The Xroadie Files

NERVOCHAOS- Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations)

Brian Stone – Vocals, Luiz “Quinho” Parisi – Guitar, Woesley Johann – Guitar, Pedro Lemes – Bass, Edu Lane - Drums


I Hate Your God crushing riffs pounding drums thundering bass with gruff vocals. Envy hit the pit slam sweat thrash and mosh till you drop. Putrid Pleasures the pits of hell open and trainloads of demons spew forth devouring all. Pazuzu Is Here grabs you by the throat and rips it out. Mighty Justice crunchy riffs thundering rhythms with death metal vocals. Upside Down Cross lost in madness and mayhem. The Urge to Feel Pain thrashing shredding ripping tearing it up metal. Dark Chaotic Destruction destruction dementia and evil powerful tones. Nervochaos punch you in the throat death metal Pure Hemp thundering drums thumping bass crunchy riffs with vocals from the mouth of hell. Scavengers of the Underworld crushing shredding mayhem. Perish Slowly the demons from hell slither forth fast and faster. The Devil’s Work death destruction and mental anguish.



Feanor- Boundless I Am Free

Sven D'Anna – Vocals, Eric Marullo – Vocals, Walter The Scorpion – Guitar, Ross The Boss – Guitar, Gustavo Feanor Acosta – Bass/Keyboards, Julio Awad – Piano, Diana Boncheva Kirilova - Violins/String Arrangements, Emiliano Wachs – Drums


Boundless I Am Free steady drums thumping bass screaming leads that just send shivers down your spine and amazing vocals. Boundless I Am Free (Acoustic Version) close tour eyes and let the emotions just envelop your soul. I Have A Fever scorching guitars soaring vocals thundering drums with pounding bass on your feet fist pump and head bang. The Scorpion Stings In Am some amazing guitar work that just takes you away in your imagination.



Ambigram- St

Francesco Rapaccioli – Vocals, Beppe Lombardo – Guitar, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi – Drums/Percussion, Max Marchini – Bass, With Annie Barbazza -Vocals, Max Repetti -Piano/Keyboards, Marco Rancati - BG Vocals, Special Guests- Paola Folli -Vocals, Camillo Mozzoni Oboe, Paolo Tofani – Guitar


A Mediterranean Tale take a magical musical journey in your minds eye. Cerberus Reise lost in thoughts dreams and imagination. Pig Tree crunchy riffs pounding drums great vocals with a catchy rhythm. Sailing Home close your eyes and let the memories flow from your youth. Imaginary Daughter the emotions just envelop your very soul. L’Absinthe solid rhythms searing leads and amazing vocals. Patchwork stand sway and just let the music pull you in. Pearls Before Swine take a trip back in time to the 70s and prog rock heaven. Cerberus Reise (Radio Edit) just a shorter version.



Octarine Sky- Close To Nearby

Jan Christiana, Dyanne Potter, Simon Phillips, Guthrie Govan, Amit Chatterjee


One is a very jazzy classical tune that just has t you grooving along with some amazing musicianship. Rosewind close your eyes and let the searing leads send shivers down your spine with great melodies and vocals. Night Sky/Into the Dream just floating on a cloud of melodic memories. The Mask drifting in dreams and emotions as they flow all around. 5 catchy keyboard riffs steady beats thumping bass with a prog influence. Midnight slow emotional music just envelops your senses with scorching leads. VII dreaming the day away. Hold just kicking back as the music envelops your very soul.



Magma- Eskahl 2020

Violinist- Didier Lockwood, Guitarists- Claude Engel/Claude Olmos/Gabriel Federow/Marc Fosset/ James Mac Gaw/Jean-Luc Chevalier/Jim Grandcamp/Rudy Blas/Brian Godding. Bassists- Jannick Top/ Bernard Paganotti/Guy Delacroix/Francis Moze/ Laurent Thibault/Michel Hervé/Dominique Bertram/ Marc Éliard/Philippe Bussonnet/Jimmy Top, Keyboardist- Benoît Widemann/ Michel Grailler/Gérard Bikialo/Jean Luc Manderlier/François "Faton" Cahen/Guy Khalifa/Sofia Domancich/Patrick Gauthier/ Simon Goubert/Pierre Michel Sivadier/ Jean Pol Asseline/Jean Pierre Fouquey/Frédéric D'Oelsnitz/ Benoît Alziari- (plus Vibraphone/Theremin)/Emmanuel Borghi/ Bruno Ruder/ Thierry Eliez, Saxophonists: Teddy Lasry/Richard Raux/Alain Guillard/René Garber/Jeff "Yochk’o" Seffer, Trumpeters- Louis Toesca/Yvon Guillard, Male vocalists: Klaus Blasquiz.Chriatian Vander/Guy Khalifa/Antoine Paganotti/Hervé Aknin, Female vocalists-Stella Vander/ Isabelle Feuillebois/Maria Popkiewicz/Liza de Luxe/Himiko Paganotti/Sandrine Fougère/Sandrine Destefanis/Sylvie Fisichella/Laura Guarrato, Drummers/PercussionistsChriatian Vander/ Michel Garrec/Doudou Weiss/Simon Goubert/Clément Bailly/Claude Salmiéri/François Laizeau


Disc 1- Theusz Hamtaahk is a veru eclectic prog rocm tune that just envelops you as it pulls you into your imagination. Wurdah Itah just close your eyes and take one amazing musical mind trip. Mekanik Destrukt drifting thru time space imaginations dreams and strange places in time.


Disc 2- Kobaia take a trip n back in time with some amazing prog rock musicianship mixed with jazzy influences. For Tomorrow kicking back in a smoky bar listening to the band on stage just jam away. Auroville soft melodies and emotions just flow all around and over your senses. Troller Tanz classical influenced tune that just takes you into your dreams.