The Xroadie Files

King Bastard- It Came From The Void

Mike Verni —Guitar, Isabel Guido —Synth/Saxophone/Vocals, Arthur Erb —Bass, Matt Ryan —Drums/ Percussion


From Hell to Horizon slow slithering doom metal music. Kepler 452b pulls you into the depths of madness. Psychosis (in a Vacuum)dark dreary dreams and nightmares. Bury the Survivors/Ashes to Ashes thundering bass pounding drums and crushing guitars. Blackhole Viscera the pits of hell open and demons slither all around. Succumb to the Void rumbling bass pounding drums with crunchy riffs.



Jyrki 69- American Vampire

Jyrki 69- Vocals, Shotgun Messiah, Steve Stevens, Rosetta Stone, Leæther Strip, Skold, Tiffany, The KVB, Xiu Xiu, Youlooktired, Not My God


SexDrugsRocknRoll fist pumping head banging foot tapping rock n roll all night long. White Rabbit a gothic version of the Jefferson Airplane classic. Dreamtime pulsating rhythms steady beats get up and dance. Bite It You Scum has a punk rockabilly feel that just pulls you in. American Vampire pounding drums crunchy riffs ethereal keyboards with great vocals. Don’t You Want Me pulsating keyboards pounding drums thumping bass catchy riffs and great combination vocals one interesting cover of the Human League tune. Decision just let the music envelop your senses. Deviant Carousal take a trip back in time to MTV and the late 80s. Clover close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Last Dance pulsating sounds that just pull you in as you dance and let your imagination flow.



Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman’s - Dark Fables

Clive Nolan, Oliver Wakeman, Gordon Giltrap, Paul Manzi, Andy Sears, Karl Groom, David Mark Pearce, Charlotte Dickerson


The Overture majestic classical music that pulls you into your dreams. I’d Give You Anything close your eyes and let your memories flow with emotional music and vocals. The Mirror lost in thoughts and memories with great music and soaring vocals. Elizabeth melodic keyboards and amazing musicianship just takes you into your imagination. Why Do You Hate Me? Stand clap foot tap and just let the groove envelop you. The Wedding Approaches memories just take you into your dreams. Time Passe prog rock with a classical influence mixed with Yes. A Descent Into Madness lost in the depths of your imagination. 221B is a very catchy tune that will have you dancing. The Man Called Sherlock majestic classical prog rock magic. The Baker Street Irregulars soft piano that then has a very catchy rhythms and amazing musicianship. The Jabberwocky spoken words story.



Dead Lxve- Making Waves

Jay Williz- Vocals, Aaron Moore- Guitar, Ryan Gymnaites- Drums


Devil Woman an interesting cover of the Cliff Richards classic. Making Waves strong vocals crunchy riffs and pounding drums.



Epicentrum – Discrepancy

Band members- ????


One Fine Day stand sway and chant along. Heaven And Hell close your eyes and let the music and strong vocals just pull you in. Recovery crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with melodic vocals.