouit slams at you full force tearing your to shreds. Les infectes salives eerie toe textures and sounds that just pull you into darkness. Mille vertiges hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Deviens the pits of hell open and demons slither forth. La difformité des étoiles sombres strange eerie tones that just slice you to pieces. Tique mon amour darkness despair and madness. Aux silhouettes désolantes thrashing shredding ripping you to pieces death metal. Carbone fast hard heavy n death metal that drives you in sane. Hantise the depths of hell devour all.



IRON FATE – Crimson Messiah

Denis Brosowski – Vocals, Harms Wendler – Guitar, Oliver von Daak – Guitar, Jan Sasse – Bass, Kai Ludwig - Drums


Crimson Messiah crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with scorching leads and powerful vocals. Malleus Maleficarum grab your air guitars riff fist pump head bang and sing. We Rule The Night will have the entire crowd on its feet rocking out. Crossing Shores has a very catchy groove that just pulls you in. Mirage is a very catchy tune that just sticks in your head for days. Strangers (In My Mind) close your eyes and drift in your imagination and memories. Hellish Queen soaring vocals crunchy riffs thumping bass pounding drums and scorching leads. Guardians Of Steel power metal magic. Saviors Of The Holy Lie stand sway chant and just let the emotions envelop your senses. Lost Forever crunchy riffs pounding rhythms screaming leads thumping ass pounding drums soaring vocals metal music.



Snipers Of Babel- Your Gods War

Chris Hicks- Bass, Kevin Talley- drums, Mike Bossier- Guitar/Keyboards/Samples, Mark Lorenzo- Vocals, Jeremy Dryer- Vocals, Chris Yuastella- Vocals, Layla Singer- Vocals, Tommy Mott- Vocals/Samples


Your Gods War just slams you against a wall as it pummels you into the ground. Francotirador slowly slithers towards you as it grows in intensity. Gabriel the depths of hell open and spew forth devouring all. Another World hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Dark Science draws you into madness and dementia. Digital Death crushing you as it annihilates your very being. Initiate The Plague fast heavy punch you in the throat music. The 25th Parallel dark dreams pull you into madness.



Mark Murdock & Dmitry M Epstein- Oblivion Bound

Mark Murdock – Drums/Percussion/Keyboards, Ron Howden– Drums, Tim Pepper– Vocals, Fernando Perdomo – Guitar, Katsumi Yoneda – Guitar, Dave Juteau– Guitar, Preston Murdock – Guitar, Jeff Curry – Bass, Daniel Kubota – Guitar


Coming To soft melodies and interesting vocals pull you in. Ain’t No Avalon lost in your dreams and emotions. Echo of My Ego close your eyes and let the emotions flow. A Way Out For the Weak take a trip back in time to the prog rock 70s and enjoy the musical journey. The Game of the Name thumping bass crunchy riffs screaming guitars with solid as rock drums and great vocals. Voices in My Mind sway groove and just dance the night away. Outside Whorl soft emotions and melodies just envelop your senses. Vanishing Point is a very catchy tune that just pulls you in as you groove along. Will You Take Me Back (to the Fold)? Lost in dreams and imagination.



Black Crucifixion- Triginta

E.HENRIK – Basse/Woodwind/Keyboards/Guitar/Soundscapes, E.R.KILL – Guitar. FORN – Vocals/ Soundscapes/Guitar, P.A. TOTENRAUM – Drums, REKKU RECHARDT – Guitar


Night Birds Fall Upon You crushing riffs thundering rhythms that just pull you into nothingness. Beyond Linkola crunchy riffs gruff vocals with eerie demented music. Throneburner hit the pit slam sweat and tear it up. Bitten By The Long Frosts Of Live (Live) dark dreary madness envelops your senses. Frailest (Live) crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with gruff vocals. As Black As The Roses (As Weak As My Smile (Live) pulls you into the depths of hell. Wrath Without Hate (Live) eerie music that just has you imagining dark dreams. Retaliation (Live) pummels you into the ground. Black Crucifixion (Live) lost in your dark imaginations.