The Xroadie Files

Held by Trees- Mysterium

Eric Bibb -Guitar, Robbie McIntosh -Guitar, Martin Ditcham -Drums/Percussion, David Knopfler -Guitar, Laurence Pendrous -Piano, Gary Alesbrook -Trumpet, Mike Smith -Keyboards


Mysterium (Radio Edit) close your eyes and just drift in your imagination. Mysterium (Full Version) floating on a cloud of melodic memories. In The Trees slow jazzy music that pulls you in to magical mysteries. In The Trees (Ambient Version) lost in the depths of emotions and dreams.



Deathcvlt- Self Titled

Ulag- Guitar/Bass, Bestia-Drums, XeS- Vocals


Deathcvlt heavy death metal madness that devours your soul. Santa Muerte the pits of hell open and demons spew forth. Eternal Darkness crushing riffs thundering rhythms and demonic vocals. Inanis crushes you into small pieces of nothingness. Dust Of Sacral Soul (Dark Mother Kali-Ma) shredding guitars thundering bass pounding drums with dark vocals. The Sign Of Death (Malak Al-Mawlt) death madness and mayhem destroy your very being. Damnation And Suffering grabs a hold and punches you in the throat till you die. Blackned Kiss crushing riff pounding drums thumping bass with vocals from the mouth of hell.



Love Bubble- Love Revolution

Peggy Ratusz, Paula Hanke, Hank Bones


Love Bubble sing clap and tap your feet. Twice This Summer take a trip back in time to the magical psychedelic 60s. Harmony lost in distant memories. Paradise Falls floating on a cloud of melodies. I Wanna Be a pop jazzy tune that will have you swaying and singing. A Little Bit of Everything strumming guitars and singing with friends. Warm & Cozy lost in distant memories and emotions. Moonlight Swim is a very catchy tune that takes you back in time. Beautiful Soul just let the music envelop your senses Guilty Pleasures just a happy go lucky tune. Honeymoon In June soft melodies just envelop your senses. Love Revolution taking a trip back in your memories. I Got You Babe a catchy version of the Sonny and Cher classic.



Dan Ashley- Out There

Dan Ashley- Guitar/Vocals, Vernon Black- Guitar, Angeline Saris- Bass, Billy Johnson- Drums, James Henry- Percussion, Francois Bouvet- Guitar, Ben Flint- Keyboards, Tiffany Callier- Vocals, Naté Soulsanger- Vocals, Dyson the Singer- Vocals, Simon Russel- Keyboards


River City strumming guitars catchy riffs and steady rhythms with groat vocals. Redbud Road a countrified tune that just pulls you in. Nothing New searing leads catchy rhythms just get up sway and groove. What Really Matters will have the entire crowd on its fee just enjoying the musical journey. Lucky Stars soft melodies drift in your dreams. Da Na Na Na Na just get up and dance the night away. Better Life take a trip back in time to the magical 70’s. Out There the emotions will just envelop your senses. Feel The Heat a catchy tune that just sticks with you for days. We Stayed Home a magical musical melodic journey. Now And Then slow country music that just takes you away.



You And Whose Armies- KATAUNA KATA

Valentin Seißler- Vocals/Keys, Tobias Klappacher- Guitar, Markus Ramsauer- Drums, Florian Steiner- Bass


Liquid Gold is a rockabilly busy tune that just has you up and grooving. Chihuaha sway tap your feet clap your hands and dance. Servin USA will have the crowd on its meet movin and groovin all night long. Worn Out Blue close your eyes and drift on a cloud of melodies. Flora just one interesting musical journey. Sugertown just floating in your memories. Kira’s New Sweater thumping bass pounding drums creaming guitars and punk rock vocals. Uncomfortable Confusion close your eyes and dream. Kurt one strange musical journey. Black Nipple a slow groove bluesy tune that just pulls you in.